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Dump C++ and in Rust you should trust, Five Eyes agencies urge


Re: Bull

Using that argument, take a look at C++ 20. You have full memory safety if you want to use it.


So how come there are a bunch of security vulnerabilities in Atlassian tools this week.

They are written in Java.

Revamped Raspberry Pi OS boasts Wayland desktop and improved imager tool


Re: They broke VNC

At my work, we all exclusively use remote GUI apps on much larger hardware than our desktops. Almost a thousand of us.

1Password confirms attacker tried to pull list of admin users after Okta intrusion


What a cluster

Otka are a clusterfuck of an organisation.

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off


Re: No corruption here.

Until your batteries wear out. How many cycles they good for?

First Brexit, now X-it: Musk 'considering' pulling platform from EU over probe


Re: Hardly surprising.

Those tracking rules are bollocks. Spoils the Web. They could just ban them rather than asking for consent. But no, concept and annoying popups it is.

Excel recruitment time bomb makes top trainee doctors 'unappointable'


Re: Excel for dodgy databases

Jesus fucking christ. What a monkey that guy must have been.

Want a clean energy transition? Better start putting cash into electrical grid


So consumers are expected to fund the capital spending, but get no equity.

The shareholders of the utility get the equity....while putting in no equity. This is not capitalism, this is robbery.

As it prepares to abandon its on-prem server products, Atlassian is content. Users? Not so much


It's probably not gone unnoticed, that JetBrains now offer their equivalent now in both SaSS and on-premise.

TSMC warns AI chip crunch will last another 18 months


More cow bell, I mean packaging.

Microsoft worker accidentally exposes 38TB of sensitive data in GitHub blunder


How long did that take to upload? Jesus Christ.

Arm's lawyers want to check assembly expert's book for trademark missteps


Re: Sad

They are dead long term. Give it 10 years, RISC V is going to be all over them.


ARM are wankers

The book is possibly the best on assembly for any CPU I have seen. A really good read. Not often you can say that about assembly books and I have read a lot.

To be so heavy handed like this to someone who has engaged with them and helps people get the best out of their product shows what morons they are now running ARM.

UK health service has £1.5B to put toward Digital Workplace Solutions 2: Electric Boogaloo


Re: Barking up the wrong tree?

The NHS is run by fucktards.

Apple, Samsung, and Intel to invest in Arm IPO, and emerge with some control: report


Theresa May....."still open for business", which meant, "everything is for sale".

Microsoft admits unauthorized access to Exchange Online, blames Chinese gang


Re: I blame Microsoft

This is Microsoft. It's always going to be shoddy code.

Just look at the bloat that is Teams. Their modern, cutting edge messaging app.

Tech execs turn to drink and drugs as job losses mount


Re: Why does this sound...

Bad news the NHS is already privatised. You could argue always has been.

There are a restricted number of GP surgeries. About 16 thousand.. As a new GP, you cannot open your own surgery. Existing GP's like the way things are setup and won't agree to changes. These are nearly all private partnerships. Buy-in as a GP partner is now upwards of £700k. Why? Because it's lucrative. So most new GP's are going salaried. Retiring GP partners are cashing out by selling to private equity owned surgeries.

Many hospitals were sold off under PPP's under Gordon Brown and rented back on long term leases. This was a nice way to raise cash while holding the liabilities off the public balance sheet.

So the trusts, that service patients which are funded by GP's allocating payments, don't even own much. They do own the ambulances and the hospital beds etc. But the buildings and fixed plant is owned by the private sector owners.

Most people really don't seem to understand how its structured and model flows around it from the tax payer.


I'm obviously not handling my stress right. This all sounds much more fun.

Inclusive Naming Initiative limps towards release of dangerous digital dictionary


Good to see Cockmaster is not banned.

UK telco watchdog Ofcom, Minnesota Dept of Ed named as latest MOVEit victims


It's all in the cloud bitches.

Everything will be just great in the cloud.

Time is running out to finish that slurp of Outlook Moca


Outlook these days is a bag of shite. It gets increasingly worse.

Search does not even fucking work. The stupid thing is it has about 10 ways of searching and they are all broken.

