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Snowflake doubters voice reservations over data warehouse's attempt to break into financial services

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My first and last experience with Teradata was back when they were building their boxes out of '386's. :)

Compared to anything else I'd seen, it SMOKED!

Tech widens the educational divide. And I should know – I'm a teacher in a pandemic

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A boring presentation will be a boring presentation with or without technology. I dare say it sounds like some of the teachers feed off their students immediate response and feedback and blame their OWN boring on-screen presence on that lack of feedback.

There is nothing stopping a teacher from making wise cracks and engaging the class the way they did in-person. The problem is most people do NOT act the same way in front of a camera that they do standing in front of an audience. Only the most professional of actors can pretend to show emotions and reactions without some form of feedback from an audience to let them know they're "getting through."

I'm actually kind of glad the kids are getting bored. Maybe it will break them of their texting and video game habits if they get sick of computers and cell phones. :)

This is AUKUS for China – US, UK, Australia reveal defence tech-sharing pact

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Re: Love the misdirection in the title.....

Primarily society is defending it from the twisted "thought" processes of the woke and the offended who insist on trying to hold the entire world to task for their "hurt feelings."

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China was quick to respond with their usual whinging and whining and grandstand posturing today... honestly, you'd think they were 2 year olds instead of adults. "Mommy! He called me names!" :(

China to push RISC-V to global prominence – but maybe into a corner, too, says analyst

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Re: Redistribution

Don't argue with the Apperatchik! "nice" process for you! :)

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Oh, wow, China might not share there designs. How terrible in the face of the US embargo on ALL their non-open-source chip designs.

This isn't even the pot calling the kettle black. This is a cast iron stove complaining about a frying pan.

Cloud is fundamentally more profitable than on-prem, says Oracle's Safra Catz as revenue misses mark for investors

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I translate that quote on Oracle's cloud as:

"We charge way more for our cloud offerings. Only utter fools would move to the cloud instead of staying on-prem if they're budget-conscious in the slightest..."

Beijing wants its internet to become 'civilized' by always reflecting Marxist values

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I find China to be a fascinating social experiment. They try to dance between Marxist Communism locally, but want to be cut-throat Capitalists globally. The dichotomy really does end up producing a lot of bizarre conflicts of interest...

Activision Blizzard accused of union busting, intimidating staff in complaint to watchdog

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Game companies are *famous* for dumping obscene workloads for minimum pay oh people, along with demands for obscene levels of overtime and a permanent ongoing "crunch" mentality.

I never have wanted to work for one of them nor for a startup. I'll take stock options when they're worth something, until then, I want cold, hard cash.

Intuit branches out into email marketing by splashing $12bn on Mailchimp acquisition

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*shrug* They don't need it. They already have a habit of spamming me about their unnecessary high-price "features" for large organizations on a regular basis.

Despicable organization. Back in the 90s, I bought a copy of QuickBooks Pro and was done with accounting software until I retired my business.

Now its gouge, gouge, gouge every month and they don't even have all the features I was using in the old version unless you pony up $50+/month! :o

Ghosts in the machine learning pipeline will be impossible to exorcise

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What I find more disturbing is the number of "relationship simulators" that pop up on Steam. If these "simulators" start applying such technology and harvesting "personalities" from the web's public data, things are going to get *real* creepy *real* fast...

AI caramba, those neural networks are power-hungry: Counting the environmental cost of artificial intelligence

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Re: The arthropod alternative

Personally I took AI back in 4th year university in the fall of '86. Back then, both they and the fusion research teams were saying they'd be in production in "about 30 years."

It is 2021. As my calculator counts it, that is 35 years.

And they're both still saying "in about 30 years."

No, we don't have intelligence on this planet *period* if people think a statistical pattern matcher is "intelligence."

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If you want tight code, hire a seasoned programmer who understands algorithm analysis and tuning.

If you want "good enough" code, hire body-shop programmers to churn something out for you.

If you have an unlimited CPU budget, throw AI pattern matching at simple analytical problems; that'll learn 'em.

DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats sue NYC for trying to permanently cap delivery fees

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Re: Those folks will then be less likely to order from restaurants

I blame that on certain "advertising" companies that SELL those hijackers the keyword matches...

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I refuse to give *any* of those vultures a dime; have you seen what they gouge the *restaurant* for fees?

Absolutely *criminal* "servince" in my books...

The magic TUPE roundabout: Council, Wipro, Northgate all deny employing Unix admins in outsourcing muddle

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"You pay them!"

"I'm not paying them. I didn't hire them."

"Look, we're not paying either. I refuse to pay anyone who smells like cheese, and those admins always do..."


Epic Games asks for Apple's help to put South Korea's alternative app payments law to work

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What *epic* grovelling... :D

3 years, 17 alphas, 2 betas, and over 7,500 commits later, OpenSSL version 3 is here

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Congratulations. From all that I've ever heard, it was a code base that needed some cleaning, and was going to take a lot of effort to clean. I've never coded that deep into a system; SSL was always wrapped by coders who came before me on projects, and I just used what they'd built.

