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ANPR maker Neology sues Newcastle City Council after failing to win 'air quality' snoopcam project bid


There are certainly flaws

Very interesting..... would be interesting to see how this progresses. Does the court papers give any hint as to who was the cheaper proposal since quite a few comments revolve around the cost of the tech? There is obviously quite a few comments here about this company, Neology, suing simply for the money but do we know if they had the cheaper price?

BTW - has anyone heard about how the London Congestion Charging ANPR cameras are unable to read the latest "2020" style new number plates.... OOPS! It seems this tech has some wider flaws - not sure if they are involved here too...... perhaps a new article here for you Gareth after your recent run of articles about this type of tech....whilst Covid levels are down, surely with the Mayor making so much of transport / emissions and increasing the congestion charge fees recently, it would seem unfair if those with the means to invest in new vehicles at this time would be able to avoid paying their daily congestion tax!


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