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Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a 'bleak' cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully

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Re: Too much of a Similarity Suggests at least a Singularity Pathway ..... AIModus Operandi/Vivendi

Love your insight

My thinking is " it's one thing to take signals out , But how do we put them in?"

then things become profoundly more interesting.

been several movies set on this, liked them all

"evil laugh"

Will it bend? That is the question: Arm boffins boast of first flexible 32-bit chip

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For the love of god WHY!

"We envisage that PlasticARM will pioneer the development of low-cost, fully flexible smart integrated systems to enable an 'internet of everything' consisting of the integration of more than a trillion inanimate objects over the next decade into the digital world.

USA warns Hong Kong government may demand business and customer data, run surveillance without warrants

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Re: it would be logical

same as mine and i flew in with out a visa, the visa at the airport was quick and painless, only needed to organise a place to stay to qualify , mind you I'm on a kiwi passport might be different on a murkin one

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Re: Outrageous!

total agreement!

when I reread this article and replaced USA for Hong Kong it was much more believable and easer to read

United, Mesa airlines order 200 electric 19-seater planes for short-hop flights

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Re: 250 mile range/19 passengers


I ride my bike that far to have a beer/coffee/bike show/visit friend/to look at the view/just for fun, most weekends and often during the week, 500 miles is just a day ride, I'm 60+ so don't travel as fast as I used to, and the "Blue and reds" are more frequent than pot holes these days.

Galaxy quest: Yet another sub-£500 phone comes to trouble mobile big dogs in the form of Realme GT 5G

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Re: Security

The Chinese are not likely to profit from the data but the murkins will with out a doubt

Battery recycling boosted by dentist-style ultrasonics, if manufacturers can cooperate

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Re: You must not live where it gets cold

then fu3KING MOVE!

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Re: Lead acid should die

I love living and buying in Thailand there is so much less cash grab.

China's latest online crackdown targets mean girl online fan clubs that turn toxic

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Re: "donate money to their idol of choice"

How to rob the poor to give to the rich - it's fun to see how a country ruled by a America party is a heaven for the worst oligo-capitalism, or maybe that's exactly the cause. When you're brainwashed since childhood to admire and worship some "Der flag" without any doubt, you are washed , rinsed and spun any way the merkins want, and you don't even need to live in muricia

Fixed it for you

Law prof: New Chinese data regulations make it 'very hard for foreign firms to comply'

very angry man

Why pick on China for inacting American political bias

Huawei flings open the doors of its third privacy and security transparency centre

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Re: hostage

been there, just like muricia bit more friendly than NY, LOTS less crime and the cops didn't threaten to shoot me once!

NTT slashes top execs’ pay as punishment for paying more than their share of $500-a-head meals with government officials

very angry man

Should be a lot more of this, lets try it in the west? i would be very happy to gift the firing squad with bullets

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Re: Good but extreme

Seems right and fair to me,

you sound like somerag that could be in line for this if you get caught

An anti-drone system that sneezes targets to death? Would that be a DARPA project? You betcha

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Re: Sure a falling explosive laden drone is bad


Apple is happy to diss the desktop – it knows who's got the most to lose

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Re: "Legacy of single user on a disconnected PC"

You have of course got some things better?

Pics or it didn't happen: First images from China's Mars rover suggest nothing has gone Zhurong just yet

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Re: They lied about COVID

They are all going to meet up for coffee and Berger's at McDonald's, or just use the drive through

Appeals court nixes online blueprint sharing ban on 3D-printed 'ghost guns'

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Re: Why bother with 3D printing

Who the fu#k are you?

If any gun violence happens anywhere in the country here it is headline national news for days simply due to the rarity of it.


It's morons like you living in you cotton wool houses, don't want to hurt your feelings , want to kick the bullshit out of them.

very angry man

Re: Why bother with 3D printing

Hi Dipshit.

also an Aussie, tho not from the wealthy part of melbourne ,

the Aussie govt controls violent crime by suppressing the reporting of same.

the violent crime figures for oz are up 55% in major cities and up75% in the smaller rural towns where State and fed govt have pushed the poor and unemployed.

maybe not so many guns ( who can afford one) clubs, knifes, cars, bottles guess we just love that personal touch you get when you can see life drain out ot their eyes.

