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You know Facebook has an image problem when major nonprofits start turning down donations over political lies


Re: I must express my opposition to this

FB only has to censor speech in some countries.

FB is headquartered in USA.

IN USA, if FB censors speech, they then face a SERIOUS risk of being legally defined as a publisher, AND therefore open to being sued for libel... and THAT would mean that they would HAVE to censor any derogatory/insulting speech about anyone BY anyone, which just MIGHT be false, in order to avoid being sued for libel.

Just in practical terms, that would be an impossible task, so FB might as well "close the doors".

This is the reason that the distinction (in USA) between "publishers" and "platforms" was created... to PROTECT free speech, while ALSO protecting the organizations, like FB, Twitter... EVERY comment section... including THIS one.


Re: I must express my opposition to this

Laws, in order to maintain a just society, must be applied equally to everyone, to the best of our ability.

What happens if the telephone and internet companies, which are private companies, decide that YOU don't have the right to speak... not "here"?

What happens if restaurants decide that "Jakes" can't eat here?

Uh, yes, that actually IS illegal... and it's illegal because we had something very close to it before.

It was wrong then, even in privately owned restaurants open "to the public", and it's still wrong.

(Yes, in most places, owners/managers can refuse service to specific individuals, but not to "groups".)

More specifically on this subject, meaning FB, whom I do NOT like...

They ARE caught between a rock and a hard place...

Either they censor/correct HIM... and become a PUBLISHER...

or they censor NO ONE, and remain a "platform", which is what protects them from the

slander/libel posted by users...

And one more thing... free speech is one of the primary reasons that this IS still (mostly) a free country.

Even for people we don't like with opinions we don't like... because if THEY don't have the right to say them, then WE don't have (or deserve) the right to speak OUR opinions which THEY don't like.

For example, I'm sure that they would take exception to your calling them "mewling sycophants", just as HE would object to being called the "idiot in chief". Should you be banned for expressing your opinion of them in such deliberately insulting terms? Should The Reg be sued, and lose, for libel, or be forced to eject you? Should YOU be sued?


Re: Political lies

The problem with this is...

Who GETS to decide what is truth, and what isn't?

To put it in a different light... to get Trump OUT of the equation...

If you let hard scientists decide how many human genders there are... I think you'll find that, overwhelmingly, there are only two, unless you count real hermaphrodites as a third, instead of "both".

If you allow "soft" scientists, "social" types, to determine "truth", then there will be a number...

which will then be debunked in short order, in order to add yet more.

US senators propose $22bn fund for new fabs on American soil because making stuff is better than designing stuff


Re: Meh

Codejunky -

Adding a bit more to my previous post...

Some jobs can be easily considered "low value", if all you're considering is salary/wages and income taxes... and even if you consider the *corporate* income taxes...

There are less obvious ones, though...

Loss of a major employer can completely wreck a local economy. It can wreck entire towns/cities, and not just the small cities. It can wreck *every* employer... or service... who depends on those people having jobs, and their children...

Take 50% of a school's children away, and you might as well close the school, because the remaining townspeople can't afford to pay twice as much... especially when half of them have also been laid off due to half of the town leaving to some other place to find work.

Then, you have other things that can suffer drastically, even catastrophically... like... wafer and chip fabs use a *lot* of electricity. PCB plants use a lot of water. Take those customers away, and those utility companies are forced to lay people, raise rates to the remainder of their customers, or both... and things like this then wreck that area's ability to *ever* recover by attracting new/replacement businesses.

What might be low value to a nation, might mean life or death to towns and cities...


Re: Meh

Codejunky -

The direct cost of the employees' wages/salaries aren't the only costs of labor...

In the US, there's also the cost Social Security which the employer must match, which adds about 8% to his/her salary... and then there is the additional cost of medical/health insurance... and other benefits such as 401k, and so on.

THEN there are other costs... such as regulatory compliance.

I was directly in involved in the PCB industry back in the 90's... and remember that chips are useless without PCB's... and I watched as Bill Clinton's EPA destroyed almost the entire US PCB industry... with a new regulation which required what were (at the time, and allegedly) impossible to meet levels of allowable emission of copper in their waste-water.

At the time, a number of very large makers of PCB"s were in the process of building entirely NEW plants, and they and others were also expanding EXISTING plants. When the EPA went through their final required review procedures (which *appeared* to have only been done *because* those reviews were required by law, as part of their economic impact review), those companies abandoned not only the new plants, but the plans to upgrade existing plants... and built them in China instead.

The only difference was the NEW regulation.

This is how a bureaucrat destroys an entire industry, costs the nation many millions of dollars in tax revenue, more in unemployment insurance paid out, destroys critical national defense infrastructure, and yet more in income taxes paid by the FORMER employees... all while a "Rhodes Scholar" sits in a somewhat round office and diddles an intern with a cigar.

It also didn't just put the US PCB manufacturers out of business, or drive them offshore... it also put their suppliers out of business or offshore.


Re: Meh

"Low value jobs"

It's an error to assume that these jobs are low value.

Some will be, of that I have little doubt, but many will be skilled technical jobs, and some will be skilled professional jobs... EE's, chemists, and so on. There'll be jobs for robotics people to program the robots, CAD/CAM people to do the layouts, and so on.

Secondly, the lowest jobs will still likely provide a potential PATH to promotion and gaining new skills of real value, as opposed to, for example, "flipping burgers" or "dispensing" Starbucks' coffee.


Re: Damn socialists

Don't worry about the "unfair government subsidies".

Within 5 years, the US will have another "progressive EPA" who will put the fab out of business with some old or new regulation... just as they did before. My guess is that it'll have something to do with "using too much water". Second guess is that it'll have something to do with carbon, cap-and-trade, and greenhouse gases caused by the massive amount of electricity the fab will need to use.


Re: Meh

VTCodger -

I don't know the specifics of IBM's sale of that foundry...

1) it may have been due to a temporary market glut in the type/tech of chips which that foundry was capable of producing...

2) It might also/instead have been that the particular foundry used an older technology which was "on its last legs" before becoming completely obsolete

3) The plant's staff would definitely have been union, probably well/highly paid.


Re: Meh

"What is worth more?"

I'll answer that with a question...

If you can't get the chips which you design manufactured... then what use is being able to design them?


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