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Wisepay 'outage' is actually the school meal payments biz trying to stop an intruder from stealing customer card details


The School have a duty of care to feed children. If the account isn't topped up (the same as a parent not giving the kids cash or the kid loosing cash) the School will feed the child regardless. As an aside kids can enter coins/notes onto their accounts at a box on the wall.

The only downside I see to this system is the smaller kids may get fatter as they are not running away from bigger kids trying to steal their coins. Man I did a lot of running at School

Equinix warns it's infected with ransomware, promises it can carry on regardless


Re: Questions?

Hmm, hasn't this always been the case? Very few penetration attempts are targeted. Don't matter what your company size is, it's how much low hanging fruit you have at your attack surface