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When you see PWA, Microsoft and Google want you to think Programs With Attitude: Web app release tool tweaked


Re: Am I the only one

I'm not convinced by your argument. They still feel similar.

"Similarly, it's usually difficult to have one app suddenly start reading the resources of another app. That's unlikely to be the same for a web app"

This is what the same origin policy is for.

"Web apps tend to use a lot of libraries. Those libraries come from really nobody knows where"

Native apps also depend on libraries.

"Another issue is with privacy. Theoretically, analyzing network traffic from a web app isn't more complicated than with a native app. In practice, it's trickier."

Security through obscurity.


I've been developing a PWA for a few months now and I love the freedom it gives me. One of those freedoms is not having to pay fees to the App or Play store. I guess they're trying to *fix" that now.


Re: Am I the only one

My thoughts were the opposite. PWA's don't have as much access to the hardware as native apps. Even when they eventually do, how is this different from native apps now?

I like the idea of the apps being free from the central market places.


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