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Tesla to build cars made of batteries and hit $25k price tag about three years down the road

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Tesla Model Y Owners Have Found Home Depot Shit Used To Mount A Critical Part

IFixit should do a teardown


Another reminder that bias, testing, diversity is needed in machine learning: Twitter's image-crop AI may favor white men, women's chests

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Re: It is a difficult task, it needs and will be addressed but it will take time.

Or, perhaps we should think before deploying a system guaranteed not to work for a % of citizens, paying customers, or whoever the intended audience - a % which might be in the majority globally.

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It is a difficult task, it needs and will be addressed but it will take time.

Great phrase. I can just hear someone rolling that out for the abolition of slavery, votes for women, accessibility for disabled, and so on. To paraphrase, I'm fine with the status quo - we'll get to you lot later. Now imagine how you'd feel when consistently being told that you and your needs are lower priority because, 'difficult'.

Future airliners will run on hydrogen, vows Airbus as it teases world-plus-dog with concept designs

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The future of sustainable technology for both cars and planes is

to use them a lot less

Your anti-phishing test emails may be too easy to spot. NIST has a training tool for that

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Re: This is serious

My sympathies. I am afraid your story is just an early warning of the coming digital pandemic. It is scary how shaky the whole trust and identity infrastructure is in the UK. I really don't know why we bother having a nuclear deterrent when we are much more likely to be taken out by a digital first-strike. That's if the criminal gangs haven't comprehensively looted the entire country first. And the digital knowledge among the political and civil service leadership is pathetic, under trillion-dollar Cummings and the Government Digital Service (aka the Ministry of HTML). Our digital infrastructure is built on a quicksand of vulnerabilities and insecurity by design. The powers that be know it, and their response is always to blame the victims. I guess that's why hackers leave the politicians alone - they know it's the only thing that would provoke the negligent bastards to action.

Thomas PinkOne

Thanks so much NIST

This paper will help make my phishing emails much more effective

Best regards, A Criminal

Japan’s new PM makes e-government a key plank of his platform

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Re: makes e-government a key plank of his platform

Kudos for sticking up to your beliefs, Anonymous Coward

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Re: makes e-government a key plank of his platform

"Always enjoy good plank"

The 1970s called - they'd like their racist humour back

How do you solve 'disruption' at the UK border after Brexit? Let's call Peter Thiel! AI biz Palantir – you're hired

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The outfit with the toxic IPO and bogus technology? What's wrong with Autonomy?

Safety driver at the wheel of self-driving Uber car that killed a pedestrian is charged with negligent homicide

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Oh come on, what's the problem?

So the car killed a pedestrian. People who walk are not Uber's target market. In fact they're competitors. AKA targets.

Never mind that you can run Meet on any old computer, Google unveils specialised hardware for vid-chat plat

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Might pick some of this kit up cheap

When Google shuts down the service and surplus kit shows up on ebay. I'm betting on 6 months from now

Not content with distorting actual reality, Facebook now wants to build a digital layer for the world

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Facebook is going to have the world's biggest dataset on one particular life experience

They'll be able to write the book on the experience of being punched in the face

We want weaponised urban drones flying through your house, says UK defence ministry as it waves a fistful of banknotes

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Dominic Cummings will be rubbing his hands in glee

So much cheaper than redundancy payments for senior civil servants

Singapore to pay its citizens to wear Apple Watches

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This will decimate the birth rate

Financial incentives for prolonged bouts of vigorous wrist movement

Ever found yourself praying to whatever deity runs Microsoft Teams? You're not alone

Thomas PinkOne

Does that mean that, when I log into Teams

the seventy-seven redirect URLs that flash up in the browser are actually Teams transiting through Buddhist hells?

£2.5bn sueball claims Google slurps kids' YouTube browsing habits then sells them on

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Re: Oooh, follow-up case...

Google's EU data controller is a little old lady above a launderette in Luxembourg.

No, sorry, she's moved.

Thomas PinkOne

Not exactly a clean data set is not exactly a defence

"Yes, we are harvesting kid's data but we aren't guilty because we are not very good at it"

Brit MPs to Apple CEO: Please stop ignoring our questions about repairability and the environment

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Re: Easy way to get a response.

As in, "UK - didn't we used to have to give a shit when you were in the EU?"

Another week, another dual-screen phone, this time a T-shaped LG thingamy

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Fantastic! Finally, someone has solved the problem of ...

Erm ....

Up from the depths, 864 servers inside, covered in slime, it's Natick!

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Now we know what to do with unwanted nuclear submarines

And I don't want any of them

Howdy, er, neighbor – mind if we join you? Potential sign of life spotted in Venus's atmosphere

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“They have to cope with an environment that is a billion times as acidic as anything on Earth,”

I guess these so-called scientists have never tried Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisps. Ouch!

Infosec big names rally against US voting app maker's bid to outlaw unsanctioned bug hunting via T&Cs

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By all means make it illegal to find security holes

That will gift a monopoly on security research to ... criminals.

Vulnerability notifications will then come in the form of your entire business collapsing catastrophically without warning resulting in class action suits against you and possibly jail terms. But at least you'll have saved a few $ on not having to write or test secure code.

AWS is bursting with pride for its Arm CPU cores – so much it’s put them behind a burstable instance type

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Re: Just one question

Or just another chapter in the long lore of the Arm?

Bad apples: US customs seize OnePlus earbuds thinking they're knock-off AirPods

Thomas PinkOne

How can we be sure

that they were real CBP Officers?

