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Pot, meet kettle: Google claims Australia's pay-for-news plan could see personal data put to nefarious uses


Hard to know who I favour here

Whining by Google (or Facebook, were it they) about government regulation is nominally a good sign - unfettered US-style capitalism is rarely good for the common man, as so many in the USA are now finding out. It's not always good to see government intervention, however, especially when one sees the same Murdoch-flavoured beneficiaries as is so boringly usual in Australian politics. However, I guess on balance if this sets a precedent that globocorps are held accountable in some way in Australia, perhaps it could yet be of benefit for mere mortal Aussies rather than just He Who Must Not Be Named and his sewage pumping stations.

Microsoft finally spills the beans on everything you need to know about its low-code platform, Dataflex for Teams


Re: Massively baffling

It's the Microsoft Access / Lotus Notes problem all over again.

Don't let people who shouldn't be designing tools, design tools. By all means involve them as internal clients or steakholders, but don't let them try and build the thing.

Ex-boss of ICANN shifts from 'advisor' to co-CEO of private equity biz that tried to buy .org for $1bn+


I feel like having the management of the global utility that is the Internet based in

a. a single country

b. a country with an unstable internal political situation

c. a country wherein the profit-seeking motive has been allowed to run rampant, to the point it has become a part of the culture and drives the political system

is essentially a dead-end. I would see the management of the TLDs brought under the control of a supranational organisation, or at the very least based in a country nominated after a supranational vetting process.