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Mozilla says India's planned data harvest law is 'blunt' and should be caste aside


Re: Data Harvesting

Just voting doesn't make any country a democracy.

Russia has elections and voting - Putin always wins

Egypt has elections and voting - Abdel Fattah el-Sisi always wins

Syria has elections - Assad always wins

Would you call any of them a democracy?


Re: What is "non personal data"?

Infosys co-founder is a businessman and he is only capable of doing what is best for business. He should not have led the effort in the first place.

Using the US model for privacy, really lack of privacy is the worst thing anyone can do. Companies in theUS sell PII daily for less than $5. Google someone using their telephone number and it with little creativity, one can find their entire history.

India doesn't want to end up with the same lack of privacy, the US has.

Mozilla is 100% accurate. Hope India listens.

Server buyers ask Lenovo for made-in-Mexico models instead of Chinese kit


Chines products are junk but the irony is most reputed Western companies make their products in China.

Thank the politicians for opening the doors and thank the corporate honchos for rushing in to feed their greed.


Doe it matter?

Lenovo still have to spy for China when told to do so. It is Chinese law.

Unexpected risks of using Apple ID: 'Sign in with Apple' will be blocked for Epic Games


Free ride

Epic games want a free ride on Apple's back and Apple said no.

Now the poor baby is crying.

Infosys to hire 12,000 more Americans – especially the cheapest ones it can find



The reality is Rump can bloviate and mislead his second grade educated cult. Today, IT is moving to the cloud in the US to address skill shortages. Software abstraction to simple mark up languages makes it simple for anyone to learn front-end programming. Then, flat databases rule the day, No SQL. No RDBMS, etc.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence require higher programming skills, which does not have enough people to meet the demand.

As usual, Rump is bloviating and lies to his adoring cult.

By the way, every business regardless of which country it is based is always looking for cutting costs. China has made lowest cost as the only competitive advantage across the globe.

Even rigister is cuttting costs and asking for donations to survive!


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