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De-identify, re-identify: Anonymised data's dirty little secret

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The only people who would then be prosecuted are those researching and exposing how easy it is re-identify data. How do I know that?

The Register speaks to one of the designers behind the latest Lego Ideas marvel: A clockwork solar system

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The Antikythera mechanism! But can it predict eclipses?

AI caramba, those neural networks are power-hungry: Counting the environmental cost of artificial intelligence

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Re: More data !=better models

Some day Mommy won't be around to spoon feed the the b-AI-by.

Epic Games asks for Apple's help to put South Korea's alternative app payments law to work

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What about Google? Aren't Apple and Google still in lockstep on keeping Fortnite out until Fotrnite drops it's own paysite?

Why we abandoned open source: LiveCode CEO on retreat despite successful kickstarter

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As long as the Scottish Board of Education will fund this, then LiveCode ltd. should be OK.

Unless the Scottish Board of Education realizes they would be better off using Python for free.

GitHub merges 'useless garbage' says Linus Torvalds as new NTFS support added to Linux kernel 5.15

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> "What is the fastest path to solid code? Is it to continue staring at your private branch to seek out every last bug, or is it to publish it as-is, whereupon the many eyeballs will immediately see that last stupid error ..."

We'll see what MS has to say about that ... cue Windows 11.

Apple to let reader apps steer users towards out-of-App-Store purchasing following Japanese watchdog probe

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We'll have to wait for a while to see the effects but I think it is a major change. The bulk of generated revenue comes from just a few app makers, and the difference in bypassing Apple's paywall will be worth it for those few and their customers. For the rest, it is not so clear.

Perl's Community Affairs Team chair quits as org put on ice by code language's foundation

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Let's have a Turing Machine race to decide.

Microsoft wonders if disabling just-in-time compilation of JavaScript improves browser security

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Re: Cunning like a fox

Not much help if you can't enable it per site.

For my selfish usage patterns, at least.

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns

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The actual law enforcement budget for following through on child porn leads is not nearly enough to keep up with all the evidence already assembled by volunteers who infiltrate paedo groups on the internet. It's just a few million dollars for the whole USA.

What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell

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I became familiar with big-O in the 80's, and I hadn't heard of "order of" so I was curious and looked on Wikipedia.

> In the 1970s the big O was popularized in computer science by Donald Knuth, ...

> ... The big-O originally stands for "order of" ("Ordnung", Bachmann 1894),

So just how old are you? :) No really - I think like all language there are dialects.

AWS gave Parler a chance, won't say if it talked to NSO before axing spyware biz's backend systems

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Re: The two are not equivalent

Once AWS knew about it - then for them to continue permitting it *might* have led to civil suits, criminal charges, and even congressional hearings. Not to mention the bad publicity.

Teen turned away from roller rink after AI wrongly identifies her as banned troublemaker

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Re: Using it wrongly

The odds are vastly different.

Every entrant is scanned by the camera. So the probability of being picked up is higher.

The there is the probability that the image identification will be accepted just because it was offered.

A 97% "match" is a vague measure.

Researchers warn of unpatched remote code execution flaws in Schneider Electric industrial gear

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Called Firewall for a reason.

I had some regular work it at various semiconductor manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, and without exception the machinery would be connected only in isolated networks - e.g., only machines of the the same supplier. Supplier personnel going in the factory gates had to have laptops and discs scanned for viruses, and the disc usage in Mb was recorded, and then checked again on the way out to make sure it was nearly the same. While the limited connectivity was useful, the gate checks were more of a formal show.

I wonder if Japan's Renesas chip plant was isolated as it should have been?

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous

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A "new condition" old phone, a "refurbished" old phone, or a "used" old phone?

Nowadays you can't change the battery easily yourself, and it will cost ~100 currency units to replace it, so I wouldn't consider a "used" old phone unless "repairing" was an enjoyable experience for me.

This year I bought a "new condition" old phone - Motorola 2020 g8, which is only old because the 2021 model is already out. A 5000 mAh battery and only 157 currency units.

Actually bought it to use instead of a Garmin cycle computer, the cheapest of which is around 200 to 300 currency units.

IT management biz Kaseya's VSA abused to infect businesses with ransomware

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Re: Ghost Guns

For the 3D printer gun (XXXmakersXXX)-> users this is closer to a nomination for the Darwin Award than anything I particularly fear.

