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Chromebook sales train derails as market reaches saturation


I love the chomebook. I bought it a few months old for 150 quid and I don't use my expensive laptop anymore. Acer chromebook 315. It is just a great browsing experience.

Chromebook sales in recession: Market saturation blamed as shipments collapse more than 63% in Q4


I bought a 15" one of these for peanuts. bloody brilliant little thing once you accept that Google already knows yours deepest personal secrets even before you ever touched a Chromebook.

Facebook: Let us tell you WhatsApp – we don't want to pay that €225m GDPR fine


Irish DPC is a joke and hopefully this fine will stop Dublin being used as a pirate's safe haven for Multinationals who don't respect the privacy of their Customers.

The fine is only set so high because the Data Protection Agencies of other EU. Countries applied pressure when Ireland's DPC initially proposed a derisory fine.

Ireland has set out it's stall to Multinationals and makes it clear to them... do what you please, disrespect E.U. laws, engage in arbitrage of any financial or legal laws and we will look the other way so long as you pay a little bit of corporation tax and keep buying overpriced office space in Dublin.

Workflow biz ServiceNow ServiceWows itself by beating Q4 guidance and posting hefty top line growth of 31% for FY2020


This product is the worst piece of sh!t which has been inflicted upon me since Lotus Notes.

SAP to list Qualtrics, less than two years after convincing it not to list


Don't think they are blundering around. They are undoing the damage done by Bill McDermott and control is back in Germany with the CEO taking his orders from the Founders. The product offering will become more coherent going forward.

The markets are very bubbly at the moment so it is a perfect time to get rid of this Qualtrics POS and the spoofer Ryan Smith who managed to convince McDermott to pay 8Bn.


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