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China makes treatment of its 5G vendors an issue to rank with climate change or disarmament


"One good start would be to take every Syrian refugee from Turkey. That would bring China closer to, but not equal to, the UK's refugee figure"

Why would it even want to do that? The EU is right on the door step and is *paying* Turkey to take them. Its not like China is obliged to take them of their hands.

Gender equality. Japan is lower. So what's your point?

It's not like suddenly the UK is settings some gold standard.

Drone firm DJI promises 'local data mode' to fend off US government's mooted ban


Re: We don't need to 'defend' China

In other news, Gen. Keith Alexander joins Amazon and nobody cares because USA good. Obviously.

What price security? Well, for the US ban on Huawei/ZTE kit it's around $1.8bn, and you're going to pay most of it


Re: Chinaware Infestation

That's not evidence. As you've stated, that's an assumption.


Re: Chinaware Infestation

"Huawei was founded by a former PLA engineer"

Utterly ludicrous argument. How many former military will be working in civi street now? Is each.and.every.one going to have their knives out and have it in for the USA?

As a thought experiment maybe you could estimate how many former US military would now be in civi street working as engineers or run businesses in the tech industry.

This is just typical of arguments presented by Trump & Co. It's utter BS and full of paranoia.


Re: The long game

Imagine if a country waged war on your home country now and forced your country to buy Crystal Meth. And then some clever dick on the interwebs just shrugging it off as, meh, not really that many people will be effected.

China slams President Trump's TikTok banned-or-be-bought plan in the US


Re: Incorrect premise?

All well and good except the way the TikTok deal is going down at the moment is completely unlike what happens to foreign companies in China. Companies aren't forced to sell or get banned. They are given a choice right up front to either partner up to participate or not enter the market at all.

What's happening for this deal is pretty much extortion.


Re: Right

You'd be better off looking at Strava than TikTok for information on military bases and the such. The idea that there is a wealth of intelligence to be gleaned from videos of dancing teens and Kim Kardashian lookalikes is laughable and surely only the dimmest of the population would bite on that one.

China successfully launches Mars probe that packs an orbiter, lander, rover


Re: Will it be reliable?

That's a pretty weird way of looking at things for such a high risk venture. If a proven method works for what is a multi-year, multi-billion (insert currency of choice) project, then surely it makes sense to stick with it unless there is good reason not to or your intent is to prove out a different method. If "Getting there" is just part of the admin of getting the real job done it totally makes sense to copy what was successful previously. Labs all over the world "copy" techniques developed elsewhere precisely because they're proven to work

After banning Chinese comms bogeyman, UK asks: Huawei in this mess? It was a failure of capitalism, MPs told


Re: Obvious

How dare they fund their military!

Unless you have some inside info, i'm not foreseeing any of their military on these shores. Britain has however in the past used it's military in China.

UK smacks Huawei with banhammer: Buying firm's 5G gear illegal from year's end, mobile networks ordered to rip out all next-gen kit by 2027


Re: This will end in tears.

Care to explain your line of reasoning?

Details of Beijing's new Hong Kong security law signal end to more than two decades of autonomy


Re: @DavCrav - Severely endangering national security


The British didn't steal it. They just arsed up mapping and the border agreements. It's a long read but worth it.


Re: @DavCrav - Severely endangering national security

One of those certain conditions was Basic Law Article 23. Which LEGCO did not implement. Who broke the agreement again?

Huawei wins approval to plonk £1bn optical comms R&D facility in UK's leafy Cambridgeshire


Re: Really?

Oh no! Somebody who likely has more knowledge and insight than myself into the matter but has a different view. I know, i'll question their motives.


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