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Waiting for speedy broadband? UK's Openreach prioritizing existing work over fiber expansion

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Two months ago they announced how they were accelerating fibre to the premisses roll out. Now they have the government cash and okay from the regulator to do things differently, they are now dealing it back in perpetuity.

Fucking shit show form BT.

NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages

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Re: Better compilers?

the ISO C++ 20 already has everything for memory safety for general purpose programming.

But even Rust like C, C++, for low level allocator development has to be unsafe in that you operate on bytes, before framing them as objects.


"And, as Bjarne Stroustrup, C++'s creator, told The Register recently: "We can now achieve guaranteed perfect type and memory safety in ISO C++."

""We can now achieve guaranteed perfect type and memory safety in ISO C++. That is, every object is used according to the type it was defined with. That implies that we eliminate uses of dangling pointers, catch range errors, and eliminate data races. Note that every 'safe' language, including Rust, has loopholes allowing unsafe code."

It is quite easy to enforce.

Microsoft feels the need, the need for speed in Teams

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Re: "the average commercial user spends more time in Teams chat than they do in email."

They are stuck in there, because it's so slow.

No escape.

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Lets face it, it could be no fucking slower than it already is.

Google reveals another experimental operating system: KataOS

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Its a google product

So will be dead when it come out of Beta.

Is it time to retire C and C++ for Rust in new programs?

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If you look at CVE's by programming language then yes C is at the top, but its been around a very long time. Even when you count total CVE's ignoring the years, Java and PHP are ahead of C++ which has been around twice as long as the other two.

My point is, people are going to find interesting ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

For C++ at least:

"We can now achieve guaranteed perfect type and memory safety in ISO C++," Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++, told the Register this week

It's there if you want it, or you can be unsafe....just like Rust.

The whole comment about 70-80% of bugs are caused by memory safety and its all on C and C++ is complete horse shit. It's a made up on the spot statistic. You can point to actual CVE's by language and then it shows that all the managed languages are equally as bad in terms of serious CVE's.

Post-Brexit 'science superpower' UK still hasn't appointed a science minister

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The science minister is a bit like the industrial strategy. Lost in action.

They have been promising to do something for years but nothing ever shows up. Simply they are not really at all serious about science and engineering. Look at countries that are and see how they are doing compared to the UK.

Rust is eating into our systems, and it's a good thing

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Re: Rust is just the latest fad

It's like the Go evangelists all over again from 10 years ago.

Microsoft low code branches into lightweight GUI widgets

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Great. Now lets build an ambulance call out system in this new wonder.

Excel's comedy of errors needs a new script, not new scripting

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And it's slow and killing the share drive.

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Fucking hell.

And it's still not got source control.

Utterly unfit for purpose in the modern world.

Linux luminaries discuss efforts to bring Rust to the kernel

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You have memory safety in Java yet you still get enormous security holes crop up often in applications and libraries developed with libraries because people do stupid shit.

Rust does not solve this and so provides a false sense of security.

Amazon drivers unionize after AI sends them on 'impossible' routes

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Re: Nottingham ring road

Ah Glasgow. City of a million traffic enforcement camera with a purposefully bad road layout.

Did you know Glasgow hands out about as many traffic fines as the whole of London?

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Thankfully natural selection will take care of the company that bought the shitty AI solution as a cost saving measure.

The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it

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The problem is Windows chugs. Mac OS and related apps largely do not (unless it's some Electron abomination).

Modern programs on Windows if you want to call it modern are using heavy new frameworks. Even a basic hello world GUI with .NET or other framework tooling these days does not give you much change out of 200MB when you run it up. That and there are numerous background threads as part of the frameworks all lurking.

Win32 on the other hand is actually relatively lightweight. It runs on old hardware are it does not require much in the way of resources. That's because its efficient.

Now Microsoft seems to reinvent the GUI every few years. Each new iteration they mess with Windows and replace management functionality with the new UI frameworks and plumbing. But to make matters worse, not only using slow, buggy frameworks that stutter on even bleeding edge hardware, they also never finish the job!!!

We all have seen this. Control panels were to admin the box you have to jump between the old and new works which know nothing about each other. It makes for a fucking horrible experience.

I'm done. I have run Mac's at home for 10 years. I use Linux at work on the servers and Windows on the desktops. But I am slowly porting everything so that I can run it on ARM based Mac's and then I'm going to replace Windows at work for 500 people who want them, by decoupling the need to run Windows. Make it an end user choice.

