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China spins up giant battery built with US-patented tech

msobkow Silver badge

Re: How many households?


Well, it better not be in my back yard!

-- Typical Taxpayer and Property Owner

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On the flip side of the Senator's whinging about IP pilferage: Why didn't the US build a similar scale project first? What is the point of all this "government funded research" if it isn't to be put to use by humanity? And I do mean all of humanity, because this whole planet is in it together, whether we get along or not.

How Citrix dropped the ball on Xen ... according to Citrix

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Re: Impressive

Agreed. It is very refreshing to see such candor about missteps and mistakes. I wish them good luck in the future as a result, rather than adding myself to the list of those fed up with their antics.

Reverse DNS queries may reveal too much, computer scientists argue

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Repeat after me:

There is no privacy on the internet. It wasn't designed for it.

Now keep repeating it until you grasp it. The pipe is NOT anonymous.

UN's ITU election may spell the end of our open internet

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Re: And the winner is...

I think that was pretty much a given with the current world political situation caused by Russia's behavior of late. *sigh*

Satellite operators want option to exceed deorbiting rules

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"But our business model doesn't allow for deorbiting and cleaning up debris. If we do that, we'll either lose money or have to charge customers so much that they won't use our services and products!"

That about sum it up? :(

Ethereum Merge signals end of GPU shortage, but not necessarily high prices

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Very nice for them to keep the prices up there, but it just means they won't be making a dime from me until they come to their senses. Even $500-600 for a graphics card is nuts in my books, because you can buy a dedicated gaming console for that kind of money. When it comes to graphics, I have always been "mid tier", and they seem to be trying their best to abandon that market...

Mozilla drags Microsoft, Google, Apple for obliterating any form of browser choice

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Re: This is nonsense

Utter nonsense. I don't recall Chrome ever being bundled with my downloads like Mozilla so often was. Mozilla used to be marketted; their lack of feature completeness and functionality is entirely their own fault.

msobkow Silver badge

The heart of the problem is really the DRM that is baked into the OS-coupled browsers; I've yet to run across a Firefox build that could play videos from CTV's News in Canada, for example, despite the fact that CTV is one of the big two Canadian news networks (the other being the CBC.) If you don't have the functionality, your "openness" doesn't matter to most users.

Nvidia unveils RTX 4090 – but it's the 4080 to watch out for

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I think my much better option than a $1000CAD+ 30 or 40 series card is to stop buying new games.

It isn't like I do all that much game playing; I'm just a pack rat who gets wowed by the graphics sizzle of the newer games.

The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring

msobkow Silver badge

It strikes me that the approach should be generalized for any device that can handle asynchronous IO, not just file systems... and I'm hoping they've either already done that or have plans to do so in the future.

Despite the Linux mantra, I can tell you with emphasis that the world is not comprised entirely of files and devices.

Climate change prevention plans 'way off track', says UN

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Utter nonsense here in Canada. The oil companies have the government by the short and curlies both in the oil producing provinces and in the federal government. How else do you explain over a billion dollars Canadian in tax breaks and "investment incentives" every year despite the massive profitability of the industry and the clear indication that they do not need government assistance (i.e TAXPAYER assistance) to survive.

Yet within the past 12 months, our provincial government gave them over $300 million dollars to clean up wells - wells that they were supposed to have already cleaned up on their own under the terms of the agreements signed.

O&G has this world so tightly tied up I'll be absolutely amazed if the world is still livable by the time I'd be dying naturally...

msobkow Silver badge

Until you take away the millions and billions the oil and gas and coal industries use to lobby government to protect their profits, that won't change. They've got half the politicians in the world in their pockets, if not more.

US border cops harvest info from citizens' phones, build massive database

msobkow Silver badge

I left the US in 2001 due to health issues and because since 9/11 the place had gone absolutely nuts over the unlikely chance of another attack. Paranoia ran (and still runs) rampant, cop killings were increasing due to the tensions in society and because of the invasions of privacy, and I have absolutely NO desire to return or even travel through the US until they come to their senses and stop this gun-toting pseudo-Nazi nonsense.

Intel's stock Raptor Lake chip will do 6GHz and overclock another 25%, if it keeps cool

msobkow Silver badge

So with the 70% VM performance hit of the latest mitigation bug fix for Intel CPUs, that should equate to what? Not quite 3 GHz?

Musk seeks yet another excuse to get out of Twitter buyout: This time it's Mudge's severance check

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Re: Grasping at straws...

