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Who watches the watchers? Samsung does so it can fling ads at owners of its smart TVs


Re: Good reason not to upgrade

Sure if we see an ad in an unexpected place at an unexpected time we have the opportunity to get mad and boycott.

But in general that's not how ads work, they're everywhere, in real life and on media and they'll put images in your mind you don't even notice. Next time you shop for something and have a choice between two similarly priced brands there's a non-zero chance you'll chose the one you saw in an ad, not because you remember the ad but because you somehow have a good feeling about it. Research shows we're helpless against this. Ads works.

Only thing we can do is to get Netflix, cancel TV and use ad blockers. I saw a debate the other day on a friend's TV and between the ads and the two politicians being infantile ignorant nincompoops I realized how much I enjoy life without cable.

BTW: Some Smart TVs now bypass your local DNS, to avoid DNS based blocking so they can still send back collected data (whether they show ads or not). Maybe some day they'll even come with their own 5G radio to bypass your network.



I recall an executive of a big TV manufacturer 3-4 years back said publicly something to the effect of "The profit margin on TV's is now only 7%, granted we did this to ourselves but here we are and that's why we use SmartTVs to collect information about people's habits to generate extra revenue."

Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel, predicts Eric Raymond


Re: Sadly... this is the beginning of the end

That's unfortunate. If the command does not remove the symbolic link for starting the service at boot as indicated in the documentation that's a bad thing. Perhaps a bug have been raised?

Personally I like it as well. I spent a few hours reading up on how it works and investigating the commands and find it very practical. The unit files are great as well.


Re: Edge using chromium

It doesn't really matter which browser you use. Google is taking over the world wide web, pushing its own standards onto it. Anybody using a Blink based web browser is helping the WWW becoming the Google Wide Web.

Qualcomm flexes latest Arm chipset for laptops: Snappy performance and battery life if you can put off your upgrade long enough


Re: There won't be laptops with 25 hour battery life...

These will be for quite light laptops, more for web browsing, Powerpoint and Word. Your laptop sounds more like a developers (gfx?) laptop which is about as far from the targeted market as you can get in the laptop realm, right in there with gaming laptops.

Worried about the Andromeda galaxy crashing into our Milky Way in four billion years? Too bad, it's quite possibly already happening


Ark Fleet Ship B

I'm sure our population of Social Influencers are keen to board Ark B and I see no reason to delay them.

Money talks as Chinese chip foundries lure TSMC staff with massive salaries to fix the Middle Kingdom's tech gap



It seems like SMIC is further than I thought. It may or may not be a great 14nm node but it has entered mass production and there are a lot of chips being made on these slightly older processes, fabs does not exist solely for cutting edge flagship smartphones. However the fact that China have a successful 14nm FinFET production is proof that they can make things happen and will continue to do so.

My life as a criminal cookie clearer: Register vulture writes Chrome extension, realizes it probably breaks US law



If you use Firefox you can use the Temporary Containers extension set to Auto. This will run each new tab in a new temporary container that gets deleted when you close the tab, including not only cookies but also on device storage, etc.

With the multi account containers extension you can also assign permanent containers to sites where you want to be permanently logged in.

Containers are an isolated browser environment preventing sites from sharing data. They also allow you to have multiple simultaneous logins to the same site in different containers/tabs.

BoJo buckles: UK govt to cut Huawei 5G kit use 'to zero by 2023' after pressure from Tory MPs, Uncle Sam


Re: Is it wrong to be in favour of this?

Indeed, anybody with sensitive data should use safe protocols on top of the network. As you suggest: No network can be trusted.


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