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Enormous HP box spotted from space



As a Peterboroughian (or 'Scum' as we're sometimes known) I can confirm that this package has been there for some time. Geoff Capes originally tried to deliver it when he was working for the Royal Mail in Peterborough, but the intended recipient not being at home, he tossed it over the fence into next door's garden. Unfortunately the Google maps resolution isn't high enough to see the multitude of red rubber bands he also left at the scene.

Phone with foldable e-paper display to get summer roll-out


Anyone remember...

...Earth Final Conflict the TV series.

They had phone gadgets similar to this one with folding screens, except they had:

Colour folding screen

Touch screen

Video camera

Looked much cooler in blue!

Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments

Gates Horns


"Microsoft today said that HD DVD remains the only format to deliver quality experiences at affordable prices"

What B.S.

I've not invested in either format but have kept an eye on the market for prices of hardware and media.

As far as hardware goes, the formats deliver a similar end-user experience.

I would expect a reasonable outlay to view Hi-Def films, and both format seem to have standalone players pitched at the £200-£300 mark in the UK.

As far as media goes, where films have been released on both formats, the prices have been very similar, if not identical.

If one format sold films at £12-14 instead of a rip-off £25 (considering the same film on DVD is usually less than £12), I would invest in that format.

UK gov superfast broadband summit decides... erm... nothing


Own Goal

I'd be careful of holding Virgin Media up as a paragon of ISPs. Upping the headline speeds to 50mbit is one thing, delivering consistent data rates is another. I'm on Virgin's 2mbit service and I still get wide variations in speed from day to day. From anecdotal evidence, 10Mb is supposed to be even worse.

Software developer sues to muzzle website users


...similar story with Dell and NTL/Virgin

Stifling criticism is nothing new. Dell shut down their forums after negative comments from users, as did NTL (now Virgin Media).

As an NTL customer I used to use the nthellworld.com forums, which NTL canned, it now just re-directs to the Virgin Media portal. A new independent website was set up at nthellworld.co.uk which now hosts the forums instead (and yes, Virgin Media employees do participate!).

Just goes to show: if something needs saying, people will find a way to say it.