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The Battle of Britain couldn't have been won without UK's homegrown tech innovations

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Re: Battle of Britian - some of the forgotten bits.

"Radar could determine the difference between a bomber and a fighter in 1940?"

I can't find a reference, but I believe they could tell by the speed, as fighters flew faster on their own.

Mark Billenness

Re: you could read that two ways...

"Apparently the Germans practised tank manoeuvres on bicycles which I thought was an impressive act, considering the USSR churned out much better tanks with much better armour and still lost to panzers."

Training + Tactics.

Before rearming, in the 1920's the Gernan army was prohibited from having tanks, so they worked around the issue. By 1928 they had dummies using sheet metal, according to Guderian.


They got a lot of their ideas from the British tank pioneers.

That said, bicycle troops are a thing:


Mark Billenness

Re: you could read that two ways...

We were fotunate that there was strong opposition to the governments' austerity policies at the time and money did eventually go to the RAF.


Mark Billenness

Re: Will you kindly stop with the "Britain alone" myth?


In a pretty factual acticle the second to last para makes some pretty bold statements about non-british personnel motivations. I'd like to see some justification, otherwise I'll assume that this was just pulled out of your a**.

I'll assume that they risked (and some lost) their lives on the principle of opposing fascism/nazism.


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