Microsoft simply do not test their shit and some cock master there is always wanting to reinvent the GUI, but each time they do so they leave it unfinished.

UK.gov reboots ERP refresh with £934 million procurement


Re: Trillions?

Worth less than a Yen by that measure. Which ain't much to begin with.


Christ on a bike. A billion for an ERP system.

And you know they will still fuck it up.

For that money you could hire 1000 developers and buy infrastructure and fund the whole shebang for 10 years.

You would like to think it would not take 1000 developers 10 years to build it however.

80 thousand staff in the DoWP. It's bigger than the army. Why the fuck does it take so many people.

UK tech industry pushing up salaries – but UI devs out of luck


Our grads are on 60k base. Are these jobs actually real?

I know people who work in admin jobs in charities who earn more than this. How are these going rates for senior technology engineering or development jobs?

The people in offshored jobs are on +50k USD in India.

Microsoft can't stop injecting Copilot AI into every corner of its app empire


And yet, fucking search no longer works in Outlook.

Their products are fucking shit.

Silicon Valley Bank seized by officials after imploding: How this happened and why


This is how it begins. Other small banks relying on short term funding will go bust, next batch in 6 months as they try to roll over financing.

Microsoft makes Outlook Mac native email app a freebie


Well, Outlook is in its latest incarnation a complete bag of shite.

It was not bad 5 years ago, but now the search is mentally challenged. Today I clicked one row and it selected another. Quite often it freezes my entire PC to mouse input. If it's not also blocked keyboard input you can do a Windows-Esc to get the task manager up to kill it.

It really is fucking junk and I am actively looking for an alternative for the firm I work for for both Outlook and Office 365 exchange servers.

NASA finds crashing spacecraft into asteroids is a viable defence strategy


Re: From orbit?

Probably don't want to pull off a Neal Stephenson by 'rodding' the planet

Fedora 38 will still support framebuffer X11 and NIS+


X11 just works for remote usage. Most of my development I use X11 to servers from Windows desktops.

Wayland does not support this and says it's outside of its scope. So that makes it fucking useless in a work environment unless you have the PC or server under your desk.

Yes, I know I can VNC or NoMachine etc, but X just works. The others need various extra steps to setup or worse you have to get someone to install the packages from another repo in a corporate environment.

Also, they are all desktop focused, whereas I can run my X11 apps like a local desktop application and use all my screens easily. The other approaches are all very sub-optimal for shared workstations.

Apple complains UK watchdog wants to make iOS a 'clone' of Android


Re: Clone of Android

Damn fucking right.


I don't want fucking Chrome on my Apple devices.

If I wanted Chrome, I would get a shitty Chrome book or Android device. But I don't want any of that bloated shit.

System76 teases features coming in homegrown Rust-based desktop COSMIC


Never. They will get bored with rewriting things and move on to the next language in 5 years.

I remember what Go was the new kid on the block what everything would be written in. Before that, Java. etc.

C: Everyone's favourite programming language isn't a programming language


C is the white hero male of the programming world

And everyone has a downer on the guy.

It's just that it was used to build the modern world, but haters gonna hate.

Waiting for speedy broadband? UK's Openreach prioritizing existing work over fiber expansion


Two months ago they announced how they were accelerating fibre to the premisses roll out. Now they have the government cash and okay from the regulator to do things differently, they are now dealing it back in perpetuity.

Fucking shit show form BT.

NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages


Re: Better compilers?

the ISO C++ 20 already has everything for memory safety for general purpose programming.

But even Rust like C, C++, for low level allocator development has to be unsafe in that you operate on bytes, before framing them as objects.


"And, as Bjarne Stroustrup, C++'s creator, told The Register recently: "We can now achieve guaranteed perfect type and memory safety in ISO C++."

""We can now achieve guaranteed perfect type and memory safety in ISO C++. That is, every object is used according to the type it was defined with. That implies that we eliminate uses of dangling pointers, catch range errors, and eliminate data races. Note that every 'safe' language, including Rust, has loopholes allowing unsafe code."

It is quite easy to enforce.

Microsoft feels the need, the need for speed in Teams


Re: "the average commercial user spends more time in Teams chat than they do in email."

