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Ruby off the Rails: Code library yanked over license blunder, sparks chaos for half a million projects


Re: People are still using RoR?

As a php scripter I can assure that it is trying to become somewhat similar to Java and other aberrations. Lazy devs loading tens of megabytes of dependencies and creating world-big OOP objects inside a shitty mega IDE to output a text string, anyone?

Typing and checking things without hand holding frameworks isn't that hard, once you know a language's boundaries...but it takes time and effort and few try that path. Finding people doing it properly without loading gazillions of deps 'cause they have to finish the project for yesterday? At least improbable. It just hurts having to admit that...

I know little about RoR, wasn't it that thing you loaded on your Mac and talked to it wokely having a stylish moustache instead of programming?

Now.. don't let my talk about Python's forced identations..

They're gone, Sir, they're all gone.

Xi Jinping again urges China to home-grow more ‘core’ tech, faster


Re: Core Technologies

The USSR didn't grow a middle class of 400 million and counting. And neither had they the world's production in house.

While being a communist country too, the Chinese have been really good at transforming in a capitalist country while preserving a frightening level of control. After the fall of the wall, Russia quickly transitioned to the worst disparities and became an oligarchy without a big plan. If they hadn't energy resources (and some hacking skills) to leverage their scarce international presence, we wouldn't hear much of the country. I wouldn't worry about China being communist, but their money and their potential warfare production's scale.

China's international expansion techniques are more subtle than those of the US, and that despite having a non democratic system.

Not that western private tax evading behemoths like Google et al are any less scary in the long run, they haven't even a country to recognise themselves in.

Sounds like Spotify and Epic have been chatting: Music streamer blasts Apple One service as 'anti-competitive'


Greedy mudfighting

I perceive all this as a big PR stunt hoping to access better treatment. I highly doubt that Apple will reserve Spotify the same privileges as it did with Tencent. The hardware/financial numbers at stake aren't just the same, and it would create a western precedent.

Epic and Spotify really don't deserve our pity, nor does the poisonous walled garden.