IBM's 18-month company-wide email system migration has been a disaster, sources say

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Ordinary words like "using" or "trying" are a waste of time.

Leveraging power/money/prestige/inside-information/... will make you successful, and if you are not leveraging yourself upward, then you are being leveraged out.

Samsung commits to 5 years of Android updates... for its enterprise smartphone users at least

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Re: No thanks

"Nanny-ized" - exactly! It is truly horrifying.

Shareholders give Toshiba chairman the boot following foreign investor voting scandal

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The problem for Toshiba OBN and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is that Toshiba accepted the investment money in the first place.

From another perspective, Toshiba's problem was getting involved buying Westinghouse and its modern design AP1000 nuclear program in the US, which after over a decade and billions in investment in half finished plants went belly up in 2017 without a single reactor running - pushing Toshiba over the edge at the same time. Other than the decision to invest in Westinghouse, none of that was Toshiba's fault or under their control. China picked up the pieces and now of course have 4 AP1000's running online, and have begun on the AP1400's.

Google creates 'optimized' Android for one smartphone — that will only be sold in India

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What sort of data limits are those users operating under?

What you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11: It will run Android apps

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Re: So will this be the full Windows that runs on mobile?

I thought MS already tried that and abandoned it. Was it Windows 8?

Facebook, academics think they've cracked spotting deepfakes by spotting how they're generated

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So a deepfaker needs to check their work against the most popular deepfake detectors and fiddle until undetected.

Deluded medics fail to show Ohio lawmakers that COVID vaccines magnetise patients

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> I wouldn't want to be seen by her.

That's the bottom line isn't it. There is a real danger she will not follow the rules because she thinks she knows better. Just like the pharmacy employee who took vaccines out of the fridge so they would spoil overnight - putting them back the next morning. Nabbed!

Anyway, if she can't take vaccines she shouldn't be a nurse - wrong job - it's a health risk to others.

FTC approves $61.7m settlement with Amazon for pocketing driver tips

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Re: Give all tips to staff

While recruiting, they advertised drivers would keep the tips. Wages levels are a separate issue.

Photographer seeks $12m in copyright damages over claims Capcom ripped off her snaps in Resident Evil 4 art

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Capcom is listed as having $850 dollars million in revenue, $318 million in profit. This shouldn't be too painful, they won't go belly up.

SK Hynix admits to DRAM defects, smacks down rumour it botched big batches

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I doubt they "forgot" to test. Rather they relaxed standards a bit as the component shortage has relaxed buyers standards.

Apple: We didn't take commission on 90% of App Store sales and billings

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I have zero background knowledge about this, but I am curious about how Epic prices it's games on different platforms. I can see on the website www+epicgames+com/store/en-US/ that the game "Red Dead Redemption 2" currently costs $40.19. The site FAQ says "The Epic Games Store is a curated digital storefront for PC and Mac".

I am curious - before being banned, did Epic set the Android/iOS price to cover the extra charge = $57.41? Or do they for some reason keep the price the same on all platforms?

Another question - why does the fact that iOS and Google both charge 30% not bring about a claim of price fixing? (Of course it needs to be proven.) The fact that there is no competition seems to be the root of the problem.

Seagate finds sets of two heads are cheaper than one in its new and very fast MACH.2 dual-actuator hard disks

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Re: Is this new?

I searched for a link couldn't find it. Can you?

WD has been developing 2-actuator in competition with Seagate since at least 2019:

"Western Digital to Demo Dual-Actuator HDDs Next Week: Double the Actuators for Double the Perf", Anandtech, March 2019.

Apple sued in nightmare case involving teen wrongly accused of shoplifting, driver's permit used by impostor, and unreliable facial-rec tech

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Nope - warrants for arrest in multiple states were issued under the assumption the person in the picture matched the name.

Who gave dusty Soviet-era spacecraft that unwanted lick of paint? It was an idiot, with a spraycan, in Baikonur

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Re: Soviet tech..

Concorde flew to both Washington DC and NY, among many international destinations. However, even when all other routes had been shut down due to unprofitibility and noise, the NY route was the last remaining. ["Concorde", britannica (dot) com].

