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Re: Every time

"I don't give a hoot if you look at p0rn, but not during office hours please; we can't spare the bandwidth."

I can't actually recall whether that was said by me or by a friend. Either way, the person it was said *to* was high enough up the ladder that my(?) concern actually carried some weight.

Simpler (and more bandwidth-constrained) times...

C R Mudgeon

"... had a user ring up (legitamally) complaining of lack of disk space. Helldesk response - run a defrag."

I used to work on a system on which that might actually be good advice.

GCOS (Honeywell's mainframe O/S) had the concept of "temporary files", which would automagically go away on logout. Being temporary, they didn't count against your disk-space quota, which made them essential for users with tiny quotas, e.g. undergrad course accounts, to be able to get anything done.

The thing is, the file system was extent-based, and temp files could only have a very limited number of extents. As the file system became more fragmented, the maximum attainable temp-file size got smaller and smaller, to the point of being unusable for some purposes. Scheduled down time to defrag the disks was an every-couple-of-months maintenance task.

C R Mudgeon

Re: On helpdesk calls

The flip side of this: By the time I reach the point of calling Tech Support, I've already power-cycled the device several times, checked the cables, tried different cables, etc. But I've learned to just cooperate with good grace when the poor hell-desk flunkie asks me to do it again.

The most recent time was when my ADSL modem died. The extremely loud, extremely sharp crack of thunder coinciding (to within my nervous system's resolution) with the loss of connectivity, strongly suggested a real problem. But yeah, power cycle it for him, tell him which LEDs are lit.

After all, I know that I know what I'm talking about ... but he has no way to know that. (Besides which, rechecking the obvious can't hurt. I've made enough dumb mistakes over the years that I no longer quite trust my good opinion of myself.)


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