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Lost CD may put pension holders in peril


VAT avoidance?

I seem to remember reading ages ago that you have to pay VAT on services such as accountancy data provided over the internet, so maybe they are penny pinching?

A quick search found http://www.accountancyage.com/financial-director/features/2159231/directive-clarifies-digital-vat but I thought there was an article on this site about it months ago.

Arnie terminates phthalates in kids' toys

Thumb Up

More banning

It's time for Arnie to ban more and more things, just for the amusement of the cheesy "teminates" taglines!

Orange puts plum back in mouth


She still sounds too common.

Don't forget that you can always send Orange a complaint e-mail:

http://www1.orange.co.uk/mobilecontactus/form.php?subj=webpaymother is the address for contract customers.

I can't believe that they have still not fully replaced the original voice, how hard can it be? When listening to my remaining minutes it just seems cruel to keep the original woman saying "any time, any network minutes", reminding me of what we used to have!

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric


Human measurements

Re earlier post: The advantage to Imperial units is they are based on human measurements (inch=roughly the size of a thumb, foot is obvious, yard is the length of an arm) and are therefore easy to visualize.

I don't know what size your body is, but my thumbs are definitely over 2 inches long, and my arms are about 5-6 inches shorter than 1 yard, hand and fingers included. Only the foot seems reasonably accurate, but only if you have big feet.

MusicStation arrives, but will we pay for digital music?


Battery life

I wonder how long a mobile phone battery will last when you start downloading tens of MB of music over 3G. I expect it won't last a day if you download a few tracks and make a few calls - especially as 3G talk time can be only half to 2/3 as much as when using 2G (see the N95)!


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