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Bringing cakes into the office is killing your colleagues, says UK food watchdog boss


Great Distraction Susan

So Susan doesn’t want to do anything about nearly every processed supermarket product containing seed oils or massive amounts of sugar that’s making people ill or obese, so blames it on office staff?

Great distraction technique.

Apart from meat, fruit and vegetables, try buying something from your chosen supermarket that doesn’t contain toxic seed oils. Top tip, vegetable oil is not made from vegetables.

NHS England Palantir contract extension could result in further legal threats


Re: "Better understand their waiting lists and pressures in near real-time"

And so did all of the UK’s money!


The Real Use for This Data

“digital-profiling tools for the CIA and US immigration agency ICE”

All you need to know.

Swiss bankers warn: Three quarters of retail Bitcoin investors are in the red


Bitcoin or CBDC’s ?

So which one are you choosing, Bitcoin or CBDC’s?

This isn’t a joke, this is the reality. People are buying Bitcoin because they don’t want to be slaves controlled by the government’s CBDC. 105 countries are testing CBDC’s and governments want to attach it to digital ID’s and your carbon footprint.

This report is the continuing FUD to scare people away from Bitcoin adoption. The FCA saying it’s bad yet banks are buying loads of it.

Germany says nein to Qatari World Cup spyware, err, apps


Don’t Worry

Don’t worry, Gary Neville said he’s going over there to call them out on any wrongdoing.

CEO told to die in a car crash after firing engineers who had two full-time jobs


Who Has the Most Jobs?

Isn’t there over 600 useless MP’s that all have multiple jobs and never do the first one they’re supposed to be doing?

America, use Bitcoin instead of old-school money? Not likely, says Fed


The FED Are Not Fooling Anyone

The FED don’t like Bitcoin because they can’t go to war with it to defend the dollar.

Binance robbed of $600 million in crypto-tokens


Re: Explain to me how this is supposed to be better than the old way of doing things?

Bitcoin is a better than the old way of doing things, “crypto” is not.

Fiat = centralised

Crypto = centralised

Bitcoin = decentralised

Bitcoin worse for the climate than beef, say economists


Only Part of the Story

Isn’t it interesting how all these studies compare Bitcoin with other things they don’t agree with, like oil or beef farming?

Why didn’t they compare usage against the fiat banking system, tumble driers or Christmas lights, air conditioning or the aviation industry?

Ultimately the figures used in this study are incorrect. Claiming Bitcoin mining is worse for the environment than gold mining is laughable. These figures have been presented for many years.

The author clearly doesn’t understand that Bitcoin and crypto currencies are not the same. This basic flaw in his understanding undermines the credibility of any of the data presented.

Barclays inks multi-year deal with Microsoft, starts rolling out Teams



The only good thing about Teams is being able to set your status to “Busy”

US treasury whips up sanctions for crypto mixer Tornado Cash


Privacy Should be Protected

Let’s first note that illegal crypto transfers were only 0.15% of all crypto transactions in 2021.

People use mixers for privacy as most blockchains are public. You wouldn’t want your bank transactions public so crypto is no different.

Governments are banging the terrorism drum because they want to control everything. Why do you think 50% of cash points have been removed? CBDC’s are being trialled by 105 countries so governments will be able to track everything you’ve purchased and all of your movements. They don’t want people moving to crypto as it offers privacy.

DARPA study challenges assumptions about distributed ledger (and Bitcoin) security



More FUD from the US government. They are paving the way for their Central Bank Digital Currency.

Why don’t they release a paper on how many times the centralised banking system has been hacked?

US brings first-of-its-kind criminal charges of Bitcoin-based sanctions-busting



Isn’t it funny how the US prosecutors love making these Bitcoin cases public but we hear very little of the massive amount of fiat money laundering that goes on by the big banks?

0.15% of illegal activity uses crypto.

3-5% uses US dolllars.


Coinbase CEO says everything's OK after SEC filing gives netizens the jitters


Re: At some stage

So you think 9% return against inflation of over 10% is a hedge!

Interesting maths.


Re: At some stage

Unfortunately all 3 of your statements are incorrect. I noticed you gave zero evidence to prove your statements.

HEX went up 10,000% in 2 years and if you held Bitcoin you received it for free.

I didn’t say that I think Bitcoin will go up 12,800% again.

I’m very happy and I’m most definitely not broke.

I’m also not blinkered enough to keep ignoring investments which offer life changing wealth. It’s like claiming Bitcoin isn’t an inflation hedge in the middle of a market crash. There are no hedges at that point. Inflation was talked about over 2 years ago. Bitcoin is up 237% in 2 years. If people think that’s not a hedge they don’t understand maths.

Have fun staying poor.


Re: At some stage

Tell me you have no Bitcoin without telling me you have no Bitcoin.

As you’re the font of all financial knowledge why not share with us what is the best unconfiscatable asset available that can give a 12,800% in 7 years?

All the thumbs down are from Nocoiner’s.


Re: At some stage

You can’t compare centralised “companies” against decentralised software.

Centralised companies are a single point of failure. It’s also the reason why all currencies have failed over time.


Re: At some stage

All investments are down. All markets have crashed. Peoples pension portfolios are down. Netflix is down 64%. So what you’re saying is you don’t have any Bitcoin and you haven’t looked at the liquidity shortage on exchanges. Do some research on how much Bitcoin is not moving from cold storage. Bitcoin is the world’s best performing asset over the last 10 years.

