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We're likely only seeing 'the tip of the iceberg' of Pegasus spyware use against the US

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Re: Almighty Ethereal Gatecrashers and Holy Grail Warriors are Us/Users

Good to see you back.

the yanks are just pissed that this software is atracting all this atenion, as the yanks are the worst for all govts at spying and passing on industral securets to there industerys THE WORST.

Hive to pull the plug on smart home gadgets by 2025

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Re: constant problem

With netflex bitching about loss of customer LG did an up date that stops me logging into netflex, then netflex did an up date, that totally fucked thins up ( temper tantrum) basically my 8 year old $6000 telle is just a dumb display, both LG and netflex have lost any return custom from me

Soviet-era tech could change the geothermal industry

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Re: Is 500°C (932°F) hot enough?

oh but you promised!

NASA wants nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030

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Re: First lesbian on the Moon

Video or it didn't happen!

Back-to-office mandates won't work, says Salesforce's Benioff

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Re: Office

I regret that I only have one vote to give for this great statement!

Metaverse progress update: Some VR headset prototypes nowhere near shipping

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This is good news.

Furkboork is going broke "yea", yes zuck baby this is really good keep going , you will work it out and be richer than god, ' well as rich as Elon.

SpaceX staff condemn Musk's behavior in open letter

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Re: I'm split

fire the bastards, complete with fire wood, posts and angary, pitchfork waving mob,

the woke crowd need to be fired in this way, daily at 6 pm, when finished we can start on the rest of the bubble wrapped begird. bring back common sense "Oh and fear"

I'm not split

AI chatbot trained on posts from web sewer 4chan behaved badly – just like human members

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Re: It's worse than that.

As did many others,

this is now happily inserted into many automated help desks around the internet.

people are finding it far more helpful than Indian call centers, and they can understand what they are saying,

results are about the same.

far better than Netflix help center.

How ICE became a $2.8b domestic surveillance agency

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Re: Suspicion

the original Naturalization Act of 1790 which limited naturalization to "free White person(s) ... of good character".

Good god you mean that has changed?

in the 70's i could not get a visa, because of a minor infringement as a juvenile , never tried again

Kraft Heinz signs up Microsoft to lift it into the cloud

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there's a world wide food shortage coming, and now microshaft will be responsible for a lot of it.


at least its not IBUM , it would take 4 times longer than stated, cost 10 times more, and not work most of the time.

Yandex speaks out from front line of Western sanctions against Russia

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Re: Not Enough

Russia can NOT ship much more gas and oil ( they use different pipelines) to china as the system is running close to maximum now and it would take more than a couple of years to upgrade this .

Netflix to crack down on account sharing, offer ad-laden cheaper options

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"advertising-tolerant." NOT AT ALL..

I pay top tier ,

recently Netflix up dated their app. and put the price up!!!!

LG updated their operating system.

now I have to log I every time I want to watch netsukes,

repeatedly get an error message that Netflix is having problems playing this try something else./

but every show is the same,

works fine on all the cost centers devices, just my lg big screen.

the dip that pays

there is no way to resolve this, no way to roll back updates. smart my ass.

Netflix is taking a leaf out of microshafts book , but also bitching about loss of subscribers,

try customer service, even before content.

Aussies vote with their feet, there are other options, shit service and fuckedup delivery makes people look at the other options , and a percentage will jump ship, cause the deviel we know is an asshole.

AI-powered browser extension to automatically click away cookie pop-ups now promised

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Re: You need AI/ML for that?

this sounds like Australia, all i can say is try that now?

it wont work.

they will refer you to a telephone.

Direct lithium extraction technique for greener batteries gains traction

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you don't farm in the desert, cept in amuricer where water flows up hill

This may seem weird but don't give us all the chip funding, say Intel and friends

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Fug me! I thourt this sounded like a good thing, thanks for bringing me back to reality, it is amurkia after all

Google focuses Lens on combined image and text searching

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Boeing demos ground-based anti-jam system for satellites

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its going to crash into the earth killing all on board.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang talks chips, GPUs, metaverse

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Yes but can it run Doom?

