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Headmaster calls cops, tries to dash pupil's uni dreams - over a BLOG

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Re: Twas ever thus

As someone who's 'vocational' qualification is degree level and who counts the 'apprentice' as one of his most able co workers, I feel I need to reply. I know others have come at you, but I must say the richest people I have ever met did not have degrees or many bits of paper, but had worked their way up and then set up on their own. All my friends with Degrees/Masters are either unemployed and have had to work very hard to make sure their bits of paper pay for its self.

Talent and Skill is valued these days far more than paper work, Vocational courses prove you have the skill and can help develop talent. If I could I would post a link here to the Avenue Q song 'What do you do with a BA in English?'

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

oliver gillespie
Paris Hilton

our friends in the legal industry

I hate to say it, after a ping pong match between a solicitor and an friend of mine, I can only assume that the legal teams have no idea how torrents work or how that glowing box on their desk functions for that matter.

I look forward to seeing the boys from the Bay sail off in to the sunset with out being found guilty.

Souvenir coin sparked nano spy alert

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Thank God for american Militery Inteligence

I have many members of the Canadian part of my family that have served their nation, all report back that they would rather go naked in to a fire fight than fight along side the United States of Friendly Fire.

This is just another example of America reacting with out thinking and looking like a bunch of idiots!

Dell Linux is go

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If it works it will be a mirical

They will turn on all the flashy features then install their own 'special' support software and wonder why the systems are screwed up from day one.

As a Geek who uses Windows, Mac and Linux with ease I would love to warn Dell build a pc that installs the OS fine, ship it as is and dont mess it up as you do with all the windows installs you ship!

As such if any dist deserves to make it it is Ubuntu, dispite a few driver issues I have had with my new PC they are one of the best Dists going

Police track 100mph urban joyrider

oliver gillespie


This guy shows whats wrong with the roads these days.

So far today in the 130 miles i have driven I have had a lady on the school run knock one of my mirrors with her 4x4 because she would not wait as the highway code says she should, I have had a van nearly drive in to the side of my car as he came out of a side road, a bmw x3 fly past over taking me on the wrong side ignoring the solid white lines nearly hitting a police car comming the other way.

this is a normal days motoring for me and I look forward to some one else trying to hit my car on the way home!


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