People are buying gold and Bitcoin because they know CBDC’s are coming. If you have no assets, you have no power. We saw what happened to the Canadian truckers bank accounts. The only way to be self sovereign is to be your own bank.

Also remember, Bitcoin is not crypto currency. The word crypto has been banded about by those wishing to promote centralised Altcoins. Bitcoin is the only decentralised asset.

Cryptocurrency laundromat Blender shredded by US Treasury in sanctions first


Re: Misinformation Campaign

US Treasury report says different.


Obviously your reading skills are bollocks.



Misinformation Campaign

3 - 5% of fiat currency is used for illicit activities.

Only 0.15% of crypto is used for illicit activities.

The banking system misinformation campaign is working well.

We can’t have a new banking system where the peasants can control their own money otherwise we become irrelevant. Let’s blame everything on crypto.

Don't hate on cryptomining, hate the power stations, say Bitcoin super-fans


Re: Distraction

Bitcoin’s total transaction value in 2021 was 20% more than Visa. Therefore I believe your view that people are getting more benefit out of tumble driers is incorrect. This was Bloomberg’s findings but doesn’t include all other Altcoins.

Bitcoin uses 58% renewable energy. The U.K. only produces about 39% renewable energy and the that number is falling rapidly due to the unfavourable weather.

Bitcoin uses less than half the energy of the banking system or gold industries.

Bitcoin is a digital store of value better than gold. Instant transactions can be run on Bitcoin rails, utilising the Lightning Network, which is better than the banking system.



The energy distraction narrative is working perfectly.

Bitcoin energy consumption is less than the banking system, less than gold mining, less than tumble dryers, less than Christmas lights.

Look at what they’re doing, not what they’re saying.

Datacenters in Ireland draw more power than all rural homes put together


Energy Consumption is BAD !!

This is the new narrative the mainstream media is belt feeding to everyone.

Energy consumption is a good thing, otherwise we’d all still be living in caves. However, the narrative is that green energy from wind and solar is what we need because rich land owners have incentivised their politician and media friends to say so.

No mention of nuclear energy for years though? Isn’t that funny. Oh yes, it’s because we can’t get subsidies off every single person who pays an energy bill.

The media were told to start a witch hunt against crypto mining, now it’s data centres, next it’ll be tumble driers and Christmas lights.

Let’s blame the energy “users” as it distracts from politicians choosing to adopt green energy solutions that don’t work but make maximum profits for them and their mates.

US warns North Korean Lazarus gang rising against cryptocurrency outfits


Blinkers On

Awaiting the comments from the Boomers and Nocoiners.

Intel commits to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040


Re: It’s a Scam

So you haven’t done any research then.

It is the climate modellers and meteorologists, even with their super computers, who said it was impossible to model.


It’s a Scam

Intel won’t be net zero. They’ll outsource all their emissions to other entities. The U.K. government has done exactly the same. They claim they’re lowering emissions by stopping oil, gas, coal etc. extraction but are then importing it which uses infinitely more fossil fuel to transport. Drax power station can’t burn coal but can import thousands of trees from the US to burn. How are they getting to the U.K., by battery powered ships, no by some of the worst polluting vessels on the planet. It’s a scam.

Yes Bob the greenhouse gas nonsense is a hoax. Even if we stopped using all fossil fuel today we have no idea if it will have any effect. If we could jump forward to 2070 we wouldn’t be able to measure the difference. The climate is so vast it is impossible to model.

Isn’t it funny that “no” government is telling anyone to use less energy or buy fewer things. If governments really wanted to lower emissions then lowering consumption would be the guidance. However, that would mean telling the truth.

Europe advances crypto-coin regulation – without potential ban on Bitcoin



If energy usage is so important why aren’t there calls to ban tumble dryers and Christmas lights?

UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'


Re: Or...

Ethereum isn't really decentralised and the gas fees are ridiculous so it definitely qualifies as a shitcoin.


A Disaster Waiting to Happen

He who holds the money, holds the power.

When (not if, because this has already been decided) the UK CBDC is implemented then every UK citizen still clinging on to the pound will have ZERO power. If the government doesn't approve of something you like doing or doesn't' want you to do something, all of a sudden your digital wallet will be frozen.

Dear Mr Green, you've had too much beer this week, you've eaten too much meat this week, you were caught doing 31mph in a 30mph zone, you were caught on CCTV at a demonstration, your ungreen diesel car has done too many miles this week, you've purchased too much sugary foods this week, you've had too many holidays by aeroplane this year, you haven't exercised enough this week, you owe us 52p tax, you haven't had a vaccine this week ......................

Digital payments (tracking/surveillance) will also be used in conjunction with facial recognition. Therefore, you could also be denied access to buildings, transport etc. This is already being trialled in China.

A 'Centralised' digital currency is also a massive target for hackers. Sadly those who will be fooled in to launching this won't understand the difference between a decentralised blockchain technology and a new shiny single point of failure coin. However, I'm sure an MP's mate (landlord at his local pub) is an expert on Shitcoins.

HPE hopes COVID-19 clouds will pass as UK limb's sales down for third year in a row


No Surprise

If you do not value sales people, do not pay going rates and avoid paying commission then you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what happens next!