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Nvidia sees Huawei, Intel in rear mirror as it grapples with China ban


lol keep sipping the cool aid - say what you want about China, at least they don't enable other countries to commit genocide

Cisco delivers a powerup to its switches for small and medium biz


All of them having a direct line back to the US

and subject to all the buggy code that Cisco releases.

I still remember Huawei releasing their source code for inspection to alleviate security concerns ... and Cisco didn't ;)

US lawmakers want blanket denial for sensitive tech export licenses to China


Re: A Gazillion Dollar Question?

No - I think it's a code for America to be able to invade China if they so desire in the name of bringing freedom, democracy, the rule of law and all that other mighty fine stuff.

They also might happen to find some Weapons of Mass Destruction in China while they do all this - or they may just aid a genocide to take place.

You just never know with the US - I think it depends on how much money you can give them

Uncle Sam to tighten chip export chokehold on China... again


Re: What part of this...

If this is even true - you know Cisco does this too right?

Yes Cisco - the company that isn't willing to make it's source code open to scrutiny by intelligence agencies.


Re: What part of this...

Ah I like your tactic here AC - "I can't tell you what they've done because of National Security - just trust me bruv"

Source - "trust me bruv" lol


Re: So what do you do...

> You put country in jail? Laughable.

Try not to be deliberately obtuse dear chap - you're countering your own argument - No - you hold the leader of the country to account - you know the way that the Allies are doing to Putin now? Yeah - that kind of thing but holding the countries that took part in Iraq's invasion need to be held to account - and every day that doesn't happen it emboldens the participants to push far beyond their boundaries.

I can't be bothered to dissect the rest of your post - it's quite clear that neither of us will change our point of view and both of us think we're correct. However what is decidedly incorrect is how you think I am siding with China - I've quite clearly NOT done that - but you haven't agreed that the US has done some dodgy s*** as well - and that - is just hypocritical and something which I can't abide or condone so I choose not to interact with you any further.


Re: You're not following

- You did ask me how the Chinese went pass the 7nm milestone. Remember? So implicitly, you thought they did. More renegading.

I would like to refer you to YOUR comment in a previous post:

- I'm still waiting for a technical post regarding the plausibility of Chinese semiconductor firms to go pass 7nm with a decent yield and without EUV, near perfect optical and AI.

So YOU asked me if I knew - I said I didn't and I asked YOU if YOU knew - but let's not talk about that as it doesn't fit your narrative.

- Taking side for China under Xi is as smart as diving in the swimming pool to avoid the moist of the fog. Nothing to brag about.

I actually said all countries are s*** and do bad things - repeatedly - i.e. not just once - I said China does bad things and I invited you to the concept that America (being another country) has probably done some bad s*** as well ... to which you have not responded.

So a hypocrite along with being an AC.

I take offence to bullies as a whole - regardless of whose "side" they're on - and on this particular occasion it is my opinion that the US is being the bully - but as bullies do they don't come out and own it - they weasel and blame other factors and reasons - "security" etc - in fact pretty much the same noises that the US made years ago when Japan started to make LCDs - so the US has form in this regard ...


Re: Ridiculous...

Huawei was known a lot more for their network kit initially than their mobiles


Re: You're not following

So you're worse than I thought - you're only loyal to the US when it suits you.

You stand behind America when it suits you, then you're an individual person when it suits you.

Here's a fact for you - a country is defined by many people - it's what's called a one to many relationship.

As I've always said - all countries do dodgy s*** - all countries have jails - and those jails have ALL different nationalities in - did you know that AC?

As to your point:

> - Chinese haven't passed 7nm. Try to follow. This is El Reg, not your favourite Dazibao.

I didn't say they had - I frankly don't care if they have or haven't - it makes 0 difference to me - you care because you want to ensure the US continues its domination of another country - I don't care because .... I don't care and have no vested interest one way or another. There are many things in the world that happen which I have 0 ability to influence and are sufficiently out of my ability to influence that I need not worry abotu them - this is just another one of those things.

> - Land of Hope and Glory is a British song. Nothing to do with the US. Ever been to the Prom in the Royal Albert Hall?

