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Ubuntu applies security fixes for all versions back to 14.04


Re: Don't use &&

no, `&` allows them to run concurrently (in the background) `&&` will run the next one only when the preceeding one finishes with an exit code of zero.

Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads


Re: You ain’t seen nothing yet

currently ITV3 are highlighting the very sad case of a woman that insists on taking a bath every 15 minutes. The poor thing only gets about 3 seconds in the bath before she's magically fitted with a very large towel and ejects herself from the sit down unit.

Microsoft to require proof of vaccination from on-site staff, pushes back full reopening


And there's the problem - some things you have to take on faith or at the very least attempt to mitigate against possible outcomes.

The effects of this virus are quite startling, therefore a sane, sensible person would do everything possible to not contract it.

Putting your faith in numbers when the situation is fluid and unclear is not sensible - taking reasonable precautions against contracting an air borne virus is sensible, whether the numbers add up or not.

A toy example would be that a car moving at speed seems to have a lot of kinetic energy, I'd be better off not using my body to dissipate it, just in case. Whether I have the exact numbers or not, I doubt it'll end well for me.

Bug at payments processor WorldPay swipes £2k+ per ride ticket from Brighton Pier revellers


The thing that always ticks me off when financial companies make a cock up, debits are instant yet credits take ages. This may have been a genuine mistake, but mealy mouthed apologies will not be good enough. World Pay personnel need to seek out these people and apologise to them in person, while handing them their cash back including a payment for interest and bank charges. Now wouldn't that be a thing, also it'd stop it happening again.

ZIPX files that aren't: Keep a weather eye out for disguised malware in email attachments


> Despite Huddleston's jailing, NanoCore has continued to lurk online.

Now wouldn't that be nice, as soon as you take someone off the board their footprints disappear.

Visual Studio Code 1.50 goes hard on extensions support, but tackling add-on bloat is becoming more onerous


Re: Don't blame the extensions...

% ls -lh $(which vim)

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 2.1M Sep 22 01:29 /usr/bin/vim

Just saying...

Why cloud costs get out of control: Too much lift and shift, and pricing that is 'screwy and broken'


Do not lift and shift

Lift and shift to the cloud is professionally irresponsible, cloud services have to be designed to be cloud services - the hardware they run on is never guaranteed to still be there and available one minute from now, you need to design for that.

As part of the design you attribute costs and as part of the operational tasks you add monitoring, not only of health but of idleness and uselessness.

Therefore, over time, as you monitor your services, they *should* become cheaper as you strip away the useless and idle parts (or redesign the useless and idle parts to become useful).


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