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Brit retailer John Lewis to catapult 111 tech bods over to Capgemini weeks after dumping 244 on Wipro

The singer

A Reversal in Fortunes

Working for the John Lewis Partnership is supposed to be different, not anymore; being a co-owner is supposed to mean something; not anymore; employees are just cannon fodder to be bought and sold like any other commodity. 244 jettisoned to Wipro but at least Capgemini showed some honesty when they said 110 TUPE’d in, 80 redundant on the first day as the work is exported to India. The other 30 are redundant in March 2021. I know you will find this a bit strange but I didn't see that in the press release.

Our new leader doesn't know what 'and Partners' means in the adverts, it mean us stupid, and she is the chairwoman of a partnership. The terminology they use is also a bit strange we have all been split into 'lots' and have ‘town-hall meetings’ each 'lot' goes to a different trader. There is certainly a strange whiff here as the staff are sold off.

John Spedan Lewis, who created the partnership all those years ago, in his book first published in 1948 the same year the National Health Service come was born, "Partnership for All" wrote about his Thirty-Four Year Old Experiment in Industrial Democracy. Sadly the experiment has failed. Some of the management proudly stand up in front of partners, yes we are partners and co-owners not employees, and proudly tell us they have never read the book. A Chairwoman who does know what it means to be a partner and managers who cant be arsed to read the founders book; no idea what industrial democracy means and too busy evading their responsibilities to their fellow co-owners. You couldn't make this stuff up. The book is on Amazon (a PLC who are employing staff unlike the oxymoron's at the Partnership, who are selling off their staff) and listed at £252. Perhaps someone might want to let the board know so they can buy the book and God forbid, actually read it.

The Chairwoman has already said not all branches will reopen, 8 closures have been announced so far, more likely to follow. A reduction in selling space across the estate is expected later in the year; a guarantee of more staff to be jettisoned.

In a time of national emergency and make no mistake the COVID-19 pandemic has created a national emergency we all have to ask who can be trusted and relied upon. The John Lewis Partnership jettisons it’s staff, soon to be offshored and Morrisons finds a way of supporting its staff through difficult times. - bit of a no-brainer.

Of course if you are management things are different, two MDs recently left with £1M pay offs. Why cant I have the same; what makes me different, this after all is a partnership of co-owners. Seems we are all equal but some are more equal than others. Read a book about that once, watched the move as well. How thing never change. Boardroom parasites with their snouts in the trough.

There were two other MDs who left in previous years and each one got a pay off, you don’t need me to tell you how much do you? No, of course not you already know. One became Mayor of the West Midland, now you may not know this but one of the John Lewis branches to close is the landmark Birmingham store. Schadenfreude is alive and well in the boardroom.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020 the day The John Lewis Partnership and Industrial Democracy died.


I’m not bitter, honest guv, not me!


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