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AWS rakes in half a billion pounds from UK Home Office


A bonus from Boris

Boris and his pals gave Bezos more millions by uploading the EPC register for England, Wales and Northern Ireland to the AWS cloud just to be trendy. Scotland had more sense and stuck to the tried and tested Landmark system. Back in 2020, Boris and his SPADs lost a couple of million certificates in the process. If Landmark can still produce the EPC pdf files, then how long before one of the three UK subsidiaries votes to go back to the simple pre-Brexit XML system ?

This is how demon.co.uk ends, not with a bang but a blunder: Randomer swipes decommissioning domain


Demon websites

Vodafone sold my demon website domain to Namesco (Register Group(team.blue)) who now use it as a cheap ad launcher when people click on dead links to my site.

If Vodafone had left well alone then the Brave browser by default and other browsers by add-ons pick up the archived website from the Wayback Machine and it’s as if we were back in the 1990s and thousands of websites appear again.

Vodafone is the worst thing that happened to Demon.