They are stuck in there, because it's so slow.

No escape.


Lets face it, it could be no fucking slower than it already is.

Google reveals another experimental operating system: KataOS


Its a google product

So will be dead when it come out of Beta.

Is it time to retire C and C++ for Rust in new programs?


If you look at CVE's by programming language then yes C is at the top, but its been around a very long time. Even when you count total CVE's ignoring the years, Java and PHP are ahead of C++ which has been around twice as long as the other two.

My point is, people are going to find interesting ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

For C++ at least:

"We can now achieve guaranteed perfect type and memory safety in ISO C++," Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++, told the Register this week

It's there if you want it, or you can be unsafe....just like Rust.

The whole comment about 70-80% of bugs are caused by memory safety and its all on C and C++ is complete horse shit. It's a made up on the spot statistic. You can point to actual CVE's by language and then it shows that all the managed languages are equally as bad in terms of serious CVE's.

Post-Brexit 'science superpower' UK still hasn't appointed a science minister


The science minister is a bit like the industrial strategy. Lost in action.

They have been promising to do something for years but nothing ever shows up. Simply they are not really at all serious about science and engineering. Look at countries that are and see how they are doing compared to the UK.

Rust is eating into our systems, and it's a good thing


Re: Rust is just the latest fad

It's like the Go evangelists all over again from 10 years ago.

Microsoft low code branches into lightweight GUI widgets


Great. Now lets build an ambulance call out system in this new wonder.

Excel's comedy of errors needs a new script, not new scripting


And it's slow and killing the share drive.


Fucking hell.

And it's still not got source control.

Utterly unfit for purpose in the modern world.

Linux luminaries discuss efforts to bring Rust to the kernel


You have memory safety in Java yet you still get enormous security holes crop up often in applications and libraries developed with libraries because people do stupid shit.

Rust does not solve this and so provides a false sense of security.

Amazon drivers unionize after AI sends them on 'impossible' routes


Re: Nottingham ring road

Ah Glasgow. City of a million traffic enforcement camera with a purposefully bad road layout.

Did you know Glasgow hands out about as many traffic fines as the whole of London?



Thankfully natural selection will take care of the company that bought the shitty AI solution as a cost saving measure.

The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it


The problem is Windows chugs. Mac OS and related apps largely do not (unless it's some Electron abomination).

Modern programs on Windows if you want to call it modern are using heavy new frameworks. Even a basic hello world GUI with .NET or other framework tooling these days does not give you much change out of 200MB when you run it up. That and there are numerous background threads as part of the frameworks all lurking.

Win32 on the other hand is actually relatively lightweight. It runs on old hardware are it does not require much in the way of resources. That's because its efficient.

Now Microsoft seems to reinvent the GUI every few years. Each new iteration they mess with Windows and replace management functionality with the new UI frameworks and plumbing. But to make matters worse, not only using slow, buggy frameworks that stutter on even bleeding edge hardware, they also never finish the job!!!

We all have seen this. Control panels were to admin the box you have to jump between the old and new works which know nothing about each other. It makes for a fucking horrible experience.

I'm done. I have run Mac's at home for 10 years. I use Linux at work on the servers and Windows on the desktops. But I am slowly porting everything so that I can run it on ARM based Mac's and then I'm going to replace Windows at work for 500 people who want them, by decoupling the need to run Windows. Make it an end user choice.

Even Outlook is fucked now. It's crashes increasingly common as it gets more buggy with its increasing Web based UI sitting in a Win32 frame. Teams is fucked from the start.

I am done with Microsoft.

Desktop is a Mac and I use that to develop for and run production on Linux.

Open source databases: What are they and why do they matter?


Stock Postgres thanks.

Microsoft mistakenly rated Chromium, Electron as malware


Chrome and Electron are Malware? They are not wrong.

No web browser should be using that much memory or CPU resources. Just look at all the Electron apps, from Slack to Teams. Bloated malware the lot of it.

Modern web technology and the standard go to products around it are obscenely inefficient. Yes V8 itself may be among the best in breed, still the whole integrated stack sucks donkey balls.