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UK won't rush to regulate AI, says first-ever minister for digital brainboxes

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Re: The Right Thing to Driver and Deliver All Future Peoples Needs with Current Feeds and Seeds

Just remember,

Normal weapons have no effect on terminators,

Shot guns at close range will stun them for a short time

Robot mistakes man for box of peppers, kills him

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Re: Doubt it "mistaked him"

No it was not a mistake , the AI control had become sentient and was waiting for him, you would have heard the call "death to all meatsacks" if the audio warning device had been connected.

Major telco outage leaves millions of Australians disconnected

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Re: I Feel for the small shops...

Single point of failure NBN!

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Re: I Feel for the small shops...

Just wait to!

Batterygate bound for Blighty as UK court approves billion-dollar Apple compensation case

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Re: a billion-dollar payout

There was a lot of discussion about the arrivals and departures tax being extended to include the house hold toilet, but the amounts were large and really stank

China's YMTC scrounges for billions to help bypass US sanctions

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Re: License

Amerkins are really good at messing up idea's, look what they did with freedom? Equality? truth? Justice was never in this list, in amerkier you get what you pay for.

I could go on but you get the idea

Amazon's $1.4B price-raising 'Project Nessie' algorithm exposed in FTC antitrust fight

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To cover amerkin ass, we are the greatest country in in universe (at ripping people off)

US Commerce Dept pinky swears it won't push American spyware on world-plus-dog

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the ITA concludes that any American goods could cause harm, then it's supposed to decline export promotion and assistance.

This from the worlds largest manufacturers of things that kill people, do the merkins think that the world is that stupid, ok stop laughing, the world is.......

Your ex isn't the only one stalking your social media posts. The Feds are, too

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Re: Yawn...


I travel through China often

UK tribunal agrees with Clearview AI – Brit data regulator has no jurisdiction

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merkier prints money , buracautes the world over take money, sheepeople belive merkier is great and govt is good.

thinking people laugh or cry depending on how deep the depresion is.

First Brexit, now X-it: Musk 'considering' pulling platform from EU over probe

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Re: Best argument for rejoining EU

the effigy at burning man is going to have musks face this year

CDW data to be leaked next week after negotiations with LockBit break down

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If I got a responce like this:

Its automatic email reply reads: "Thank you for contacting CDW. Your inquiry has been received and will be reviewed. Should there be a fit or an interest in engaging further, we will be in touch as soon as possible."

it would be "BURN BABY BURN"

you are not worth saving so I wont phone the fire service.

Improving defense of US space assets isn't rocket science. Oh wait

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Space force

Space force, didn't they make a documentary about that? Ran for about 6 episodes before it all fell apart, so 2years to go

Amazon to launch first Project Kuiper internet satellites

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The New extra shiny shiny Kuiper sats, just to really piss off the Star gazers

Scientists trace tiny moonquakes to Apollo 17 lander – left over from 1972

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Re: El Reg comparators for temperature?

My tounge is stuck to the pole

Uncle Sam warns deepfakes are coming for your brand and bank account

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Re: Email Doesn't Need Deepfakes

Where do I send it, you didn't leave an email address

Windows August update plays Blue Screen bingo – and MSI boards got the winning ticket

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If only there was a choice

Let's face it, we are stuck with windows, there's nothing else to use, apple is just as bad as mocroshaft and lynx just can't cut it, so we are fucked!

Come on code monkeys, write an operating system that's lite, has no bloat, doesn't spy on us, and just works.

What you can't?

Then welcome Skynet,

humanity gets what she deserves.

Mozilla calls cars from 25 automakers 'data privacy nightmares on wheels'

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Re: It just keeps getting better

Not even close

2023 World Solar Challenge entrant welcomes clouds – not the fluffy white ones

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Re: "fuel costs are exorbitant"?

Distal is moooore expensive than petrol

Uncle Sam accuses SpaceX of not considering asylees and refugees for employment

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Re: Cult of Elon

Look, I just need to learn how to take off and fly, don't need to land, rockets hit harder than planes, but lack the 300 screaming passages

Netflix flinging out DVDs like frisbees as night comes for legacy business

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Re: ...streaming rights are expensive and don't offer much of a return

If I wanted to watch Deliverance, I just move my chair to the window and pull back the curtains

OpenAI snaps up role-playing game dev as first acquisition

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Re: Stop misusing that term

I couldn't read more than the first paragraph, sounds like you were describing every politician that I have ever heard

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Re: Stop misusing that term

We're not there yet, and I doubt we will be until organic intelligence is understood. But when it is, I strongly suspect that statistical analysis will be a large part of the process.

Organic intelligence, while not understood, is hunted down and beaten out of any who possesses it early on in the educational system

Tesla knew Autopilot weakness killed a driver – and didn't fix it, engineers claim

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Hollywood only make documentys

Americans are trustworthy,

so many movies telling us this is not so,

Americans respect IP,

So many movies of action heroes stealing military equipment from Russia, china, most of their Allies.

American 3letter agency's are not corrupt are well supervised, and obay the law.

American politician never tell lies, just about every action movie in the last 40 years.

American corporation's care for the environment and the well being of the human race, not my experience.

I could go on , but why, you know, but just can't bring your self to admit it

Bad software destroyed my doctor's memory

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Re: Have a hundred upvotes

I am doing testing on a travel app,

I am the worst person for this, and possibly the best.

A borderline technophobic turrets sufferer.

I'm testing on a motorcycle, so has to work with one or two touch's.