So you know some history then! Yes indeed it is - as I mentioned earlier the history of actions towards the Native Americans and Native Australians (essentially the British) are quite telling within themselves .. although I know now they happened a very long time ago and therefor we should just conveniently forget about them as they don't fit the current narrative. However the point I was trying to make was to lump all the Allies in together ... as we all know the UK happily (at least politically happily) followed America into the illegal invasion of Iraq - oh - sorry - I forgot that we weren't supposed to mention that as well ...

To end with the same point I began with (disloyalty) - in the words of Denzel Washington in Training Day - "You disloyal m****** *******"


Re: Missing the irony again

> LOL. Like "TheInstigator" is not anonymous.

A lot less anonymous that AC

> The most I can actually do is publicly debunk crackpot theories, expose biases and lacks of understanding of the subject matter.

Not true - you could join me in agreeing that all countries do dodgy s*** - but you won't ;)

> I'm still waiting for a technical post regarding the plausibility of Chinese semiconductor firms to go pass 7nm with a decent yield and without EUV, near perfect optical and AI.

"still"? This is the first time you raised the point - I have no idea how they did it - that is not my area of expertise - but I'm sure a well planned raid by SEAL Team 6 and a few nuclear bombs will probably clear that mystery up for you PDQ hey? All you need to do is convince 'murica to press the button ...

Out of interest, do you know how they did it?

> But maybe that's... Chinese to you.

Not sure what this is really meant to mean apart from demonising THE ENEMY THAT MUST BE HATED!

So - we're all agreed then AC? America is the land of hope and glory and all things goood and the rest of the world is bad? Or is it just China that is bad? Or is it just Russia? Or is it just Syria? Or is it just Iraq? Or is it just Afghanistan? Or is it Libya? Or is it just Germany? (why did you feel you had to spy on the mobile phone belonging to the leader of an Allied country?), Or is it just North Korea? Or is it the UK because they won't get rid of the NHS and let all the American health care companies in (cause what a great system the American health care is!), Or is it just any other country that disagrees or goes against what the US wants?

Just for you I left one out which I'll include here for you - or it is 1940s Germany? ;) (I thought you'd enjoy that one)

You have a good day now and eat that peanut butter sandwich of yours - I hope you don't have a nut allergy you don't know about


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

.. and it appears as if I've been proved right ... history does indeed repeat itself ... the most you can impotently do is downvote posts which cut a bit too close to the quick for you, yet you can't bear to bring yourself to criticise what you know to be broken ...

You make a good drone sir - know your condition - as this is your condition you keep with yourself every day when you wake - you really do live up to your username - congratulations on that


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

Trust me - I'm in no pain.

Also - for the record - I'm not anti West or pro China (or any other country) - we're all human - we all eat and we all s*** - and no-one's s** smells of roses.

All countries do bad stuff - ALL COUNTRIES - "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" - remember that line by any chance?

You want me to say China's a bad country and does bad stuff? Sure China's a bad country and does bad stuff - guaranteed - now are you willing to say the same about the US and other Western countries?

I am willing to bet quite a lot of money your blind loyalty to a concept of the US which has long since died that you will not be able/willing to join/agree with me in the sentiment that every country (including the fabled US) does bad stuff


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

Well now you come to mention it - the US's treatment of the Native Americans has been rather admirable don't you think? Same kind of treatment the Native Australians received at the hands of the invading foreigners ... now is there any commonality there perchance?


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

I think the tipping point for Huawei was when they were set to eclipse Apple as the biggest earning company in the world ... cue the protectionism ...


Re: Here we go...

Well - I'm sure you'll agree with me is that one theme in human history from the dawn of civilisation is that humans don't learn - hence there are always repeated stories/issues

I feel very strongly that if America envisages China being that much of a threat, it should immediately launch all of its nuclear arsenal that it can spare at China and convince all allies to do the same.

Why would you allow your enemy to survive?


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

Oh - and shall we talk about Libya - Gaddafi not only killed but his son too ... and why was that I wonder - maybe because Libya was looking to be one of the first countries to settle a petro-chemical trade in a non USD currency?

No No No! Of course this was all done because Gadaffi was a bad person - and it's none of China's business now as well - so they should steer clear of it - I forgot about that bit!


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

Here's something to think about AC - in the prelude to WW2, one of the techniques of AH's rise to power was to use the concept of an "outsider" group to be the source of all the pain and woes of the great country of Germany ... which helped unite the people against a common enemy and to galvanise opinion/action.

