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Streaming apps – and maybe even Cloud PCs – coming to electric cars


Re: waaaaaay

My Nissan Leaf is nearly 5 years old, it has a good touch screen and functionality is updated regularly for things like charging stations.


Re: Enough already

Whilst polluting the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Hope you manage to sleep well.

NASA fixes solar observation spacecraft by turning it off and turning it on again


Re: Recover from latch-up

Nothing happens in business until somebody sells something. Tossers they may be but don't underestimate their value.

Used EV car batteries find new life storing solar power in California


I've had an EV for nearly 5 years, not lost a single cell yet. There are companies waiting to start recycling but there is limited product available as they are so reliable. And with vehicle to grid, vehicle to load and vehicle to home technologies they are much more than just a car. There are many reasons why EVs are so much better than ICE vehicles, check out the Fully Charged You Tube channel or visit one of their shows.

Fat EVs may cause 'more death on our roads' – watchdog


Re: More mass = more energy, right?

I've got half way down the comments and not seen any mention of the main reason for EVs. We have to stop using fossil fuels in all aspects of our lives as fast as possible to mitigate the already catastrophic levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. And as an aside, owning and driving an EV is so much better than ICE vehicles with features that simply aren't possible in the old technology.

BT wins networking contract for UK nuclear site Sellafield


Close and uneasy

As the crow flies I live just over 19 miles from Sellafield in Keswick in the World Heritage Lake District National Park. Having battled with BT many times during my career I have avoided them since retiring. Having had some experience with Sellafield professionally and as a concerned neighbour campaigning against underground nuclear waste disposal sites in inappropriate geology, the thought of them teaming up with BT doesn't thrill me at all!

Software issues cost Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess his job


Re: That stood out to me too

Fast chargers are readily available today (have a look at Gridserve), albeit for high end models at the moment. The development of EVs, batteries and charging technologies is moving very quickly. Two other places to look are Fully Charged on YouTube and zap-map.com.

Why the Linux desktop is the best desktop


Re: Linux "Desktop"

Corporations deal with corporations. There needs to be a business conversation about how your technology is going to improve my business, and do you have the capability to keep it working successfully for the foreseeable future (maybe decades). Having managed large datacentres for international companies my role was to understand the technology and translate that into reliable, secure business solutions. Techies who are only interested in the technology are extremely useful, but not all are willing to understand the business context. Linux simply doesn't have the clout as business solutions at corporate level.

Hardware boffin starts work on simulation of an entire IBM S/360 Model 50 mainframe


Re: BRings back memories...

My career in IT started as a trainee operator on a 360/30 with 32k memory and 2311 disks. It was running a manufacturing plant in Trafford Park, Manchester (quite close to Old Trafford so very convenient to go and watch United). I progressed through programming (Cobol), leaving millennium bugs all over the place as two bytes were very precious, into management roles - Director of Computer Services, Head of Business Development etc, and now retired. Still remember the 360/30 with affection.

Could BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) offer a solution for charging electric vehicles? Microlino seems to think so


Range and chargers

The article says 143 miles range only ok for local. I have had a Nissan Leaf with a range of 155 miles for over 3 years now and last summer holidayed on the Isle of Wight which included a 320 mile drive from North Cumbria to Southampton. No problem, there are over 18,000 charging locations which is more than there are petrol stations, with over 48,000 connectors. Source: zap-map.com. Sure I have to stop a little longer to charge, but its not a problem, I only have a 120 mile bladder.

Online retailers delaying sales of Raspberry Pi 4 model until 2023, thanks to a few good chips getting scarce


Ordered two Pi 4's, 8Gb, from Pi Hut, arrived in 3 days.

Weeks after Red Bee Media's broadcast centre fell over, Channel 4 is still struggling with subtitles


Re: Testing failover.

Remember the Pebble Mill at 1 presenter, Bob Langley? I bought his house in the Lake District from him 17 years ago. Still here, lovely spot.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the BBC stage a very British coup to rescue our data from Facebook and friends



Laura Doomsberg does everything she can to run the country into the ground, dreadful reporter

Cheeky chappy rides horse around London filling station, singing: 'I don't need petrol 'cos he runs on carrots'


Re: Do we blame Brexit or Amazon?

If you had an electric car you could plug it into a 13 amp plug at home. Not very quick, but 10 hours overnight would give you at least 100 hundred miles.


Re: "He runs on carrots"

There are 16,377 charging locations in the UK, (not including the over 250,000 home chargers). They have 26,058 devices with 44,686 connectors, and 569 new devices were added in the last 30 days. That is more locations than there are petrol stations. Source: https://www.zap-map.com/statistics/#points. What has also changed is that fast chargers have now been upgraded from 50Kw to 350Kw, meaning 100 miles range in 10 minutes. And the range of the cars have increased to an average of around 230 miles, but over 300 miles is not uncommon. Can your bladder last for 230 miles? The grid is on top of planning for the necessary expansion, and technologies such as vehicle to grid and vehicle to home will revolutionise the energy market. Oh, and driving an electric vehicle is a real pleasure with features such as single pedal driving and semi autonomous driving technology. Its all out there, take a look, and it will last, nothing else comes close.

Microsoft Edge goes homomorphic: Nobody will see your credentials... but you'll need to sign in to use it


This may not be the right lace to ask this question, but I will. Does anyone know why Google stupidly sends ads of products I have just bought? I would have thought there would be some mechanism to register the buying process and act accordingly.

Better get Grandpa off Windows 7 because zero-day bug in Zoom allows remote code execution on vintage OS


Go easy on the Grandpa

Having started work on an IBM 360/30 in 1969, some of us have actually made Granpa status, still keeping up (to a degree!) on technology and supporting lots of our age group. Windows 10? No problem, fast and easy to use, and despite what's said above none of the people I support have had Edge change the default browser. Lots of folk have an inbuilt dislike about anything Microsoft. I understand the feeling, except with me its anything Apple.

C is for 'Careful now', D is for 'Download surprise': Microsoft to resurrect optional Windows 10 updates as 'Previews'


Re: Microsoft Money

Have a similar amount of data on MS Money, the best program (we didn't call them Apps in those days) I've ever bought.