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Thai court jails 'swirly-face' paedophile

Richard Jalbert
Black Helicopters

...only three years ? Ha!

He will be thrown into a communal prison with the murderer, old-woman beating thugs, extortionists (who'd cut your ring finger to get the ring while you wait for the buss) and fatherf*ck3rs (guys who when they can't get a girl, will rape theirr own father)...

and these people _loathe_ kidf*ck3rs.

Welcome to h3ll, human toilet bowl....

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

Richard Jalbert

That won't work...

Just wait for the old foges to die off then metric will take over.

Who (appart from a few old coffin dodgers) today talks in Sixpences and shillings etc ?

Here in Canada we have gone metric and have been waiting for the old foggies to die off.


Doesn't work.

They are training us in Imperial and once one learns it, it's IN to stay.

That is why we still have apple 'manne' (basket) per tree above 6" diameter and 'chains' (66') and perches (don' know) and 'slugs' (pounds/g (don't ask)).

I think there is place in one's mind only for one system and one language for arithmetics.

As proof, for those of you who learned a second language late in life (after the 4th level), try doint arithmetics in that language instead of your native one. See ?


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