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Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons


I find this line of question interesting. While attending SERE school in the military I was trained in ways of avoiding answering questions and providing the enemy with personal information. Why? Because every piece of information they have about you can and will be used against you in some way. If one doesn't get a reaction the next one will. For example, if they find out you're married they can have their HUMINT assets take a picture of your wife during a lunch with coworkers. They can doctor the photo and make it look like she's on a date. They have no scruples. That's the way the intelligence services operate. Ours are not boy scouts either. Anything they have on you will be used and like a good lawyer they will be cast in the worst possible light.


This western government has been spending billions annually to fill acres of supercomputers with every electronic whisper we make. The idea that the government can only access it with a properly approved FISA warrant was proven to be an outright lie with the Russian election interference hoax.


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