We admire your MOXIE, Earthlings: Perseverance rover gizmo produces oxygen for first time on Mars

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Re: How long WTF!!

seeing as CO2 to CO is considered an essential part of our own renewables strategies,


CO2 non toxic greenhouse gas

CO very toxic ( it replaces oxygen in our red blood cells and then won't let go, so you suffocate from the inside, not pretty at all) colourless, odorless, and tends to puddle a certain locations.

sunscreen is safer

Pentagon confirms footage of three strange craft taken by the Navy are UFOs (no, that doesn't mean they're aliens)

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Being that in human history, the first people to go somewhere new, have in general been hiding, looking to steal the wealth, to kill and take over, impose your religion/ politics on others, trade (beads for land),

And you think that ANY countries politicians are not the first people these individuals would contact?

Ex IBM sales manager, fired after battling discrimination against subordinates, wins $11m lawsuit

very angry man


NO you bloody DON"T!

Ice, ice maybe? Astrobotic will ride SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to the Moon in 2023 and drop off NASA's water-hunting rover

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Re: Ice Rocks

i can see a market for moon ice on earth, that G&T = $8 G&T+ moon ice= $325468713.52

China whacks Alibaba with US$2.8bn fine for breaking antitrust rules

very angry man

fear of losing their houses

I wish i could give you more up votes.

the only comantard with the guts to speak the truth, even a manfrom mars is still hiding under his rock.

Absolutely fab: As TSMC invests $100bn to address chip shortage, where does that leave the rest of the industry?

very angry man


The US only imposes export bans on the highest-tech bits. You can still get lesser tech from the US even if you're on the enemies list.

I call BS!

I can not even get 20 year old bike parts out of the US! and I'm in Oz we are part of the 5 ass holes!

Mullet over: Aussie boys' school tells kids 'business in the front, party in the back' hairstyle is 'not acceptable'

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Re: Ahhh.

And no more free now, borders, cities, states, business's all closed and locked down, just the uniforms are different now, not red.

Someone defeated the anti-crypto-coin-mining protection for Nvidia's 'gamers only' RTX 3060 ... It was Nvidia

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Re: We Just Can't Have Nice Things

I turned $6000 into $23000 and i got in late, watching now to try and get out before BANG!!!

Space station dumps 2.9-ton battery pack to burn up in Earth's atmosphere after hardware upgrade

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Re: Hypocrisy

Because, the local council got a "donation" from food supply chains to remove ALL fruiting trees from govt land to force locals who have harvested fruit from "common land" for ever to have to purchase said fruit in a much less fresh condition from said supermarkets.

Microsoft customers locked out of Teams, Office, Xbox, Dynamics – and Azure Active Directory breakdown blamed

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Re: I guess they are going to miss their SLA?

If so, why are you not renting your spare AD capacity if yours is cheaper and more reliable than the Cloud providers? Oh, sorry, have you got spare capacity? If no, how you cope with usage spikes or DDOS attacks? Have you got multiple redundant comm lines/power lines across geographically dispersed sites? Transparent fail over? off site backups?

It would appear that microshaft don't ether!

Delayed, overbudget and broken. Of course Microsoft's finest would be found in NASA's Orion

very angry man

I've had an 8 inch floppy for some time now, and on the 4th floor windows ain't going to help at all.

'Screen access technology has existed for decades': Visually impaired man sues Dell over 'inaccessible' website

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The lawsuit [PDF], filed on Wednesday this week in a Massachusetts federal court, alleged that it is harder for visually impaired people to interact with Dell's platforms than it is for sighted users, thus violating the effective communication and equal access requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

surely a blessing in disguise

Boeing successfully flies unmanned autonomous military 'wingman' aircraft that may become pilot's buddy

very angry man

tin man

I remember a movie about this, cant remember the name? what do they call future documentaries,??

You want me to do WHAT in that prepaid envelope?

very angry man

mad catz

I've got a madcatz mouse, not the most expensive one, mad not crazy. A "4+" it's great!

tho for nearly a grand $AUD the top of range ultra light ( doesn't even have a battery in it , requires a special mouse pad to power it, ) was tempting .

it's really comfy and not distracting at all once i got the lights under control.

Expensive doesn't mean good, but good is ALWAYS expensive,

and i'm old, the misses is gone so now so I CAN have nice things , Fu*k the grand kids they can buy their own!!!

Nurserycam horror show: 'Secure' daycare video monitoring product beamed DVR admin creds to all users

very angry man

you can sue them for shitloads for feeding the pedo's

"oh think of the children" lawyers make big bucks.

Machine-learning software scours database of already available drugs that could treat COVID-19 infections

very angry man

Re: Bleach and sunlight....

you are donald trump and i claim my 5 dollars, US of course.

Soviet 'Enigma' cipher machine sells for $22k at collapsed museum's exhibits auction

very angry man

Re: Interesting.....but 1000 lines of C can get you something similar.......

The trick is DEcoding it!

