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UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'


Re: Or...

Ethereum isn't really decentralised and the gas fees are ridiculous so it definitely qualifies as a shitcoin.


A Disaster Waiting to Happen

He who holds the money, holds the power.

When (not if, because this has already been decided) the UK CBDC is implemented then every UK citizen still clinging on to the pound will have ZERO power. If the government doesn't approve of something you like doing or doesn't' want you to do something, all of a sudden your digital wallet will be frozen.

Dear Mr Green, you've had too much beer this week, you've eaten too much meat this week, you were caught doing 31mph in a 30mph zone, you were caught on CCTV at a demonstration, your ungreen diesel car has done too many miles this week, you've purchased too much sugary foods this week, you've had too many holidays by aeroplane this year, you haven't exercised enough this week, you owe us 52p tax, you haven't had a vaccine this week ......................

Digital payments (tracking/surveillance) will also be used in conjunction with facial recognition. Therefore, you could also be denied access to buildings, transport etc. This is already being trialled in China.

A 'Centralised' digital currency is also a massive target for hackers. Sadly those who will be fooled in to launching this won't understand the difference between a decentralised blockchain technology and a new shiny single point of failure coin. However, I'm sure an MP's mate (landlord at his local pub) is an expert on Shitcoins.

HPE hopes COVID-19 clouds will pass as UK limb's sales down for third year in a row


No Surprise

If you do not value sales people, do not pay going rates and avoid paying commission then you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what happens next!


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