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Prosecutor calls poker site 'global Ponzi scheme'

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... yes it is that Chris Ferguson.

Business ISP blunders on BNP list

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Marxist-run mainstream media?

Orclev, hopefully this 'official' statement will give you an idea of the kind of delusional, joyless halfwits that the BNP attracts.

How dare you people use the term 'ethnic cleansing' in reference to British people. Where are the concentration camps full of starving white people? Where is the armed extermination of white children or the systematic rape of white women going on? What you actually mean by ethnic cleansing is that you now live in a street with a black family three doors away. How terrible for you. You must feel as if you're under siege.

And do you really believe that Britain has a 'marxist-run mainstream media'? You do?!? Really?? You actually think that people like Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere and Richard Desmond are reds who want to seize control of the means of production and institute a proletarian uprising? I've got a newsflash for you - they've already got control of the media and they didn't need a glorious ten year plan to do it. They also hate uppity workers and would take a very dim view of the government seizing their assets in the name of the state. In fact, if there was a Marxist revolution in Britain tomorrow, these guys would be among the first up against the wall. But you still want us to believe that the British media is controlled by Marxists?

Why don't you just admit it - you hate foreigners. In fact, you hate everyone who isn't exactly like you, especially if they have darker skin. But even if you woke up one morning and everyone was suddenly exactly like you, you'd find something else to take your barely-concealed self-loathing out on - like trees or traffic lights.

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

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Good grief!

The British Parliament legalised the metric system for use in the UK in 1897.

Harold Wilson's government announced plans for the whole of British industry to convert to the metric system within ten years. That was in 1965.

More than forty years later, we are one of only four countries on the planet who have not completely moved to the metric system, along with the USA, Liberia and Myanmar (formerly Burma). And I'm led to believe that America is making slow progress to metrification.

Meanwhile, good old Britain stands still because successive governments haven't had the balls to stand up to the reactionaries that plague this country's media and public life.

The EU aren't trying to force us to do this, they're just pleading with us to make life easier for ourselves instead of having this crazy mixed system of weights and measurements where (for example) we're happy to buy crates of lager in 330ml bottles from a supermarket, but insist on pints of the stuff when we go into a pub.


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