Kudos none the less. I'm sure this simplifies things for a lot of formerly-hairy code. :)

Boffins unveil SSD-Insider++, promise ransomware detection and recovery right in your storage

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8% reduction in performance?

That is a rather healthy price to pay...

Amazon says Elon Musk's wicked, wicked ways mean SpaceX's Starlink 2.0 should not be allowed to fly

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The one thing you can count on with ANY megacorp is that they "think the rules are for other people." It doesn't matter if it is Amazon, Facebook, a Musk-led company, or AT&T and IBM for that matter. American "business" is BUILT on breaking and bending rules. They call it "competitive advantage", legal or no.

Miscreants fling booby-trapped Office files at victims, no patch yet, says Microsoft

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I got one from "The Google Corpiration" (actual email display name in the message rip) that assured me it would explain all if only I opened the document, but I had been *selected* by The Google Corpiration to receive that document. *LOLOLOLOLOLOL*

FTC bans 'brazen' stalkerware maker SpyFone, orders data deletion, alerts to victims

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So no jail time for the owners, then, eh?


GitHub merges 'useless garbage' says Linus Torvalds as new NTFS support added to Linux kernel 5.15

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Re: From 1982 to 1992 there was no Internet to speak of*


I love it when the kids claim they created some "new culture" that has actually been around since the Phone Phreaks of the 1970s-80s. Hacker "culture" most certainly did not spring into being with the internet.

Report details how Airbus pilots saved the day when all three flight computers failed on landing

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Boys! We need another layer of baling twine wrapped around this thing, three more paperclips, and two rubber bands. That'll fix 'er." :(

Component shortages: HPE pushes up some hardware prices and as if by magic, reports 'record' gross margin in Q3

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Those "shortages" aren't going ANYWHERE as long as they're profitable. :(

Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads

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I have much the same issue with some Samsung apps that won't shut up and go away on my Android 11 powered A51 (3 months old, already had to replace a defective screen - so much for the former days of Samsung "quality".)

I also have a Google weather notification that I can't shut up.

My phone is a tool. Unless it is a text from someone I know or a phone call or an alarm that *I* set, I expect it to be absolutely SILENT unless *I* am ready to interact with it.

If I wanted a Tamagochi, I'd have bought one on eBay.

Banned: The 1,170 words you can't use with GitHub Copilot

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Ah, man and woman are "offensive" now, are they?

I always feared the day would come when the "I'm offended" crowd would win and finish destroying society. You can't even have this piece of junk create an address form that includes a person's sex with such restrictions in place.

As per usual, they tossed out the ocean with the bathwater.

Software piracy pushes companies to be more competitive, study claims

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Because the "new American Business Model" is to buy up companies that develop new technologies foreign or domestic and acquire THEIR patents that way instead of developing your own...

msobkow Bronze badge

A religious school of business, eh? Well, at least that makes it clear they aren't worthy of a religion's "charitable status."

But I digress...

Piracy doesn't improve competition at all. What it does is let a lot of people try out games and stuff, realize the crack is broken, and be forced to buy the actual game if they want to play it. Myself, I don't bother - I just buy Steam games galore when they are on for 80-85% off.

As to other software, the licensing doesn't tend to be as aggressively restrictive, so the cracks and pirated software usually work well enough for those who aren't willing to spend money. But with student software programs, there is little excuse for "poor students" to bother pirating software if they bother trying to find the free demos that companies make available to get them locked into using their software.

But we live in a society that expects everything that is available on the internet to be free. People have forgotten that things like music and games and software have dollar values and pay for the income of the people who create it; the people who created it apparently "owe" the pirate free things. :(

Only 'natural persons' can be recognized as patent inventors, not AI systems, US judge rules

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Re: "Those are mighty big questions"

"We are the Borg. You will be upgraded. Please press Ok to continue."

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Re: Judge is right

Downvote for the offtopic chip-on-the-shoulder whine about the Chinese. They aren't the topic of discussion.

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Re: Judge is right

There is a lot of US law that is messed up because they decided to grant their corporations personhood.

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Re: Judge is right

I don't think you have to understand how a tool works to use it. You need to understand its *purpose*, but the details? I don't think so.

When a programmer writes code that can be protected under law, they aren't necessarily understanding how the compiler or underlying machine work, yet it is considered to be a unique creation, for example.

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Re: ML and AI systems should be able to hold patents

Machines don't have "rights" or "legal standing." They are tools and PROPERTY used to CREATE inventions, not the inventor.

Honestly, too many people read FAR too much science fiction and confuse it with the reality of the joke we currently call "AI."

