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Deeming Facebook a 'publisher' of users' posts won't tackle paedo or terrorist content


Lest we forget, The Times is a Murdoch owned paper and is not that much better than its red-top sibling!

Alert: Using a web ad blocker may identify you – to advertisers


Re: 'Unsupported Browser'

You're not safe by using IE anyway!


Re: LOL - I get unsupported Browser :-D

Same here ... and I'm using SeaMonkey which is using most of the same under the hood stuff as Firefox.

Google yanks Chrome support for Windows XP, at long last


"Seventeen years after its debut . . . "

So, what's life like in late October 2018? Can I borrow your TARDIS?

Adobe patches Flash dirty dozen, ignores 155 in Shockwave shocker


Adobe Crash Player . . .

. . . seriously needs to DIE already! Is Adobe ever going to do the web a HUGE favour and kill off this increasingly unstable, buggy, and massively insecure monstrosity? Somehow ... I doubt it very much.

Revealed: The AMAZING technology behind Apple's $1299 Retina MacBooks – a lot of glue


This article is a perfect example why I don't buy Apple products.

Offensively overpriced, proprietary, glued down, soldered in, impossible to repair, total JUNK. Only complete idiots would buy this fruit badged expensive shite!

Streaming tears of laughter as Jay-Z (Tidal) waves goodbye to $56m


Re: Word perfect article

""Kanye West plays with himself.

That's not an instrument.

The skin flute is one of the oldest and most widely played musical instruments."

Ah, but to be properly played as a flute it requires a 2nd party to be involved ... "

And that's where his big arsed missus comes in!

Patch Flash now: Google Project Zero, Intel and pals school Adobe on security 101



Well, not quite, there are still a large percentage of video streaming websites that still require you to have the god awful Adobe Crash Player installed, while some use the somewhat more stable and considerably less buggy Silverlight from Microsoft. The only major video streaming website that has (recently) sidelined Adobe Crash in favour of HTML5 is YouTube.

Uninstall Adobe Crash Player, and if you access plenty of websites that serve up multimedia content, they suddenly don't work 100% and prompt you to install (or re-install) Adobe Crash Player. While it is still an atrociously bad piece of insecure crapware, it's still a necessary evil.

What really needs to happen is for Adobe to kill off Crash Player, thus forcing all websites that still support it, to switch to HTML5.

Chrome trumps all comers in reported vulnerabilities


It looks as though . . .

Google Chrome is fast becoming the new IE6 ... !

Sick of Chrome vs Firefox? Check out these 3 NEW browsers


Re: Not ready for primetime

It is still a "work in progress" afterall ... a technical preview beta/alpha.

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Re: SeaMonkey: it just works....

Another long term "SeaMonkey" user here. It does everything I want it to, it's as customisable as Firefox used to be, and the project leaders are adamant they won't adopt any Firefox "features" or UX, unless they absolutely have to.

It's essentially a community led continuation of the former Mozilla Suite (which in turn was codenamed "Seamonkey" in the early days when Mozilla.org was still just an offshoot of Netscape) that was effectively abandoned by Mozilla.org several years ago in favour of promoting Firefox as their official product.


Re: @ Aoyagi Aichou -- Vivaldi?

I can only assume that you're being in some way sarcastic with these comments in the knowledge that Vivaldi is still only an early preview release or technical preview, and is therefore a unfinished product.

If you were actually being in anyway at all serious with your post, expecially with the "No features, no tweakables I use, no decent plugins, not compatibe with anything, my XPI files won't work on it, and so on. Yuck, Yuck." bit, then quite frankly you're a muppet.

I hope the case is more the former than the latter.

Microsoft: SORRY for the BORKED Xbox One disc drives, here's a free game


Sticking with my trusty Xbox 360 Elite for now . . .

These issues with the first batches of both the Xbox One and the PS4 confirm my reasons

for not buying an expensive new tech product from launch. I'll stick with my Xbox 360 for

at least the next 6-12 months, while the early adopters deal with the teething problems

before I decide which one of the new consoles I'll be getting.

Just HALF of 10m iPhone, Android BlackBerry BBM app downloads activated


I'd like to try it, but it doesn't want to work over Wi-Fi on my Android phone!

Thousands! of! Yahoo! Mail! users! driven! crazy! by! revamp!


Reply @Rascak

" It is an email service, the clue is in the name, Yahoo! Mail, so why are people trying to use a web browser ?"