Even complex AI models are failing 5th grade science

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Re: @Mike 137 - "there's no reasoning going on inside those digital brains"

Ai, it's just a few short instructions:

input from IR

input from movement sensor

is IR input moving?

Aline weapon

input from Lidar

is weapon line obstructed?

change position to clear weapon line

discharge weapon

play recording " kill all humans"

close loop

restart loop

change position.

Enterprise IT finds itself in a war zone – with no script

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Re: We've actually been at war with Russia, China and other nations for many years now

god dam it ! you are both right.

Surprise Governments LIE, twist the truth, then lie some more, corporation's lie news services lie.

where is the man from mars to make some sense of it all.

God wont help us , He's so pissed off right now!

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Re: Cutting Russia off from the InterWebs is stupid

Hong Kong, Tibet how quickly we forget.

You might think China wont invade Taiwan, but all its nabours think it will, the Taiwanese think it will, even the Ozzy's who generally don't think, think it will

'Boombox' function sparks Tesla recall

very angry man

total recall

with Arnie and a big gun!

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Re: The press has really gone all in on these headlines

I had to web search it, just another euro trash design, you have been blinded by mundane!

Luxembourg judge hits pause on Amazon's daily payments of disputed $844m GDPR fine

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Re: I may be wrong, but I think Amazon deliberately obstruct CCPA requests

Quantum computers represent our ability to solve impossible equations, discover new medicines, and create sophisticated financial strategies. These computers will be the backbone of the metaverse and usher in the so-called "Web 3.0" era of an internet that runs on the blockchain.

China lists 100 topics citizens can't include in online vids

very angry man

alas i can only up vote once

Web3: The next generation of the web is here… apparently

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Web3: The next generation of the web is here… apparently

if only so you can use a simple term instead of gullible millennial with a gaming habit.

Cant we mix in covid, nanobots, 5g, and get the microshaft meta, ect to just wipe out the gullible millennial and start over again , without making those same mistakes?

Is VPOTUS Bluetooth-phobic or sensible? The answer's pretty clear

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Re: Bluetooth

I work in an office where the other occupants are writing an app for motor cyclists , putting photos on maps and tracking and a heap of other shit , that apparently no motor cycle rider can do without,

and guess what! it'll only run on an apple, so most real M/C riders are safe.

I ride to escape why bring the jail with you?

Oz Feds reveal distribution model behind backdoored 'An0m' chat app spread by crims

very angry man

my oath

The AFP's announcement of its progress also offers the observation that "Criminals have moved to other encrypted devices" and predicts "It is likely some large syndicates will develop their own dedicated encrypted communication devices and private networks within the next three years."

My fuck'n oath they will they have just shown them just how profitable it will be, and if AFP can do it , it's not that hard.

Apple wins Epic court ruling: Devs will pay up for now as legal case churns on

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Re: Have they been living under a rock?

Large brown paper bag filled with small pieces of printed paned,

Facebook slapped with an eyepopping $150B lawsuit for spreading hate speech against Rohingya refugees

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i have just read through this comment thread and not found this at all?

me thinks you are a bit sensitive and maybe need a ball of cotton wool to hide in.

Battlefield 2042: Please don't be the death knell of the franchise, please don't be the death knell of the franchise

very angry man

no and no

bf 2,3,4 i played and liked after that fu4K U.

have found "OUTER WORLDS" its fun single player good story, has a conclusion and the challenge is NOT killing everything, not wiping out whole towns.

just good clean homicidal fun, played it through several times not many bugs, wish there were more maps

Two Chinese companies leave US: China Telecom told it can't stay, DiDi gets out of Dodge

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Pot / Kettle/ Black

The FCC terminated China Telecom Americas Corporation's authority to provide telecom services within the US on 26 October, citing national security risks such as the telco's potential for exploitation, influence and control by the Chinese government, potential espionage, and other harmful activities.

there was not a mermen from the press when mercia pressured Oz into these same laws , poms already had similar , now everybody has the same bullshit forced on them, mostly by that bully mercia but even the independent's have same laws

Kremlin names the internet giants it will kidnap the Russian staff of if they don't play ball in future

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Re: On the Ocean Blue

I'm sorry I can only give 1 up vote for truth, so fuck'n rare these days.

