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Microsoft to kill off third-party printer drivers in Windows

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Re: Printer Features

surely you don't mean features like resolution. PostScript has has that problem solved for decades. so what super fancy features would not be supported by a generic driver?

It's time to mark six decades of computer networking

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Re: Now forgotten

no weirder than modern Unix emulating teletypes.

AWS teases mysterious mil-spec 'Snowblade' server

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Re: "due to the sensitive nature of the device"

why don't you loan me your server for a week. ;-)

Police use of PayPal records under fire after raid on 'Cop City' protest fund trio

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Re: Typical cop logic

are you arguing that without a training center the cops would just beat up folks downtown?

Windows XP's adventures in the afterlife shows copyright's copywrongs

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Re: What's the monetary damage?

the fbi warning predates the dcma by decades. so the dcma is not the reason for the warning.

Apache Superset: A story of insecure default keys, thousands of vulnerable systems, few paying attention

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you would have thought that the log4j fiasco would have yielded a bit more introspection. but you can understand how apache could maybe have thought, well that wasn't us... oh. right.

It's time to stop fearing CPU power management

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you are not required to run croudstrike.

Publishers land killer punch on Internet Archive in book copyright court battle

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this is a "with a computer" derivative argument.

with a physical book, it's hard to confirm the owner isn't making old fashioned photocopies. so agreed, the argument is lame.

Techie fired for inventing an acronym – and accidentally applying it to the boss

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we had one of those once. when we opened up the unibus drawer there was a hole in the wire wrapped Ethernet adapter big enough to put your hand through. this was due to a lightning strike.

CI/CD: Necessary for modern software development, yet it carries a lot of risk

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isn't the argument here "ci/cd scary so in conclusion, buy our product"?

Marketing company chases Twitter for $7,000 over 'swag gift box for Elon'

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Re: $800 for a cheese board and cheese?

were you trying to channel Bart Simpson,"don't have a cow, man"

Amazon mandates return to office for 300,000 corporate staff

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it's not always about the UK.

Salesforce woes continue as Twitter slashes spending with SaaS supermonster

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Re: Measuring software engineers productivity

I'm gonna code me a minivan. or at least a job.

The quest to make Linux bulletproof

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Re: Snap is a single compressed file,

the reason you don't want different libraries for each app is then n copies of libraries get paged in, wasting ram.

Musk says he ain't going anywhere as Twitter CEO until at least late 2023

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Re: Time frame not included

why is this a partisan us politics thing?

The Balthazar laptop: An all-European RISC-V Free Hardware computer

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Re: Odd designs

jonny come lately, eh? ed is the standard editor!

Watchdog: There just may be something in these claims Apple broke labor laws

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Re: Since retiring, and reflecting on my career

you can have an NDA, but on the other hand by law there are things you are expressly permitted to say. and the law trumps contracts such as an NDA.

for example a company cannot prevent a person from reporting a crime by welding an NDA or other contract.

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Re: Since retiring, and reflecting on my career

it's he said she said except the NLRB is investigating, which changes my assumptions.

since there are multiple instances being investigated, I'm not sure what an ad hominem based on the workers (presumed?) work location has to do with things. especially given that if the worker works in silicon valley, the company must be there too.

Microsoft shells out for 2.5GW of solar. Not that it'll make a big dent in its emissions

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Re: Just no

(kilo) watt hours are the industry standard for charging for power use. the article has power over time, if not quite in standard format, so I don't see anything here to get my nerd hackles up over.

and yes, i split an infinitive.

Wyoming's would-be ban on sale of electric vehicles veers off road

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Re: It's nearly impossible to ban consumer products in the US

that's a yard horse. good for moving trailers in a yard, but often not highway legal

Basecamp details 'obscene' $3.2 million bill that caused it to quit the cloud

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the s3 pricing calculator says 93 bucks a month. a download at the most expensive internet rate is 370 bucks. what service did you use that is 3x to 10x more expensive?

Microsoft to offer ChatGPT-as-a-service from Azure real soon now

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this is fine

what could possibly go wrong?

Amazon slaps automatic encryption on S3 data

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Re: Really?

in 2006? I'm pretty sure priorities were different then.

Twitter data dump: 200m+ account database now free to download

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> Twitter is a website


> The platform provides nothing of significant importance.

evidently, this is not correct. twitter is daily news.

> The same applies to all other similar platforms, it’s just a website, littered with paid advertising, who cares?

even if we accept that twitter is insignificant, how would this follow?

> If you’re posting PII to unimportant shitcunts infrastructure

i feel like i've not been smart enough to replying to Rage Itself. do chill out, even though i think you're wrong, and twitter is significant, it's certainly not important enough to rage about.

Non-binary DDR5 is finally coming to save your wallet

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Re: Let's get rid of this 1 GB = 1024 x 1024 x 1024 nonsense too then

this is wrong. a gbe Ethernet connection gives a full gibibit per second throughput. try it for yourself. SCP a giant file between two local gbe machines and you'll find that the throughout exceeds a gigabit.

Oracle clouds never go down, says Oracle's Larry Ellison

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Re: IaaS loves to blame the customer

> Myself I haven't been hosted in a data center(for work) that had a full facility failure since 2007.

you had me until this. that's just luck. good infrastructure management doesn't rely on luck.

