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Blighty's nuke-power push stalled as EDF buy falls through

Nicolas Fanget

@Channel Island AC

"Your English is very good for a Frenchie."

Thank you! Probably comes from working in the UK for ~10 years.

"Cap De La Hage often flush their waste into the English Channel (not French, it belongs to ENGLAND) and the Channel Islands are radiated"

Have you noticed how the Channel Islands are VERY close to Mont St Michel? Do you really think that is done on purpose 'coz the Channel is English (it's not as far as I'm aware, but we're not going to start a war on that are we?)? Screw ups/bad practice happen everywhere, but the French nuclear power stations have the best record for safety in the world. Nuclear energy isn't even a great idea for electricity (waste and all), but for now that's all we have (in combination with renewables).

"The French can't do wine,wars or women - why do you think the English would trust them with our electricity supplies ?"

I don't drink or fight, and my wife isn't even European, so I couldn't care less, but I fail to see the link with nuclear power. After all, most of Europe relies on Saudi Arabia and Russia for oil and gas, believe me I'd rather trust the Auld Enemy!

"Remember Waterloo?"

I do, I took the Eurostar a few times from there, but I'm looking forward to using St Pancras. Unless this was a none-too-subtle way to refer to a 19th century battle lost by the French in order to say "we pwn you!" and wag a virtual forum willy?

iRSI: Something else to add to your health woes

Nicolas Fanget

Thieves and charlatans

That's my opinion of chiropractors. I took my wife to a registered chiro for her back, we had to go back every week at £20 a pop for "re-adjustments" that take ~5 minutes. £700 later still not better so sent her to the NHS physio, who was wonderful, even researched her sport (she's an athlete my missus) to make sure she was giving her the right advice. And free! Although you do have to wait a bit (as it was not urgent), best professional we came across.

And I'd like an explanation from chiros for this: if you look after yourself (sport, yoga, pilates etc), how do they justify their claim that everyone should get "re-adjusted" regularly (I think they recommend monthly)? Basically their point is: if you don't exercise, chiro can replace it for your back, if you do exercise, you stress your back and therefore need chiro. Talk about circular thinking!

Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs

Nicolas Fanget

@AC "livingstone is a disgrace"

You wonder how Red Ken was "allowed" to run London: he was elected fair and square. Do you have a problem with democracy? Or are you in favour of it only when it's the "right kind" of democracy? Is that why you're posting anon?

I sure as hell think he's a much better bet as mayor than toff Boris, hope he never gets in...

Long lunching Luddites show world how to do IT

Nicolas Fanget

@Aid... for French industry by Anonymous Coward

Because American "aid" (for example) is different? At least when the French gov gives money (not a lot, I know) to fight HIV in Africa they don't demand "abstinence only" schemes.

Nicolas Fanget

Go France!

I dare suggest we might need a French icon? I'd vote either for the French flag or a clove of garlic.

Orange UK's chief exec gets shuffled

Nicolas Fanget

@ Anonymous Coward + others

I will modestly defer to the accumulated knowledge of all IT gurus and BOFHs out there

</brown nosing>

Which ISP would you recommend in London?

Nicolas Fanget
Thumb Down

Don't go there!

I'll grab this opportunity to warn everyone here how bad Orange can be, we've had no end of problems with our Livebox (more like Deadbox) and really bad connection to da interweb (1 week up, 2 weeks down on average, record being FOUR BLOODY WEEKS without connection) before being talked down to by incompetent and on occasion rude call centre people in India.

Now I'd understand it could be difficult to provide a good service in the Hebrides, but in London there is no excuse... They also buggered up our line somehow and the sound on the phone is horrible now.

Well they've lost good customers, me and all my relatives are moving to Tiscali, byebye Orange...

Mobiles give you brain cancer?

Nicolas Fanget

How about testicles?

Like I imagine most guys, I carry my mobile in my pocket, dangerously close to my reproductive organs. So following the "research" that shows the deleterious effects of microwave radiations, should we expect a stiff increase in the amount of testicular cancer? Likewise, are we going to observe a sharp increase in the amount of genetic defects in the newborn, Chernobyl-like?

At the Toyshop of Doom

Nicolas Fanget

the channel is smaller than the Atlantic

@ Adam Wynne

When will Brits realise the channel is narrower than the Atlantic? We garlic-munching continentals have NO interest in hurting the UK, we all have too much to lose in a globalised world!

Whereas your transatlantic friend will drop you like an old smelly sock at the first occasion...

PS: although I'm not in favour of weapons, war and all the like, at least the French government can nuke whoever they decide is a threat, without having to ring Washington first.


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