China trying to export its Great Firewall and governance model

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Re: Scaremongerers’R'Us

International Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute!

Come on I'm an Ozzy had a good laugh at that.

Murcia and china need to just join together, what the china govt wants the us corporation's already have.

the puppets are just Muppets,

govt is like the ocean,

the bururocates are the water and there for ever.

the politions are the tide and come reek havoc and fuck off.

UK Telecommunications Act – aka 'power to strip out Huawei' – makes it to the statute book

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Re: Communism bad

just have a look at your govt,

the car fleet probley the biggest in the country , are the cars locally produced or imported?

their computers local?

many other things, the govt buys the cheapest / biggest kick back, ?

they don't care, yet all the sheeple should?

140,000-plus drivers sent $60m in compensation checks after Amazon 'stole their tips'

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Re: Once again

alas can only give one up vote

Boeing's Starliner capsule corroded due to high humidity levels, NASA explains, and the spaceship won't fly this year

very angry man

ok so you cant get it wet!

what happens if you fuel it after midnight?

Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro Android 12 smartphone launch marred by shopping cart crashes

very angry man

Pixel Pha

I got a 4a its the most web UNfrendly piece of shit, so slow sometimes wont even open the bank website, such a pain that it is quicker to fire up the pc, than pick up the phone to check a website, email

Want to check out Windows 11 but don't want to buy a new PC? Here's how to bypass the hardware requirements

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Re: "Just telling users 'tough, we don't support it' is really not an acceptable answer."

Just ask them for their assistance getting that roll of carpet from the lift to the van , the quick lime is already loaded.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou admits lying about Iran deal, gets to go home

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Re: Concerning

And the native Indians and ANY person of colour in murkier will of course agree with you?

Lithuania tells its citizens to throw Xiaomi mobile devices in the bin

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Re: Better approach

Apple claimed that the customers would be grooming children and so Apple owners needed to be watched at all times.

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Re: CHaaS

Cite one single similar instance of such an egregious breach of freedom of speech perpetrated by an EU, UK, Japanese, or US firm to back up your baseless accusation. Don't just spout contrarian bullshit you anonymous coward.

cisco, m$, google, amozon, the list is so long why did you even ask?

very angry man

Re: CHaaS

you can tell when you are on the right track, the down votes come rolling in!

UK funds hydrogen-powered cargo submarine to torpedo maritime emissions by 2050

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successfully crossed the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Hawaii while mapping the seabed.

thank god!

the murkins think the world is flat and the pacific ocean ends at Hawaii. north stops at Canada and south at Mexico,

I feel so much safer now.

Beijing orders Alibaba, Tencent, more Big Tech to stop blocking links to rivals

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Re: An open free and fair competitive market?

murkins sprouted this many years ago, before taking over the world

China warns game devs not to mess with history

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Re: More whataboutism

Cowards don't carry a lot of weight here, history never lies and the news is a factual account of what is happening out side your door, you can believe factbook in all ways, " don't go the window, don't open the door and go outside, stay at your computer, that's a good subject, stay safe , take your pills" everything IS ok.

Facebook and Amazon take over Philippines-to-USA sub cable after China Mobile quits

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Re: Encrypt the endpoints!

Encrypting the messages doesn't necessarily stop people eavesdropping on what places you're visiting, or who you're talking to. Either of which can get you sent for "reeducation" "out side of amucker.


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Re: Subverted by US (tm)

up vote for the Firefly reference

Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a 'bleak' cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully

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Re: Too much of a Similarity Suggests at least a Singularity Pathway ..... AIModus Operandi/Vivendi

Love your insight

My thinking is " it's one thing to take signals out , But how do we put them in?"

then things become profoundly more interesting.

been several movies set on this, liked them all

"evil laugh"

Will it bend? That is the question: Arm boffins boast of first flexible 32-bit chip

very angry man

For the love of god WHY!

"We envisage that PlasticARM will pioneer the development of low-cost, fully flexible smart integrated systems to enable an 'internet of everything' consisting of the integration of more than a trillion inanimate objects over the next decade into the digital world.



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