Brit mobile network EE follows O2 by ending trading relations with retailer Dixons Carphone

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Re: Carphone Warehouse

"there is nothing to stop you buying a phone from them and using it in your car"

No rotary dial. No wired handset. No direct connection to Commissioner Gordon. No thanks

Thomas PinkOne

Carphone Warehouse

They aren't warehouses and they don't sell carphones. Might as well call themselves Horseless Carriage Electric Telegraph Emporia. At least they'd attract the steampunks

Vinyl sales top CDs for the first time in decades in America, streaming rules

Thomas PinkOne

Re: But surely ...

Thanks for the answer.

I got downvoted for asking a genuine question to which I did not know the answer. You got downvoted for answering it. How odd

Thomas PinkOne

But surely ...

Selling 2nd hand CDs is a breach of copyright? The rights holders make no money from the sale

Wow, you guys have so much in common: Oracle hotly tipped to power TikTok’s operations as Microsoft deal rejected

Thomas PinkOne

I am totally against

insecure products sold by a totalitarian regime run by a malevolent dictator. But enough about Oracle ...

Another month, another cryptocurrency exchange hacked and 'millions of dollars' stolen by miscreants

Thomas PinkOne

Definition of cryptocurrency

A method of defrauding money from people who mistakenly believe they understand both finance and technology

UK and Japan agree to free trade deal that excludes data localisation requirements

Thomas PinkOne

Deal worth £15-30billion

So, almost one third of a Covid mooonshot?


US military takes aim at 2024 for human-versus-AI aircraft dogfights. Have we lost that loving feeling for Top Gun?

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Re: computers will be used for low-priority work

Hah - I suppose you think humans generated QAnon

Cops called to Singapore golf club after 'wrongdoers' use scripts to book popular timeslots

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Punishment would be overkill

Isn't it enough that they have signed up to play golf? Have you no mercy?

Ireland unfriends Facebook: Oh Zucky Boy, the pipes, the pipes are closing…from glen to US, and through the EU-side

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Re: "does this prevent people accessing it from the US? "

da-tum da-tum da-tum da-tum da-da-da-dee-da da-tum

Thomas PinkOne

Re: is remote access allowed?

Even if a Facebook staffer in Eire copies the details from a screen, and then whistles them in morse code down a transatlantic speaking tube, it's still transfer of data. The law is about data, not technology

Microsoft to charge $200 for 32 GPU cores, sliver of CPU clockspeed, 6GB RAM, 512GB SSD... and a Blu-Ray player

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Re: Can we finally just accept that these are PCs in all but name now?

Well, if the question can be answered by the answer to another question (Would this make a spiffy little Linux box?), then, Yes.

As Amazon pulls union-buster job ads, workers describe a 'Mad Max' atmosphere – unsafe, bullying, abusive

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Re: corporate employee or fulfillment center associate


Thomas PinkOne

Re: corporate employee or fulfillment center associate

The current Health and Safety regime, and workers' rights to unionise, are pre-Brexit. The Johnson regime intends to roll these rights back. Amazon US today is a preview of Amazon UK tomorrow

When low-balled projects go bad: Scottish pensions agency starts £10m procurement to buy the system Capita could not

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How hard can it be ...

... to be an auditor?

"Capita was not able to provide a working system and did not achieve any of the project milestones. This was a main contributor to the project failure," the country's auditor general said.

Oh, really?

Intel screams Tiger Lake is 'world's best processor' (then quietly into its sleeve: for thin Windows, ChromeOS laptops)

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Re: What's wrong with "times"?

My times wife said it all the x

Samsung reveals new folding stuff for people who like flaunting wads of folding stuff

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Re: Ooh look!

The Microsoft thingie is 2 phones stuck together. This is 2 phones that have conjoined. The only question is, when they reproduce, will Samsung bill you £1700 for each of their spawn

Thomas PinkOne

Good point

I will add 'double as a glasses case' to my requirements

Thomas PinkOne

I will buy one when it can also

Toast very small sandwiches

Press trousers for pixies

Act as a robotic PacMan toy

Punch holes in A4 paper

Crimp the edges of Cornish pasties

UK govt: It's time to get staff back into the office! Capita: Hey everyone... about that...

Thomas PinkOne

I work from home

The office space I have provided for myself is so poor that I have decided to go on strike against myself until I improve things.

Down with the boss class!

Workshy layabout!

The only way out of this impasse is arbitration

What a time for a TITSUP*: Santander down and out on pre-Bank Holiday payday

Thomas PinkOne

Re: I think I know what happened

Sure. I'll make the cheque out to Anonymous Coward.

Thomas PinkOne

I think I know what happened

This part is true - I contacted them the other day and asked them to close my account.

I assume an employee then hit Close All instead of just Close, and went on to click Yes in the 'Are you sure?' dialog. I mean, who hasn't accidentally deleted millions of customer accounts at least once in their career?

I asked for any money remaining in my account as a cheque. With any luck, one for £eleventy-billion is on its way

Palantir: Never made a profit, we do something with family-separating ICE, we just lost $580m – please join our IPO

Thomas PinkOne

Re: Bait for some corporate mega-sucker

I clearly don't understand finance because I struggle to see the attraction of investing in a company that promises to be both evil and unprofitable indefinitely.

Here's a neat exploit to trick someone into inadvertently emailing their files to you from their Mac, iPhone via Safari

Thomas PinkOne

Friends don't let friends use Safari.

They point them in the direction of a safe, secure, privacy respecting browser like ....







The truth is, honest people need willpower to cheat, while cheaters need it to be honest

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Obligatory link: Studies of brain activity aren't as useful as scientists thought

"Hundreds of published studies over the last decade have claimed it's possible to predict an individual's patterns of thoughts and feelings by scanning their brain in an MRI machine as they perform some mental tasks.

But a new analysis by some of the researchers who have done the most work in this area finds that those measurements are highly suspect when it comes to drawing conclusions about any individual person's brain."



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