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Power platform envy? Google wants to 'empower non-technical employees' with new Business Apps category


Not a dev, nor a programmer. I am an electrician so I do PLC programming, but that's ladder logic.

I work for a very old fashioned company. One that could burn a ream of paper per day on paperwork for 30 employees. Every job we do goes on a seperate material sheet, sometimes up to 10 sheets per day. Every day we write out the jobs we do on a time sheet. Every job we do starts with a work order, printed in duplicate so the office has a copy and the field as well. There is no IT department, no IT guy, no MSP, it's the boss and I who fix/build anything that's needed.

I tried appsheet about 3 weeks ago. I built the app based on how the material and time sheets were laid out on paper. I use it every day, though I know it's clunky and because of some flaw I can't find I cannot duplicate the date in appsheets and have to manually fix them in the spreadsheet. Another app converts the spreadsheet data to a form that is familiar to the office staff and I send the forms once a day to the office. Having the app on my phone is convenient, so for me this has been a win.

The office staff, appreciative as they are that they have legible paperwork from me finally, then prints out the forms and manually types them back into the "field service management software". They refuse to cut/paste...

For years, the internet giants have held on dear to their get-out-of-jail-free card. Here are those trying to take that away


Thank you for the well written informative article.


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