You sir, are an idiot. Yahoo Mail is not a traditional e-mail provider, it's WEB BASED e-mail. therefore it is meant to be read / used / accessed within a web browser.

IIRC - accessing Yahoo Mail with a traditional POP based e-mail client isn't free, when I last looked, this required payment of a $50 per year for Yahoo MailPlus.

Give us a break: Next Android version to be called 'KitKat'


Nestle = Evil ... http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=240

Seems my next smartphone is very likely to be a Windows Phone.

Tu Me to go: Tu Go to be Telefonica's 'NEXT BIG AMAZEBALLS' for voice


Only seems to support Pay Monthly mobiles ... so it's of no use to me!

UK economy to lose £198m if BBC and pals lose EPG slots - Ministry of Fun


Re: popularity


My old man forked out for a HD TV, a Freesat HD box, but he never ever watches HD content . . .


Sounds like he's wasted a lot of money on new TV equipment he has no intention of using properly then.

SCO vs. IBM battle resumes over ownership of Unix


SCO ... do us all a favour . . .

. . . die already!

Funnily enough, I thought SCO was long dead anyway

NEW ITV Player app IS HERE ... for Samsung fandroids only. Ha ha


"Watching ITV Player is like watching iPlayer from ten years ago."

BBC iPlayer didn't even exist ten years ago!

Windows XP support ends a year from … now!


Re: "Windows XP dies a year from … now!"

. . . as long as you keep it permanently offline after the cut-off date.


Re: Except that XP lives until 2016

Oh yes, very clever idea ... run an unsupported operating system after the cut-off date for security support with unofficial unauthorised reverse engineered patches from untrusted 3rd party sources.

That's about as advisable as wandering around a safari park covered in pieces of raw meat!

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites


Three little words apply here . . .

. . . They ... Never ... Learn.

Microsoft to end Windows 8 discounts on January 31


Something is seriously wrong with your laptop then. Windows 8 works perfectly well on all of my systems ... and they are all somewhat lower spec than your Core i5 laptop with it's 8GB RAM.

System 1 ... Core2Quad desktop tower with 3GB RAM

System 2 ... Core2Duo media centre with 2GB RAM

System 3 ... Core i3 ASUS laptop with 4GB RAM

You're just trolling to crap on Windows 8 methinks. Troll fail.

Pentagon hacker McKinnon will NOT be prosecuted in the UK


Actually . . .

. . . the act of illegally accessing computer systems and networks is called "cracking".

China blocks all Google services as new leader anointed


Communists are all idiots of the worst kind!

I feel sorry for the people of China, being run by evil communist dictators barely any better than that tubby muppet who's now in charge of North Korea. Communism really needs to be stamped out.

Hmm, I think I'll order an iPad Mini on Amazon ... Oh no I won't


Re: Or . . .

Any thumbs down on my comment above could really only come from Apple fanbois.

Get a life you sad muppets with more money than sense!


Or . . .

Product one: We are bigger than Product 2!!! Buy us it's better!

Product two: We are smaller than Product 1!!! Buy us it's better!

Sensible rational customer: Oh ... do shut up, the pair of you!

Apple customer: Mmmm, iPad! Shut up and take my money!

XBMC coders acquire TVonics brand


Re: Anything that's got XBox in it's title, I will avoid like the plague.

@ Anonymous Coward above . . .

Obvious troll is obvious. Ignorant blatherings of a Sony fanboi!


Re: And next week...

It's a Freeview HD PVR running on open source based software. Why would TiVO sue them?

TiVO is currently only offered in the UK by Virgin Media, a subscription based TV provider.

Windows 8: Download it, then speak YOUR brains


@Lee Dowling

"If we bought 8 ... we'd need to buy that utility that puts the Start Menu back to how it should be."

It's Classic Shell you're looking for - http://classicshell.sf.net/ - no need to buy it ... it's free!

Microsoft picks October 26 for Windows 8 launch


The 11 year Hitch . . .

That launch date is one day later than it ought to be. Why, you ask ... ?

The full public retail launch date of Windows XP was on Thursday 25th October 2001.

It would make sense for Windows 8 full launch to be on Thursday 25th October 2012.

Two of the most important major release versions of Windows released exactly 11 years apart.

Tech fault at RBS and Natwest freezes millions of UK bank balances

Paris Hilton

Why only have one bank account?