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Dude, you're talking about your *toaster*, not alien civilizations formed of living organisms. *LOL*

Apple engineers complain of hostile work environment to US labor watchdog

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Hmm. Two big complaints about a company the size of Apple and neither of them a class action with multiple participants.

Chip on the shoulder whiners, methinks, who feel rather entitled to perks and benefits they're not.

Volkswagen to stop making its best-selling product for Wolfsburg workers: VW-branded sausages

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Stick the current CEO in a dark room for a few days and his leaves will shrivel up and die.

Seriously, no body with a brain that wasn't based on vegetable matter could come up with a plan like this. Plant workers are blue collar workers. They want stick to the ribs food, not some hoity-toity "vegan alternative" that clearly hasn't taken over on it's own since it was introduced in 2010 and the MEAT is still more popular.

Will no one think of the people who aren't brainwashed by "the vegan movement"?

IBM looks to pandemic and post-Brexit fallout, sees nothing but money-making opportunities

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*Everything* is a money-making "opportunity" when you've spent the past decade bleeding the stuff... *LOL*

AI brain drain to Google and pals threatens public sector's ability to moderate machine-learning bias

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Re: base academic payscales on how many of their student got successful jobs


The people who don't get the point of algorithm analysis and the theoretical aspects of programming are why I was considered a top tier consultant with commensurate pay scales most of my career.

Programming is mostly art and science; the people who claim otherwise are in fantasy land churning out bloated code that only runs until we run out of room with Moore's Law, which isn't far off.

msobkow Bronze badge

Re: What is University for?

Bingo! Most Professors consider the teaching aspects of the job to be drudge work to slough off on the grad students under them. They consider themselves "elite researchers", and often have an arrogance beyond pall, and the number of prickly and over-sensitive personalities in their ranks are far beyond the norm for society.

They think their job is to do research and produce more researchers, not to educate students to be contributing members of society, earning the money and making the profits that PAY for the professors' positions.

But like most people on the receiving end of government or institutional money, they tend to forget that the money doesn't just magically appear at the filling out of a form.

msobkow Bronze badge

The big bucks aren't interested in second-class researchers and professors; they want the top talent from the top labs and schools, and they're willing to pay to get it.

Funny how that hasn't improved any professors salaries at any of the schools, no matter where their "brain drain" is going.

When I left my home province of Saskatchewan in the late '80s, many people were doing the same, and there were all kinds of articles about how people were leaving as soon as they got an education. But salaries and job prospects didn't improve much in a province of only a shade over a million people, and people continue to leave for greener (and better paying) pastures.

They still haven't learned their lessons here. Everyone I know is working remote contracts nowadays. No one wants the local low-paying, poor benefits jobs.

Gartner Gartner on the wall, which is the hypest cycle of them all?

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Re: The title says it all!

Yeah, but the "Hype Cycle" sounds like a tribute to the biks in TRON to me.

Did Disney buy them out? :)

Facebook sat on report that reveals most-shared post for months was questionable COVID story

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News flash! Most businesses are run by greedy soulless committees that will hide anything, do anything, say anything, and breach any form of trust or law you might delude yourself about them adhering to.

The Americans call this "competition."

The rest of the world tends to prosecute such actions.

Using 'AI-based software like Proctorio and ProctorU' to monitor online exams is a really bad idea, says uni panel

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Re: They never should've used it in the first place.

"Uphill both ways in the snow and wind."

Funny how everyone always claims they have it worse than any other generation just because they have a bigger chip on their shoulder than other generations. The "muh rights" and "me first" generations are really downgrading society severely.

What ever happened to you *responsibilities*, kids?

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Re: They never should've used it in the first place.

There is medical help available for mental disorders like that paranoia. Please seek it out.

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"Introducing new and improved AI Snakeoil!!! Uses advanced AI technology to miraculously deliver on all the promises our original Snakeoil made but never delivered on. Available as an upgrade to Snakeoil for $49.95, or as a new license for $149.95. AI Operators are standing by..."

A man spent a year in jail on a murder charge that hinged on disputed AI evidence. Now the case has been dropped

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Actually it boils down to 80% of the population having an appreciation for elementary school toilet joke humour. Even the most stuffy will momentarily snicker at some of the suggestions that were typed in.

Apple's bright idea for CSAM scanning could start 'persecution on a global basis' – 90+ civil rights groups

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I always thought there was something shady about those silhouette ad characters of theirs.... *badum chunk*

msobkow Bronze badge

The problem is simple. People need to stop putting forth proposals to police and monitor the majority of people in order to catch a very small minority of perpetrators.

As with most social ills, many people take it personally (perhaps they have abducted family, for one horrid example), and have no issue with tromping over everyone's rights to get revenge and a "magic way" to stop it from happening again.

There are no "magic solutions" that aren't more reminiscent of 1984 than any free society history has ever dreamed up.

msobkow Bronze badge

There are a lot of companies working towards 1984. They're only 37 years late. Mind you, the character did say he had no idea what year it actually was... :)



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