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US senators propose yet another problematic Section 230 shakeup: As long as someone says it on the web, you can't hide it away

Black Helicopters

Re: Inevitable

> Social media is simply the old speakers corner opened up to the world. The screamers will scream and the haters will hate. Nuke the lot from orbit is the only way to be sure.


> Legislation like this will only benefit those pushing it.

I feel the opposite is true.

Take this hypothetical scenario. Political party A lost the last election and political party B is currently in power.

Political party A wants to share information about corrupt acts of political party B.

The media, the speaker's corners, are strongly aligned with political party B because they have been in power for a very long time and has provided them with taxpayer money should they publish favorible content.

The lobyists are mostly aligned with political party B because they are more likely to have influence that way.

Posts about corruption of party B are quickly removed from platforms because their policy allows them to remove "probably false information". Said website simply references an article by a news site that heavily sides with party B as proof of "probably false".

Party B screams that Party A is trying to spread conspiracy theories about them.

Party A screams that Party B is corrupt and so are the speaker's corners.

How is the voice of Party A ever going to succeed?


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