It helped him rise to power - maybe - just maybe - the technique may have been used by the US?

BTW - you made mention in another thread of troubles with China's financial system - yes - it's pretty bad isn't it? You could say it's almost as bad as the $30.93 T (2022) that the US owes - oh wait - let's make it worse by just IMAGINING money into existance when required for any deal that we want to do ...


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

Oh - and I do believe Cisco has flat out refused to allow review of their code ... anything to hide perchance?


Re: Ah - so that's ok then ...

The more I read the above statement, the moronic I think America is - how else is the other party supposed to take it "Oh America loves me"?????????

I also seem to recall America being at pains to stress to China that they didn't want a war/mean any bad intentions at a previous point in time too - it's so stupid it's actually funny

Country A embargos/sanctions/imposes tarrifs etc on Country B, but says to Country B - don't worry - we're still friends


Re: Take a breath

Not sure why I've been downvoted for my comment - I mean - a 100% tarrif is pretty much the same as 10000000% tarrif right? It's the consumers (American) who pay and it's the (American) government who gets the money - hang on a minute!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally I'm glad China is now not the number 1 importer of goods to the US - the sooner the US gets away from complaining about "cheap/low quality Chinese tat" the better - China makes a lot of high quality stuff - but American importers don't make the same profit margins importing the expensive stuff that they do with the cheap tat - and cue all the complaints ....

Now you can complain about cheap tat from your new number 1 importer instead


Re: Why don't you just learn

So why is America whinging if it can get them from elsewhere?


Re: Resorting to whataboutism...

Anonymous Coward - when you put it like that you're totally right

It's nothing to do with China and America should be left to do what it wants unchecked right? Because America stands for truth, democracy, freedom and the rule of law right? Globally? Where was that for Iraq? Sorry - I forgot - none of anyone's business

Yes - that was a war - and Iraq was defending itself - but looking at it in another light it could be an invasion by the US possibly, but no one should get involved as it was just the British, Candians, Germans, Americans and a load of other countries against Iraq. None of China's business - got it

So I also get that America has to involve itself between Taiwan and China - because America said it would help Taiwan in case of any issues - and I get America has to get involved in Ukraine because they said that they'd help out the Ukrainians but then surely you get to the stage of Quis custodiet ipsos custodes - although surely this could never happen to America right, because America is the land of the free and the brave?

I meant the US itself was founded upon insurrection from the British right? Are you willing to come back under the subjecation of your superiors and admit the error of your ways?

On a related note - of all the claims of security issues with Huawei products - nothing has been found even after several security reviews done by intelligence agencies of Allied countries - maybe poor programming practices but nothing along the lines of malicious code - so why is there a persistent undercurrent that Huawei - and largely now - anything Chinese is bad? Could it be to do with protectionism and ensuring that America retains its global dominance? No surely not because America is magnanimous in sharing its wealth and largesse with the world right?

I could go on, but to be fair I don't think anything I'll say will have much effect on an anonymous coward


Re: This is a new thing...

Ok - you're right - let's be pedantic - why is the US complaining when China then decides to implement the requirements for licences to be given in order to export raw materials useful in the manufacture of silicon/integrated circuits.

Is that good enough for you or would you like to get more detailed?

If you understand the question, can you then answer the question? Or is the answer simply - cause it's 'murica and anything they say must be adhered to?


Re: This is a new thing...

You know what I mean - but by all means side step the point that I am trying to make


and what rules did the US break when they invaded Iraq and found 0 WMDs?

Actually bad example - we'll gloss over that because it was American safety and security at stake - so totally understandable

Oh yeah - and oil of course ...


Re: Since 2001 China...

Is that why the US are complaining when China slaps tarrifs on the raw products for semi conductors?


Re: Take a breath

You/The US needs to decide how far they are willing to go to preserve the safety and security of the US.

You do not need to have worked in mainland China for that - you just need to love the US and want the best for it - after all that's why you're proposing for 100% tarrif on everything from China right? Why stop there? Make it 1000% - more money for the Government.

It's like if you're trying to stop plastic bag use - making bags 10c each isn't going to do anything - make them 100 USD each and single usage will plummit


Ah - so that's ok then ...