It's always worthwhile to have a secondary bank account set up (obviously with a different bank) especially with such monumental feck ups like this latest one by the RBS Group. Since I got a second account set up with Yorkshire Bank back in 2008 alongside my account with Alliance and Leicester (before they got swallowed up whole by Santander) I have much better control over my money. Bills and "Pay checks" in one account, and the other for general spending.

Paris ... because she's quite well accustomed to getting screwed!

Queen unveils draft internet super-snoop bill - with clauses

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Re: "Oh... email..."

I'd hazard a guess that Her Maj is a bit more technically clued-up than you'd think.

Maybe not to the level of most of us reading tech news sites like this, but I'm sure she'll at least know how to switch on a PC and do a bit of casual web browsing in between her royal duties. Probably won't stretch to downloading torrents though!

Apple 'iTV' looks like Cinema Display, says Throat


iTV ... hmmm, don't think so!

This "product" will not be called "iTV".

The UK's biggest commercial TV broadcaster (est. 1955) won't allow it.

Judge: Big Five ISPs must block The Pirate Bay

Black Helicopters

Re: Wouldn't touch those ISPs anyway.

Which ISP, may I ask, are you with?

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY


Re: Why the whinging?

You write stupid anonymous comments on forums

How pathetic.

Judge orders O2 to name suspected smut burglars


Re: Errr...

You do know that Telefónica has been around for over 85 years don't you?

You do realise Telefónica is Spain's biggest telco don't you?

Nope, obviously you didn't ... on both counts.

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo


Re: Err...

The 1996 original design of the Ford Ka still looks like a heap of hideous fugly junk! Even about 2-3 years after it's been replaced with a better looking design, there are still way to many of the grotesquely awful original Ford Ka's on UK roads.

Every one of them needs to be taken away and violently destroyed.

Anyway ... that's off-topic. The new logo for Windows 8? Meh!

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music


You're obviously not a Brit . . .

. . . it's nowt to do with hearses being painted or paininted.

The .paininthearse one breaks down as "dot pain in the arse".


More appropriate top-level domains . . .

. . . for these particular organizations:





.gof***yourselves (with the actual word not the asterisks)


The longer ones maybe invalid on ICANN's systems, but they all reflect what most people think of these nasty, corporate, screw the people organistaions.

Iranian gov mouthpiece Press TV finally gets taken off the air in the UK


At least one good thing comes from this . . .

One less public soapbox for that vile, despicable, poisonous slimeball surnamed Galloway. Good riddance ... for now.

Winamp mends trio of old-school security holes


Winamp? Naaahhh!

Sonique v1.96 FTW! Hangs occasionally, but still mostly works, even on W7.

Not bad for a program that'll be 10 years old next March!

(Even works on Linux with WINE.)

Freeview HD will deliver new IPTV channels this month


Freeview is still a free part of DTT.

Nope ... the Trade Descriptions Act is not being infringed at all.

Freeview (and Freeview HD) are only part of the complete DTT offerings. DTT stands for "Digital Terrestrial Television" btw. DTT is the platform, upon which Freeview, Freeview HD and TopUp TV stands.

While there is still enough bandwidth available, any mixture of free and non-free services can exist on the DTT platform alongside each other.

London Philharmonic to give videogame music concert

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Orchestral Manoeuvres ... in Liberty City?

Imagine the main theme from GTA IV (Soviet Connections) played by an orchestra, with the full range of classical instruments.

That, I think, would sound many magnitudes of awesome!

Tricky Xbox 360 hack claimed to work 1 try in 4


A waste of time!

What is the point of going to all the trouble of hacking a modern games console to emulate another games console that is both ancient and totally obsolete? What a waste of time and effort.

If you really want to run N64 games ... buy an N64 from eBay!

MS to WinXP diehards: Just under 3 more years' support


"Windows XP is now 10 years old . . . "

I didn't know it was October already. I thought it was still July!

Sony: 'PSN attacker exploited known vulnerability'

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That told 'im!

Good solid arguments there from Tidosho, someone I know personally, and who knows EXACTLY what he is talking about, versus someone who most likely has virtually no real world technical knowledge and/or experience and is obviously blinded by his own pathetic fanboi ignorance.

Mozilla puts squeeze on slow Firefox add-ons


@ Notorious Biggles

Try SeaMonkey instead, under the hood it's almost exactly the same as Firefox, being built upon the Gecko engine and a XUL front end but on the surface, it's immune to third party toolbars.

Forget Chrome ... Google's dumbed down excuse of a browser!