That is the understatement of the week. Musk makes Nixon look calm leading up to Watergate... :)

Ad blockers struggle under Chrome's new rules

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I gave up on adblockers about 2 years ago when I got fiber internet. That was around the time they started selling "premium" access to "select" customers, negating the whole point of using an ad blocker.

Seeing as they weren't doing the job properly any more, I just stopped using them...

The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it

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Re: Skeuomorphism

I've used KDE in the past and quite liked it, but the way they handle screen drawing makes it a no-go for X2Go clients, which are necessary from time to time as "extra users" in my testing (specifically, I have an X2Go client configured for 1080p resolution for simulating client systems that displays quite nicely in a window on my much higher resolution desktop.)

My personal favorite is Mate. Simple, effective, uncluttered, and easy to customize as much as I want or need to (which isn't much. I'm not into a bingy-boingy-flashing desktop)

msobkow Silver badge

Here's the problem: I want MY favourite layout and options to be the standard shoved down everyone's throat, not YOURS. :)

No, Apple, you may not sell iPhones without chargers

msobkow Silver badge

I fail to see what the big deal would be for apple to implement a Brazilian SKU that includes a charger. If that is "too expensive" to implement, then say good-bye to the market and good riddance.

Bye bye BoJo: Liz Truss named new UK prime minister

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> Given a choice between a woman and brown chappie, neither of whom went to Eton, I hoped that they would all give up.

How sad to know that racism and sexism and still endemic in the UK. Maybe next century you'll grow up, or maybe all the old farts who think that way just have to die off before society can change for the better. :(

msobkow Silver badge

Re: Opinion polls are looking good.....

Hypocrisy is a requirement for being a politician. None of them do what they advise the commoners to do; they have the inside information to know that they're blowing smoke and that the advice is bad.

msobkow Silver badge

Re: That's It I'm ....

I'm still fond of my homeland of Canada. Australia seems moderately sane, too.

There aren't too many other parts of the world that aren't in a screaming match politically nowadays. Even here in Canada there are perpetual shouting matches and blame gaming between the two major parties, the Liberals and the Conservatives (whose policies bear no resemblance to their UK counterparts.)

There are a few European countries that seem pretty reasonable socially, but they've got the tightest of immigration requirements and restrictions because lots of people want in.

I think your government is in for a 2 year term. The UK economy is in dire enough straits that no politician is going to be able to turn things around in the 2 years before an election because the problems are global in nature. But the voting public is too brain damaged to understand the concept of things that are beyond the control of a nation or its government; they demand that the government perform a miracle and save their bacon.

So you'll have a new government in 2 years, guaranteed. This one is guaranteed to be hated because of the global issues facing everyone.

IBM wins contract to support NHS App

msobkow Silver badge

Well, then you can count on extra charges, code that doesn't work, and a system that abjectly fails to meet the requirements specified. Good job. Maybe next time you can do even worse and go with Oracle instead. :(

NASA scrubs Artemis mission yet again because SLS just can't handle the pressure

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The one problem with NASA is they tend to go for the exotic/"best" solution instead of the practical.

Revealed: US telcos admit to storing, handing over location data

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Welcome to the Nazi States of America. :(

One man's battle to get patent rights for AI inventors in America may be over

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This clown still isn't out of the news or locked up in a psych ward, eh? Pity.

Left-wing campaign group throws weight behind BT strikes

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Re: UK news Merkin spelling

Nowadays, you can put up a photo of a kitten or puppy and someone will try to turn it into a political statement of their own choosing... *sigh*

Nvidia will unveil next-gen GPU architecture in September

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Re: Waiting for panic sales when the RTX 4000 series is released

"But... but... but... Supply chain problems!!! It has NOTHING to do with greed." *snivelling*

msobkow Silver badge

Most of their 30 series cards that will handle a 2HD or higher monitor are in the $1000 range (CAD.)

Just how much do they EXPECT people to fork over to play games?

Tesla wants to take machine learning silicon to the Dojo

msobkow Silver badge

Another one of Musk's ego trips. :(

Banned Tornado Cash code reuploaded to GitHub in free speech test

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In any nation, you're only as "free" as the government allows, regardless of what idealistic "laws" or "rights" might say in the paperwork.

W3C's planned transition to HTTPS stymied by legacy laggards

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Critical component "A" REQUIRES JDK 8.

Without critical component "A", none of us have jobs and the owners get sued for failing to deliver.

Higher level JDKs are NOT an option at this time, and even the NEWER versions of that component require JDK 11 as their portability base, so they will NOT be using newer functionality.