Even Outlook is fucked now. It's crashes increasingly common as it gets more buggy with its increasing Web based UI sitting in a Win32 frame. Teams is fucked from the start.

I am done with Microsoft.

Desktop is a Mac and I use that to develop for and run production on Linux.

Open source databases: What are they and why do they matter?

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Stock Postgres thanks.

Microsoft mistakenly rated Chromium, Electron as malware

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Chrome and Electron are Malware? They are not wrong.

No web browser should be using that much memory or CPU resources. Just look at all the Electron apps, from Slack to Teams. Bloated malware the lot of it.

Modern web technology and the standard go to products around it are obscenely inefficient. Yes V8 itself may be among the best in breed, still the whole integrated stack sucks donkey balls.

Former Microsoft UX boss doesn't like the Windows 11 Start menu either

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So it was him. What a dick. 11 is just as bad.

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The Mac UI is genuinely lovely. A few versions ago everything got a bit big, but they have since dialled it back and its pretty good. Windows 8 onwards are all increasingly shit. Windows 7 like 2000 was solid and usable.

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People who live in glass houses and all that. If this guy was involved with Window 8 and onwards then he can't talk.

The whole metro look and onwards is a fucking disaster. Have the system tools are in the old form and half in the new and you can't find anything. They purposefully make it hard to jump between and the new stuff is all dog fucking slow as well as ugly as shit.

Parallels increases prices with Desktop version 18

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Re: Never again

I have been using Parallels for about 10 years on Mac and have a few licences. They got me over to the subscription but for my usage I am now finding it a bit steep. I have an M1 Mac and have tried the ARM windows, it does work well, but I have also tried UTM and if anything it give me much more control.

UTM is based on QEMU and works on pretty much anything as an emulator or virtual machine for the same CPU for better performance.

UTM makes QEMU much more user friendly.

One problem I have always had with Parallels is graphics driver support with Linux. Every update to Parallels Tools for the last 10 years it seems like to breaks graphics driver support and I have to go picking away on the command line to try and fix and sometimes fail. I have never had this kind of problem with VMWare.

I think it sounds like the price gouging is time for me to give up on it.

There is a path to replace TCP in the datacenter

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ZeroMQ is a hunk of shit.

Tech world may face huge fines if it doesn't scrub CSAM from encrypted chats

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I get the intentions, but this is so baldy thought through.

Let be clear. The government are talking about:

1) Building in filters to detect and report child abuse

2) Filters are normally models, typically AI based these days

3) The models need training on validated data sets, which has to be the real thing to avoid biases. You can't just train it on legal porn.

The government is going to licence tech firms to hold child porn and train models against this? Whats to say this illegal content is then distributed illegally by the same tech firms.

This is completely disgusting and I can't think of someone who would even want to work on such models. It would be a harrowing role.

Gtk 5 might drop X11 support, says GNOME dev

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Every fucking version of GTK breaks shit. It's not enough to simply break the API's. Now they are ripping the legs out.

When they keep doing this, it means Win32 which is backward compatible for decades as a stable foundation that has been extended looks like a shining beacon of light.

This is ultimately the problem with Linux desktop, fragmented and ever changing API's with broken API's + ABI's. Fuck off your existing users that they just give up.

One of the first RISC-V laptops may ship in September, has an NFT hook

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No thanks.

LGBTQ+ folks warned of dating app extortion scams

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I think there is an existing law against that.

It's called blackmail.

It's not new. It's as old as civilisation.

China's blockchain boosters slam crypto as Ponzi scheme

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Re: Ponzi scheme?

I think he meant to say, currency is a means of exchange to avoid directly battering.

8 goats for my cow sir?

Which is problematic in many ways, one of which is I can only trade in minimum units of live goats. 7.5 live goats is not a useful thing, as one half is a very dead goat.

A dead goat is not equal to a live goat in value.

And many other problems such as transporting the goods I have bought as a store of value to be exchanged for something else in another place at another time. I now have to feed the sodding cow which is known in the finance as cost of carry.....the cost of maintaining or storing the physical instrument, keeping the cow fed and watered and safe from theft and predators.

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He's not wrong.

Zendesk sold to private investors two weeks after saying it would stay public

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Re: "Investment" Firms

Come on, they are costs, not assets!