AWS gives older EC2 instances a legacy lifeline

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Re: What's the goal?

there are a number of reasons an instance might notice

- the kernel doesn't have modern drivers.

- the kernel is built for a paravirtual hypervisor

- the kernel doesn't support newer CPUs.

- the application has race conditions and will lose on a newer CPU

i would be willing to consider continuing to use m1.medium in exchange for not having to do the testing.

San Francisco politicians to vote on policy endorsing lethal force for robots

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almost like London and Glasgow are neighbors. (similar distance).

Aviation regulators push for more automation so flights can be run by a single pilot

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i don't think ai is the solution, but i agree there is a huge number of things that need to be addressed before certifying automated flights, or single-pilot flights. because a single pilot can be incapacitated, all the problems of 0 pilot flight need to be solved for single-pilot flight, and additionally, you need to solve for single pilot problems such as mental health. and that's my only point.

btw, the failure in this case appears to lie with the meat computers on the ground who according to official reports are saying that fire trucks were not cleared for the runway, but clearly fire trucks were on the runway.

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i'm not taking issue with the fact that two pilots in the cockpit is a good thing, but...

autopilot and even autoland is significantly easier than self-driving cars. kids and dogs don't run out into the sky chasing balls. so i can't agree that "we can't make robot cars work" so it follows that planes are out of the question. autopilot has been a thing for decades, and full autoland since the late 60s. it's even trusted to land when pilots wouldn't otherwise be able to land.

due to human factors, i would think we are closer to 0 pilots being realistically safe, than 1.

NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages

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Re: C underpinnings

go is implemented in go, and does not use c libraries by default.

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Re: Greetings

Larry worked for NASA, not the NSA. there's a bigger difference than the single letter would imply.

Elon Musk shows what being Chief Twit is all about across weird weekend

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fake king James English. is that all the rage with trolls these days? that's literally more stilted than mocking in valley girl voice.

Elon Musk jettisons Twitter leadership, says takeover was 'to try to help humanity'

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yes, poor billionaire pushed around by the media. he's practically helpless.

Google submits Go apps container project to Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Re: Go won't survive

go has been around since 2009. and you didn't site any other google languages. don't get me wrong. google libraries/frameworks I've used tend to embrace breaking changes (guava!), etc. i just don't see evidence of the same for go.

Basecamp decamps from cloud: 'Renting computers is (mostly) a bad deal'

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Re: It's not just the cloud

capex locks you in. if you rent and decide you can get better value with different hardware, you can change in 10 minutes.

Rather than take the L, Amazon sues state that dared criticize warehouse safety

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Re: Key question

you compelled me to read up, and your claim is not substantiated by sources i can find, but subsequent court actions appear to affirm the note.

rating: misleading.

Digital Ocean won't let new customers create resources in four DCs, won't say why

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i think the surprise that El reg is expressing is that digital ocean bills itself as cloud but the concerns you mention are physical data center concerns, with no abstraction.

Linux kernel's eBPF feature put to unexpected new uses

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Re: Just do HID in userspace already

adding an ioctl requires modifying the kernel. not modifying the kernel is the point here.

Universal Unix tool AWK gets Unicode support

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Re: Still work in progress

if you can't wait, plan9port has a Unicode support in its lightly modified awk. has had for 20 years.

Network congestion algorithms have design flaw, says MIT

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Re: Duh

or maybe they were the names of the bsd distribution.that introduced them. also.there are tens of congestion control schemes with no obvious connections to places or gambling at all

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Re: Too many big buffers in too many nodes

DSL called. it wants 1990 back.

Microsoft asks staff to think twice before submitting expenses

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Re: M$ looks to be pinching pennys

that's exactly the implication that i get from the "think twice" statement.

Scientist shares spicy pic of 'James Webb' discovery

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Re: Nothing there...

sadly the universe is not infinite. sadly human stupidity and sanctimony might be. apologies to Einstein for the appropriation.

A character catastrophe for a joker working his last day

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Re: Do what?

slack asks just this if you add @here to your message (notifies everyone in the channel of a new message specifically for them).

Marriott Hotels admits to third data breach in 4 years

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Re: "red hat"

at my company all terms that contrast black and white are verboten. so black hat, and blacklist are bad but black holing is ok, but dev nulling would be preferred. racial sensitivity reasons.

just reporting the facts, not expressing an opinion.

Tweaks to IPv4 could free up 'hundreds of millions of addresses'

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Re: Please don't give the US cable companies more ideas.

in my area, cable (pronounced cab-al) is the only game in town. no fiber and DSL is another perhaps deader tech. as evidenced by DSL only friends who can't get speeds my company sets as minima for any price.

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Re: "Why would they need more addresses for internal use"

so to paraphrase, there's only room for another million public service endpoints across all cloud providers?

with the trend of ditching corporate vpn, only another million VDI instances would use that up. not to mention other uses.

Supreme Court urged to halt 'unconstitutional' Texas content-no-moderation law

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Re: Social Media sites should welcome laws like this

the post office doesn't offer broadcast services. can you name a pre-internet broadcast service that was required to let anyone broadcast anything?

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Re: Balkenisation?

i don't think the word "fact" means what you think it does.