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South African dam sluices 609 elephants per second

Nathan Billett

are you sure?

"which is how light gets about so quickly"... or could it be that light is merely a gazillion sub-atomic elephants bouncing all over the place at their natural velocity... and whilst sub-atomic... that'd explain why light slows down when transferring between mediums... we'll, they gotta pause to make sure they don't fall in any sink holes!

Juggling server virtualisation and database workloads

Nathan Billett

But what about hardware failover "pooling"

The reason I consider having virtualised database servers is pretty simple in my (admittedly simple) mind.

If I have a fully populated blade centre (7-14 servers depending on who we're talking about), all in a single VM pool, and I then fill 33-50% capacity with Virtual machines dedicated to database server work, I can further fill out the other 50-66% VM pool with Application/web/file server VM's... Probably squeezing upward of 200% capacity out of the given rack space...

All this with the added benefit that if 1-3 (based on 7) of the blades died... everything would keep ticking along as the VM Manager automagically redistributed the VM's from the failing hardware...

If I'm way off mark... tell me... cause I'm constantly urging my DBA's, Server specialists and Infrastructure manager to try this out.

Nerd Icon - Cause in the end... if You ain't got that much brains... you may as well be management.

Sexy Namir sportster to rewrite fuel economy rulebook?

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Want it...

...and the totty too,

That is all :|

The dark horse in data centre I/O simplification

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you mean...(prior art)

a start-up is redefining a mainframe... or minicomputer... just with external servers and blade racks?!?!?!

Im pretty damn sure that Big Blue's AS/400 can very happily run multiple instances of virtualised servers (linux based too....) across one set of internal I/O hardware...

So what exactly are they bringing new to the environment?

It's no wonder they have no product... they can't afford the patents or cross licensing needed for a "mainframe", at least not without potential customers saying "then why don't we just by an IBM"!


Baby held in Indian jail alongside hacking suspect mum

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IT Angle


I hate to state the obvious...but stupid people get my goat...I think his icon gave it away...






JHC... come on people! When I was a lad they used to jail imbeciles... {sigh}

Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque

Nathan Billett

I can't believe I'm defending the septics... it's the frogs that are at fault...


Whilst the UK chose the Long form for the the bulk of the 19th & 20th centuries; apparently since 1974 we changed our mind... although I know I was still taught long form up into 1995...

Anywho... it's all the bloody Frenchies fault... and now with global trading, it doesn't matter anymore... everyone uses the short scale :|

Western Digital uncages ferocious VelociRaptor data hunting drive

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Dead Vulture

So Jurasic park was lying!?!

Hold on... by your representative comparison of the size of said velociraptors... the rather sharper variety were only 2' tall!?!

I call shenanigans on your photoshop ability... or that of Stephen Speilbergs... won't someone please think of the children and give us an active representation with comparisons to mobil figures and brontosaruseseseses.

Vulture with no eye... cause he can't spatialy comprehend either

Strap-on stealth jetplane for special forces

Nathan Billett

me first... me first

Please sir... can I have one.... with the added rocket booster packs, sir!?!

i wan' it, I wan' it I waaaaaaaaan' it!!

Absolutely, positively serious offer to be a human guinea pig (test pilot) for the Rocko-Gryphon(tm - by me, thanks) - Only compensation required woud be 2 of said Rocko-Gryphon(tm) and a life time supply of disposible rockets... a fair deal all round I think.