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Lash#Cat9: A radical new Linux UI for keyboard warriors


Reminds me of fig.io

I know there is a lot more going on here, but trying to make the prompt smarter is what Fig does.

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux


Humorously Scare People Away

The excellent Register humor will definitely scare people away from Linux here. That's probably a good thing. Linux is awesome, but no matter what distribution you use, the average user will more easily find support for Windows or MacOS. Linux is for people who like to break things. ChromeOS excluded. All our older family members should run ChromeOS on ChromeBooks so that nothing ever breaks.

The volcanoes on Venus aren't dead, say astroboffins, they're merely resting, pining for the planet's lava fjords


Thanks for the Python Reference

Always appreciated. Keep up the good work.