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Disability law can protect alcoholic workers

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@Chris: Depression not an illness?

Try telling that to the person who physically can't get themselves out of bed, after having sleep 20 hours a day.

There are demonstrated problems with serotonin and dopamine producers and receptors in people with severe depression. It might be harder to detect on people with mild depression, but that's not to say it's not real. My personal opinion on it is that there is a feedback cycle. You get depressed, it alters your body chemistry. You alter your body chemistry, and you get depressed.

Depression isn't an illness? Sure. Paraplegia isn't real either, because people can pretend to be unable to walk.

Software developer sues to muzzle website users


False and Malicious?

Let's pull apart one of these so called "False and malicious" comments:

"I was put onto this forum recently after discussion with peers, about how frustrated, dissatisfied and ultimately ripped off I feel after purchasing 2clix earlier this year"

This comment deals with a person's feelings. I think 2clix will have have a very hard time establishing on the balance of probabilities that he actually didn't feel frustrated, disatisfied and ripped off. Proving he was feeling frustrated maliciously will be funny however.

" ... Our company has been trying to implement 2clix for sometime now and we are still in the implementation process and feel like we are getting nowhere fast."

Again, 2clix will have to prove that they not only did the poster have the software working, but did it quickly, and made that comment not out of truth, but out of malice.

Once they've proven that for at least one of the comments, they then have to prove that Whirlpool knew that the comments were false, were written maliciously and kept the comments on the site, not to support free speech, but to intentionally cause 2clix financial harm.

All I can say is good luck to 2clix, you've started to dig your own grave. Are you going to keep digging to prove us all wrong?