Bill Gates on climate change: Planting trees is not the answer, emissions need to be zeroed out to avoid disaster

very angry man

Re: Personally, I wish someone would follow through on the other side of the story...

I totally agree.

I'm told " you need to look at the big picture" then proceed to paraphrase and "cherry pick" from one or two pages of a very obscure book.

Microsoft says it found 1,000-plus developers' fingerprints on the SolarWinds attack

very angry man

Re: No Smoking Gun ... Identifies a Phantom Enemy. There's Counselling and Medication for Paranoia

so happy to see you back, don't worry you'll soon have your writing back to normal.

“What we are seeing is the first use of this supply chain disruption tactic against the United States,”

Murkin's been doing it to EVERYone else for years, So pissed someone pulled the bully tactic on them!

very angry man

Re: "SolarWinds did not employ a chief information security officer"


very angry man

Re: Oh those Russians!

Come on a bug free piece of software would have stood out like dogs watsits

There's no Huawei on Earth we're a national security threat, Chinese giant tells US appeals court

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Re: Huawei will this end?

Who's going to scrutinize all future firmware updates from Huawei before deployment? I wish those making that argument would keep in mind that any manufacturer that can update its equipment in the field has effective root on those systems.

SYS admins would have that job, hope fully they check EVERY update before they deploy it

I for one am already uncomfortable with Google and Qualcomm having root on my smartphone;

Why not? you trust the murkins and they are actively screwing you, both Govt and corp.

worse they do actively care about you the individual

no way I'm going to entrust potential admin rights to a Chinese entity that can be simply told by its government to ship malicious code to hardware deployed the world over.

The merkins have and do, personally the chinese are the lesser evil

That goes not just for Huawei and ZTE, but for any Chinese brand IMO. At least with stuff built in China but designed in the West, the code signing keys should rest firmly in the headquarters of Apple/Nokia etc. (at least until they outsource their software too)...

Would it not be better to open source the code? or local govt oversight (i know open to highest bidder)

or code that dose not require constant updating ...coff..coff

Web prank horror: Man shot dead while pretending to rob someone at knife-point for a YouTube video

very angry man

Re: This is why they should be banned.

In Australia it is NOT legal to defend yourself and would be charged by police upon arrival.

Harmed by a decision made by a poorly trained AI? You should be able to sue for damages, says law prof

very angry man

Re: Theory and Reality

The answer is the "not so clear to all"

eg. you buy a gun. legal.

you shoot your neighbour, noisy bastard with loud tv all night! justified?

who is liable ?

the person who conceived the idea of a gun?

the person who developed that idea?

the person who designed that gun?

the person / company that made that gun?

the person who sold that gun?

the person that used that gun?

AI is far more dangerous than a gun, that's why i used a more acceptable example,

maybe a better example would be a bio/ chem/ nuke weapon.

Oh SHIT lots of nut cases with those.

very angry man

Re: Theory and Reality

and windows!

Square Kilometre Array Observatory has a council now, so building super-sensitive €1.3bn telescope is next on agenda

very angry man

the quickest way to kill a project is to form a committee!

So what is forming a council going to do , Nuke it and surrounding area?

After 7 months and 500 million kilometres, the Emirates Mars Mission has to endure 27 nail-biting minutes of engine burn

very angry man

Re: Love all this space exploration

yes please pick me!

Vote machine biz Smartmatic sues Fox News and Trump chums for $2.7bn over bogus claims of rigged 2020 election

very angry man

Re: Should be fun: Donald J Trump as witness.

it would be on tawater, and the account blocked

AI-generated pixelated photo of AOC in a bikini pulled from paper highlighting danger of AI-generated pics

very angry man

you need to go out side more

That means when you show this code a woman's face, it's likely to autocomplete her in a bikini or other revealing clothes. White people tend to be shown holding tools while Black people are pictured holding weapons.

where i live this is quite normal, and southern usa

Cisco intros desktop switches, one with USB-C to power your laptop

very angry man


Normally i would NOT advocate design over engineering , but these are so ugly so "1960s".

if you put that on your desktop it is going to get all sorts of stuff put on top of it , it will be buried like arnt Alice , it will overheat, may be like the bage boxes of yesteryear

Four cold calling marketing firms fined almost £500k by ICO

very angry man

it's not enough

it should be dollars per call, worked out on the invoices they send for payment, and the company exec's should be libal

Perhaps commando's or nuke first strike for the indians ( yes the speak very good english)

We'd rather go down in Down Under, says Google: Search biz threatens to quit Australia if forced to pay for news

very angry man

Re: Assisted Passage

Google will go?

quickly and completely?


I will be so sorry to loose my gmail account, buy buy all that advertising.

happy dayz



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