"Washington has already given China early warning of the coming changes to the restrictions, Reuters claimed, in an attempt to avoid souring relations with Beijing as much as possible."

Could it be that this is the equivalent of a bully saying they're going to punch someone in the face, and therefore the victim shouldn't complain too much if it hurts?


Yes - totally agree here - I believe given the long term safety and security of the US is under threat, that a pre-emptive military strike (possibly nuclear in nature) must take place against the Chinese too - to ensure American safety and security.

I mean - US military intervention has worked so well everywhere else in the world, why not China?

China caught – again – with its malware in another nation's power grid


So let me get this right - you trust EU stuff?


Re: No need for China to infect the UK or other grids, they already have enough power

I must remember - the Israelis are our friends right?


Re: “..thought to have been”…”believed to have been”…

It's good enough to justify an invasion - I think justification normally takes about 45 minutes and involves a dossier

China identifies AI, optoelectric semiconductors, as challenges it wants to crack


Why broadcast this type of information?

I can't see why China is making their future direction public - all you're doing is giving a heads up to other countries on where next they can impose sanctions etc.

Just know where you want to direct your R&D and do it - you don't need to broadcast it to the world

China suggests America 'carefully consider' those chip investment bans


Re: Aren't we lucky...

So if anyone says any supporting words on China it's propaganda?

So everyone must only say bad things about China? So if I said they make good food, is that ok? because it's not about IT?

I'd like to know exactly how far/what I can say about what country in the universe you live in - it seems kinda Orwellian


Re: Trade

Maybe the DoD could ask the Chinese for help - I've heard they're quite good at 5G


Re: Trade

I want a hot war - one involving several nuclear weapons


> China will get old before it gets rich. Economic tofu dregs just like their buildings.

Glad to see racism is still alive and kicking

US govt IT help desk techie 'leaked top secrets' to foreign nation



I'm wondering if there is a department called "Military Systems - Department of State"? A throwback to technology of old ...


Re: Never trust people with foreign ancestors...

Doesn't that mean you shouldn't trust any Americans apart from Native Americans?

Uncle Sam is this keen to keep US CHIPS funds out of China


Does this mean Intel & GF should be put on China's entity list?

Given they develop stuff for the American Military?

Getting to the bottom of BMW's pay-as-you-toast subscription failure


RAS - Not Remote Access Server but ....

.... Rubbish As a Service

This is the natural extension of SaaS and also Tesla trying it on with selling various addons ...

When someone works out how to charge people for breathing that'll be the day they get really rich!

Probe reveals previously secret Israeli spyware that infects targets via ads


We can trust them - they're allies

Nothing to see here - carry on!

(Yes - I'm being sarccy af)

China kind-of-mostly denies it’s banned iPhones from use in government


What's good for the goose ...

... is good for the gander

Millions of mobile phones come pre-infected with malware, say researchers


Re: Non-Google Android


Washington left with chip on shoulder after Huawei exposes export loophole lapses


Re: This chip likely could not be produced without US technology

As I've always said - the only real (some would say final) solution lies in nuclear war/annihilation of China

If whoever America doesn't get along with gets nuclear annihilated I'm pretty sure you'll only be left with a world of friends to America, and they will all do as America wants.

Problem solved


Re: Funny that

The Americans aren't pretending - they are the good guys and saving the empire - the same way the British were when they had the empire ...


Re: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.....

Got it right - all you need to do now is wave the American flag


Re: Maybe it's time to clip the wings of a few hawks

Not to mention China have played the American card and banned all iPhones for Chinese government employees - now they're not even allowed on government premises!


Re: the decaying empire attempts to stop the tide coming in

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


Re: Rushed laws never work.

Given we're talking about America here, the home of the free and land of the brave, I think we can safely say that everything they do is with the mindset of keeping the world safe from harm and promoting freedom - so that's alright then.

There are also other ways to contain China such as wiping the entire country off the face of the Earth, interning all people of Chinese origin in camps for their own safety and security etc etc - where there's a will there's a way

The fact the US hasn't unilaterally taken military action against China is very telling indeed - I'm sure if every country in the world suddenly launched a nuke at China they couldn't hope to respond quickly enough - and that would ensure there's no more threat.