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Elon Musk to step down as Twitter CEO: Help us pick his replacement


Kamala Harris: obviously for Chief Twit

Like border czar role,

Kamala promises never to go near it,

& wouldn't touch it w/10 ft pole!

Nobody thinks she would blow it too.

They had to put her somewhere,

So they could make Hillary VPOTUS

Just Before Joe removed or steps down.


Re: Ughhh...

Head in sand seldom sees the light.

“Chain of custody” risk is obliterated with emails, as sender & receiver BOTH generally log or journal all communication, unless Hunter was emailing himself in a drunk or drugged stupor…which is where you may be to reject such evidence out of hand.

Twitter unveils US midterm election integrity plans, upsets almost everyone


Twit off Twitter

Elon Musk might get stuck with Twitter…Not I.

Bots contributing most of content scunners me.

I was arguing & trying to convince algorithim.

Got tired beating my head against brick wall.

If I wanted that, I could have spoken to my boss

Talking to my hand, is better, maybe 1-way,

But at least I can have intelligent conversation

With “smartest guy in the room” vs. stupid bot.

I disabled and deleted my account yesterday.

If I want 1-sided news, I’ll read Russian newspaper.

…same thing as bot I can’t convince about reality.

Supermarket tabloids have more imaginative fiction

Oracle staff share news of sizable layoffs



Only “substantive” response I’d like would be ACKnowledgement Oracle “leveraged”

and “exploited” E. F. Codd w/o giving credit properly


Aerospike takes swipe at document databases JSON support



DB2 announced years ago, strong SQL & NoSQL support years ago & some hardware native JSON standardized support as I recall.


IBM confirms new mainframe to arrive 'late in first half of 2022'


Converted COBOL to Java on IBM M/F

I loved mainframe more than Linux & Windows!

We converted patented utility to Java on IBM mainframe four years ago, but never got to specifically play with “free” built-in Parallel CPUs for array-processing and encryption and native JSON support. Had brought in Netezza MPP database before IBM bought and rolled in for M/F DB2 to automagically exploit “transparently behind scenes under the covers” decided by cost-based-optimizer unbeknownst to average programmers. IBM Mainframe Z/DB2 is still my having fav XML database support. Last z/OS & M/F had fastest CPUs on planet & best “hyper visor” for workload/Thruput management w/best logging/journaling for cross-cutting concerns we had to build-into midrange deliveries. Last-century Software AG 4/GL Natural enables us to “phase-in” fixes to CICS/DB2 applications into running production like much touted CI/CD today. Mainframe “compiler” externalized “everything Compiler knew” (SYSADATA data and heuristics from procedural & object-oriented COBOL/ASSembler) which I loaded into Teradata & DB2 tables for analysis “across” programs which I always wanted to use to auto-generate other language manifestations. Seems if ANYBODY can implement “online mobile voting” for 2024 elections via crowd-open-cloud computing agile delivery paradigm it would be this solution-set with end-to-end encryption and abilities to aggregate on encrypted & compressed data.

SiFive reminds everyone you don't always need to offload vector math: Here's a RISC-V CPU that can process it, too


IBM mainframe built-in Z/14 Vector Facility runs C/C++/Java automagically, w/o offloading “vector math”.

We had tested this last century, as special option to try to replace Cray workload, but we passed question to ADABAS(Software AG) to see if their inverted list DBMS could use vector facility on complex FIND to smash arrays of Internal Sequence Numbers (and/or/xor) or bit strings like model 204 & Sand DBs kept around in fully-inverted bit strings. Now Vector Facility is “free” on Z/14.

Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) enables you to move function to data not data to function. I’d passed question when IBM would exploit “under covers” for DB2, just as massively parallel processor(MPP) commodity boxes (was called Netezza) exploits FPGAs “under covers” today to cherry-pick rows/columns from compressed nodes unbeknownst to developers. Imagine, after setup, getting complex finds satisfied in one clock-tick of vector facility! Another paradigm-shift I’ve been waiting for on IBM mainfame since they introduced vector facility decades ago!

Trump's bright idea of kicking out foreign students unless unis resume in-person classes stuns tech, science world


Article is flame bait: A.A.P. Says send kids back to school

Karen McCormick Likely purposefully omitted noting that American Association of Pediatrics does indeed recommend kids go back to school as a scientifically wise and prudent action! (See New York Times link below) 100 comments react to deliberate Manipulation by article author Karen McCormick who ignored “science” and decided to compromise journalistic principles & tenets to advance personal political agenda, and most comments simply fell for the ruse. Look to the science & do what is best for our kids, even if some politician you consider a jerk agrees with the science and you do choose to ignore science And point finger & call names, exactly what Trump is accused of! Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, and reflect on how backwards you appear. You’ve been fooled! Put on shelf your Self-righteous holier-than-thou indignation And Ignore BAD JOURNALISTS and follow the facts...and open eyes & educate yourself & our kids!