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Nokia N97 price skyrockets


Well At Least You're Not In Ireland...

Play.com don't reflect the current pound/euro exchange rate so the phone is likely to cost $40 more if you pay in euros for delivery to Ireland. Expansys here in Ireland are even worse - currently quoting €844.99 for the N97 which works out at £757!

I can't see Nokia intervening here - they never have before and this isn't the first model on which outrageous markups have been taken.

Skype comes to mobile (almost)


Close but no cigar for Ireland

Well, while the IM bit works in Ireland the voice part doesn't as there is no Irish service number set up yet. Meanwhile the 3 Skype client lacks support for instant messaging unless you are using the dedicated 3 Skypephone. It would be nice if Skype and 3 had worked more in concert on this, specifically if the 3 client supported instant messaging like the Skype client does and/or if the Skype client could be used with the 3 service number for voice for 3 customers.

3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees


X-Series & Unlimted Broadband Addon

The USB modem users are not the only ones experiencing huge problems with this 'service'. Both the X-Series customers and the Unlimited Broadband addon phone customers are also being denied services yet still being charged. See http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t= for more details.

A couple of weeks ago, Three Ireland instigated port blocking on their network to prevent any access using any third party applications. I can only assume this was a cynical attempt to free up some bandwidth to improve the USB modem users experience.

In any case, this move certainly brings into question what Three Ireland in fact mean when they use the term 'unlimited' and flies in the face of their own definition of X-Series which states 'what’s free to use on the internet should be free to use on mobile broadband'.

Fring is FREE, the MSN Live Symbian client is FREE, Tinytube.net is FREE, the Voipbuster java applet is FREE meanwhile X-Series from Three Ireland is anything but free.

Those who Three Ireland have already let subscribe to the X-Series Gold service can not even complete registration for Orb as a UK phone number is required to activate the service. Just one demonstration of the total lack of regard Three Ireland treat their paying customers with.