The reason the US abandoned govt sponsorship of the SST is because it was recognized and acknowledged early that it would be an economic failure. In the meantime Boeing developed and sold a lot of 747's, making a huge profit.

There were complaints about the Concorde's noise because it was noisy. The SST had the additional feature of being too noisy inside the aircraft - not good for luxury appeal.

Ex-US Navy fighter pilot MIT prof: Drones beat humans - I should know

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Re: Ummm, no.

"Only if you want to be the guy cleaning out the cum stains, the puke, the blood, the needles, and the litter."

It is urban areas where some already get by without cars where automated driving (when realized) will really take off. And I think the majority of in-city usage will be van/minibus vehicles carrying multiple passengers on overlapping routes (ride-share), for economic reasons. High passenger/day capacity means that more can be invested in sensors and on-board computing - those costs will always be a bottleneck.

It will also make economic sense for those vehicles to be designed with clean-ability in mind - seats that can be wiped down, no crevices for food to fall into and rot, etc.

BTW - I'm animal and proud of it. What are you?

Why Python's pip search isn't working: We speak to infrastructure director about ongoing traffic overload

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Surely it's >meant< to be for human search - the search box at pypi (dot) org serves that purpose adequately.

One possible reason it is not getting cleaned up from whatever automated scripts are using it is because it is non-essential usage which was coded to not abort on error. So the failure just takes a few ms more which nobody notices.

One server-side approach to fix it would be to not reply at all, so the client would hang until timeout. More likely to get someones attention.

Also, rewrite the pip program to remove the "search" command - although that wouldn't help with older versions which will be around for a long time.

India ponders why just three per cent of its broadband services are wired

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"... how to get 5G rolling in India, with access to street furniture as sites for small cells identified as an issue that needs to be better understood ...."

Two way to interpret this. I like the one where a furniture is put out on the street (sidewalks) under small cells, so that the necessary crowds for 5G to be economical will relax on the furniture and use their 5G.

The Microsoft Authenticator extension in the Chrome store wasn't actually made by Microsoft. Oops, Google

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Re: Epic

We're getting somewhere - the 30% is (mostly) supposed to represent what it is worth to the app writer and the user to have a trusted means of verifying apps.

Is it working though?

Twitter: Our AI image-cropping algorithm is biased toward White people, women

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“One of our conclusions is that not everything on Twitter is a good candidate for an algorithm, and in this case, how to crop an image is a decision best made by people.”

Just imagine all the hours wasted as user trieds to figure out where the UI for controlling the cropping was, and all the frustration that caused as it wasn't there. Needlessly.

Blessed are the cryptographers, labelling them criminal enablers is just foolish

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Re: Great Unwashed? Stupid?

"... but unfortunately an entire economic system depends on not fixing it"

I guess you are talking about the ransomware and other cyber criminal economy.

Nasdaq's 32-bit code can't handle Berkshire Hathaway's monster share price

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Re: "you have to make a decision about how to round to integer currency units"

> And it's a good job these rules do exist, otherwise it's a flawed system whereby money could be created out of thin air ...

Today's WSJ -

> Cryptocurrencies now equal the value of U.S. dollars in circulation.

Google will make you use two-step verification to login

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I was using "google auth (with the time based numbers)" on my main cell phone as 2FA to log in to Google on my desktop. But I didn't feel safe with that because I mount my phone on my bicycle and use is as sports GPS/ANT+ recorder without screen lock. So I moved "google auth" to another obsolete phone without a SIM card and on which I leave Wifi switched off always - it became a dedicate stay-at-home un-connect auth device.

Google response to that was to force me to use my main phone as an per-login-optional 2FA device. When I try to log in online, there is always an option to use my phone as a 2FA device, and that option is the default. I can select each time to use my offline "auth" phone, but if my phone ever got into the wrong hands the bad guy could use the phone as 2FA.

I use complex passwords, so it's not the end of the world, but it is a pretty stupid way to hobble their own 2FA.

Ex Netflix IT ops boss pocketed $500k+ in bribes before awarding millions in tech contracts

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"Unix Mercenary"? The man is obviously a highly functional sociopath. Bet there were some skeletons in his closet before he got the job.

CrackedNoggin Bronze badge

Re: This is why

This guy is a lowly egoriminal who broke the law. The smart guys get the law tailor made to suit them.



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