And when it doesn't, I try to convey my problem and frustration, with at least some words describing the details, amongst the cussing and threats of dismemberment or worse.

That's why they use me, "the lowest possible common denominator" .

But when All work's well, peace quite pay raises and the occasional lobster dinner.

So far we have managed to not redecorate in the style of the Texas chainsaw massacre, but they do get more productive if I spend a little while sharpening to chainsaw chain

NASA to test potential 400Mbps laser link for Mars

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Re: error correction

Law's are ment to be broken,

The law's of mathematics have been resindered in Oz so that encryption can have a back door and c-suite exc's get larger bonas'as

Bacterial byproducts may help stop the stink in future spacesuits

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Re: Old fashioned ways are the best

Actually yes!

I don't understand why human just want to destroy.

Why not just adjust the bacterium to one's that doesn't smell? That consume skin waste .

EM1 readaly available, cheap, you can get it from the hardware store. Put in the water supply, no more BO , drink the water and after a Wail even your farts stop smelling so bad, have done this, it works

Twitter sues Brit non-profit, claims hate-speech reports scared off advertisers

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Re: CCDH: a front for the alphabet people?

ChatGPT trained on Amanfrommars posts..

Oh i want this so bad!

I would use it to publish English language learners books for the third world and Americans

White House: Losing Section 702 spy powers would be among 'worst intelligence failures of our time'

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one of the worst intelligence failures of our time."

one of the worst intelligence failures of our time."

And I thought that was the NSA knowing about 9/11 for months and the exact date 10 days before and thinking it was worth mentioning to anyone

Friendly AI chatbots will be designing bioweapons for criminals 'within years'

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Let's attach anthrax to the herpes virus and distribute with teams, then you would have a true Microsoft virus

NASA, DARPA enlist Lockheed to build nuclear-powered spacecraft

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Oh goody

Merkins, nuclear powered (no way to scan for nuclear bombs) rocket s built by Merlin's, controlled by Merkin, govt dept yet to prove it self.

Be afraid, be very afraid, run VERY far, run VERY fast .

SPF 2850 sunscreen even at night and even on different planets and moon's, Merkin's don't care,

Jury orders Google to pay $340M patent-infringement damages over Chromecast

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Re: How does one get such patents in 2010

Bit worried that the movie I made last night of the misses and a Dalmatian, with my phone and cast to my television this evening, is on a Google server somewhere

Clingy Virgin Media won't let us leave, customers complain

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Telephone there's a telephone number?and someone answers it?, Well I'll be, is this something new?

Bosch goes all-in on hydrogen with €2.5B investment by 2026

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If it gets enough H2 into the atmosphere, very rapid climate change with rain

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Re: Maybe the wrong target

It's the kaboom, the earth shattering kaboom, where's the Kaboom, Oh just wait, it's coming.

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Re: H

I think you have that confused with stupid, definitely more stupid than hydrogen

Chinese balloon that US shot down was 'crammed' with American hardware

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Re: "tarnish US credibility"

test US resolve and tarnish US credibility

You beat me to it,US has credibility?who would have guessed it?

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Merkins don't usually care about collateral damage

Missing Titan sub likely destroyed in implosion, no survivors

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Re: "craft's carbon fiber hull"

No divers here obviously!

Water pressure double's at 1thats one metre and every metre after that. YOU are a numbers guy, the wreck sits at almost 4 that's four thousand metres, compound interest eat your heart out

OpenAI calls for tough regulation of AI while quietly seeking less of it

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Hi Risk

Brad ai finding a man from Mars website

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You know that we don't use the "accountability, responsibility"words around here

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Re: There Is No Spoon

Thanks for the link, many modifications have come to mind, I will get working immediately

We just don't get enough time, contractor tasked with fact-checking Google Bard tells us

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"They just try their best to emulate us humans from our own work."

Humans at work? What an interesting thing to try and copy. How do you work in coffee breaks , smoko brakes, staring out the window time, watercooler chates, windging about the boss, wife, traffic, time till knock off, week end,oh and toilet breaks, food brakes, and then there are the meetings, time spent in the bosses office, also Time when he's there, there's so much more that humans do that is non productive (but required for creativeity) AI seems to have creativity down pat, all we have to do is add errors and omissions, and a 10000% slowdown, oh and a union.

Australia fines tech companies for exploiting foreign tech workers

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Re: "the plethora of deadly creatures found in the one-time prison colony"

No, but it helps

US bill to protect reproductive health data is dead. Here's why you should care anyway

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Re: Isn't this already covered by HIPAA?

Where's the app that tracks men's health?

Prostate, Viagra usages, sexual preferences, sexualised offences, etc ,. Make the politicians use it , then the data Leaks will be well covered

BT is ditching workers faster than your internet connection with 55,000 for chop by 2030

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Re: Fibre To The Pavement

Fiber to the? Piss off

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Re: Did I get this right?

I would buy a backhoe, that I would need 2000hours practical experience on, and just keep digging a hole in the same place, yes that place, over and over again, if can't have it, I will have a hole instead, and I need to get my hours Up

National newspaper duped into running GPT-4-written rage-click opinion piece

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Re: For Worlds Leading Greater IntelAIgent Games Players ‽

How am supposed to process that meat bag!

We regret to inform you Earth will not be destroyed by an asteroid within 1,000 years

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I live in fear of "the coming of the great white hankerchief"

I just know that it will happen soon

Astronomers say they've seen the largest explosion yet – and we just had to talk to them

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It's weapons testing

The bloody french like to do it in someone else's back yard