NASA builds for keeps: Voyager mission still going after 45 years

msobkow Silver badge

Fridges built back then are still running, too. They used to build EVERYTHING properly back then, not to statistical failure rates like nowadays.

China, US relations further soured by CHIPS Act

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Re: I say 'wait and see'

I take the whole situation with a huge grain of salt.

China and the US are in a cold-war state sans the nuke threats. They bicker and complain about every move the other makes, loudly and with gusto. That is because it is all politics and posturing and doesn't effect the citizenry one whit except when these clowns decide to have a "trade war" that ends up costing their own citizens more than the blockaded nation loses.

Check out how much the American public paid in extra fees and profits to corporate America in exchange for Trump's futile windmill-tilting trade war against China. BILLIONS of dollars of extra profits pulled out of the citizenry and turned over to the shareholders and CEOs... again.

CIA accused of illegally spying on Americans visiting Assange in embassy

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Seriously? You have NO right to privacy while visiting criminals and others under investigation. They're the ones being spied on; you're just collateral damage and evidence against them. *LOLOLOLOLOL*

Apple to compel workers to spend '3 days a week' in the office

msobkow Silver badge

Nah, its about management protecting their own jobs. If every has been doing the job without hands on management, and continues to do so without hands-on management, that is a whole whack of managers out of work. Count on the bean counters and shoulder-hoverers to avoid that like the plague...

BT union wants pay dispute talks with telco's largest shareholders

msobkow Silver badge

The race to the bottom continues. There will never be justice in the world as long as staffing expenses and the like take second place to shareholder payouts. Your staff are your lifeblood; treating them like crap is suicide.

Elon Musk sells Tesla shares worth $6.9b as Twitter lawsuit looms

msobkow Silver badge

His lawyers must have woken him up to the fact that he signed the deal and Twitter is likely to win their lawsuit if he backs out...

The silicon goldrush is coming, but chip demand is evaporating

msobkow Silver badge

Of course the demand is tanking - prices are flat out INSANE right now. Who is going to pay more for a modest 30-series video card than for an entire Playstation 5 system?

Remember the humanoid Tesla robot? It's ready for September reveal, says Musk

msobkow Silver badge

Given some of Musk's history, I wouldn't be surprised if it is a sex-bot. :P

Bloke robbed of $800,000 in cryptocurrency by fake wallet app wants payback from Google

msobkow Silver badge

Some ambulance-chaser legal team will take up the case on the slim chance of winning against Google, and eventually the courts will either toss it as lunacy or Google will pay them off to shut them up.

Post-quantum crypto cracked in an hour with one core of an ancient Xeon

msobkow Silver badge

So, given that this garbage algorithm made it through a round, I can't say that I have any great confidence in "NIST certification." :(

Meta pours cash into servers and AI as ad revenue falls

msobkow Silver badge

With any luck, Meta will someday have all the influence and control that MySpace does nowadays... :)

Now another Meta acquisition in jeopardy: VR biz Within

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Re: "the FTC is sending a chilling message to anyone who wishes to innovate in VR"

Approximately the same year the the United States granted corporations "personhood" without being able to jail or execute them...

msobkow Silver badge

So once again Meta basically claims that their critics are full of it without presenting any evidence to the contrary.

Personally, I think every Meta acquisition going forward should be blocked, and the same goes for Google, Microsoft, IBM, and every other tech magnate. Purchase by any of them has become a black hole of technology loss for society between paywalled doors. Enough is enough - how much of the digital landscape are we going to allow American industries to steal from the world?

JPMorgan, UBS among trio accused of shoddy ID theft protection

msobkow Silver badge

It is only customer data, not investor data, so the SEC really doesn't care about it...

Meta proposes doing away with leap seconds

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"We propose a proprietary solution that we refuse to open source"

Screw you, Zuck.

China seems to have figured out how to make 7nm chips despite US sanctions

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Re: "Close copy"

Exactly. But the prevailing mantra is "China Bad", so no one wants to admit they did well on this front. They'd rather claim they "stole" it without evidence to prove anything.

Typical nonsense out of the Americans. Flag waving rah rah and not too much good sense about the fact they aren't the only ones with tech savvy on the planet. :(

Elon Musk considering 'drastic action' as Twitter takeover in 'jeopardy'

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Re: Life's a twitch.

"Functions better at it?"

Not if you tried Twitter early on and found the web UI to be such a bloated and inefficient pig that your browser would freeze every 5 minutes and abandoned the "platform" as a piece of CRAP before it even was "big."

It still doesn't function efficiently. It's lousy software compared to other web platforms out there.



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