Plot to defeat crypto meltdown: Solend votes to seize, liquidate whale account

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Re: "we've been unable to get the whale to reduce their risk, or even get in contact with them"

Try contacting the crypto overloads at these projects. Good luck.

Seems fine to me that someone holding can keep themselves to themselves without being hassled.

Telegram criticizes Apple for 'intentionally crippling' web app features on iOS

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My experience with web apps when I have used them have been disappointing. Slow and bloated seems to be the usual.

In all honesty I prefer native apps.

UK Home Office awards Oracle a deal extension worth tens of millions

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£800 per civil servant.

Next six months could set a new pace for work-life balance

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Say goodbye to any pay rises or bonuses.

IBM buys Randori to address multicloud security messes

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Well that's that product dead then.

EU makes USB-C common charging port for most electronic devices

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Re: Micro USB

I love MagSafe. USB-C on a laptop on your knee just feels fragile.

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How many world leading mobile phone companies currently exist in Europe? Zero. They are all either US or APAC based. Nokia and Erikson are dead as a handset manufacturers.

The point that the EU knows how to inovate by dictating technical standards is a bit backwards.

I get the need to stop electronic waste, but this is a hammer to crack a nut.

Saying that nothing will ever improve on USB-C is insane. Its certainly the best standard so far, but this actually blocks change, unless they say it has to be an ISO standard. There are like 5 different USB socket type. A, B, mini, micro, 3/C.

Amazon puts 'creepy' AI cameras in UK delivery vans

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The job did not suck enough so Netradyne got on the case.


Their website says it all. Total surveillance. You will be controlled human. Take your soma.

Google's Flutter app development framework now stable across platforms

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Why on earth would anyone use something from Google. Its there to:

1) Steal your data

2) Derive ad revenue from your IP and customers

3) Doomed to be canned as soon as it comes out of Beta.

Only a fucking idiot would use this.

Jeffrey Snover claims Microsoft demoted him for inventing PowerShell

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Re: I would get it fired for inventing Powershell

It's basically immediate mode .NET

Fairly gross.

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Re: And now Powershell is pretty much the rock of Windows.

Still cannot properly delete files when the path is too long. Powershell is probably the best way, but even it regularly fails even with this.

Five Eyes nations reveal 2021's fifteen most-exploited flaws

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Re: Funny That....No Mention Of SolarWinds......

That was last year though?

Oracle to release on-prem software usage tools to prep cloud switch

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The man has like 10 ex-wifes to pay alimony too.

Apple's grip on iOS browser engines disallowed under latest draft EU rules

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I don't want shitbag Chrome based Electron apps on my fucking phone. If I wanted that, I would get Android.

The fucking thing (Chrome) uses all the memory and cores on my desktop. It's a fucking disaster of inefficecy and lets face it an OS in side a browser engine.

Jobs was right when he blocked Flash on iOS devices as it drained the battery. And Chrome is the modern day Flash, eating your batter and purposefully stealing your data, where as Flash leaked it like a fucking sieve.

Fuck right off.

SoftBank aims to keep control of Arm after IPO – report

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Jesus. They have only fucked it up since they have taken it over. From the fandango mess with the Chinese entity running off with IP and loosing control all the way to the recent firing of staff.

And now they want to keep a controlling stake as a good steward?


UK Prime Minister, Catalan groups 'targeted by NSO Pegasus spyware'

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Re: Wreck of the Medusa, Ship of Fools.


At last, Atlassian sees an end to its outage ... in two weeks

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So their "Cloud First" strategy is going well. More like bork your business and burn everything to the ground.

Why would customers trusts these fucking idiots with their data going forward?

Atlassian outage lingers, sparking data loss fears

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Cloud First my big fat hairy ass.

First Light says it's hit nuclear fusion breakthrough with no fancy lasers, magnets

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30 years away.

10 years is a big improvement.

Atlassian Jira, Confluence outage persists two days on

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That and they have been price gouging their long time customers on server/data centre.

Fucking grade ad arse holes.

GNOME 42's inconsistent themes are causing drama

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And this is why the year of the Linux desktop will always be far in the future.

GTK4 is also slow as dog shit with heavy resource usage. Oh and breaking ABI changes.

Win32 has been pretty stable for decades. Apple Cocoa has been stable for a long time also.

GTK keeps getting broken. The developers need taking outside.