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Rice isn't nice for drying your iPhone, according to Apple



The rice method originated as a joke, but because everybody were getting their smartphones wet it propagated as gospel, and then Lifehacker recommended it. It's worse than nothing because practically the rice absorbs nothing (unless you're planning on boiling it) but also there's no moving air...

I put wet stuff above a radiator, dry heat rising up is very effective. The phone is water resistant now though and I charge it on a Qi pad so those days are over.

Neuralink patient masters mind-mouse maneuvers – if Musk is to be believed


Re: masters mind-mouse maneuvers

Well, that's wouldn't be entirely surprising seeing that mice are in fact hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional creatures whose rodent aspect represents merely a three-dimensional projection of their actual form which is convenient for studying the behavior of humans and the ongoing operation of Deep Thought.

Forgetting the history of Unix is coding us into a corner


Re: Also...

Yes the UNIX philosophy is about write programs that do one thing and do it well and having programs that interface will with each other. It's about Modularity and Composition, the art of dividing a huge software into small parts, which are connected through clean interfaces.

Systemd is a number of separate modules, in separate processes, many of them optional, that interact through well defined interfaces, those of them that needs to interact. Others are simply managed as services doing their own thing. I would argue Systemd follows the UNIX philosophy. I understand some people don't like it (on this forum, nearly everyone) but there must be other and better arguments against it.

Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it!


Re: Win2k was peak windows

> Although being forced to dump a perfectly functional and fast Ryzen 7 system because MS doesn't appreciate my lack of the right TPM chippery might nudge me to do so.

Ryzen 7 should be ok. My kid has a homebuilt Ryzen 5 3600 (without discrete TPM) with Win 11 and all I had to do was go into BIOS and Enable "AMD CPU fTPM". The best TPM is the CPU one anyway as it can't be "intercepted" on a defect motherboard like a recent exploit showed. You might want to make sure you're running latest BIOS update and AMD chipset drivers as there was a bug a year ago causing stutters with fTPM on and that's been fixed since.

Anyway as for myself I'm just a free Tumbleweed, playing BG3 with with Steam Flatpak. Because of Proton I haven't booted Windows for a year on my own PC (and at this point I'm afraid to).

Windows 11 24H2 is coming so we can all shut up about Windows 12 for another year


I'm just grateful to Valve for Proton. Because of it I have been able to ditch Windows for good and be free and unburdened like a Tumbleweed.

The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops


Re: Flatpak and Disk Space

Yes the first Flatpak will get the whole base image, but subsequent packages will often depend on some of the same images and utilize deduplication through Ostree. Nvidia packages tend to take a lot of space though as they're "special".

If you mix native and Flatpak it'll still take up some extra space ofcourse, though less than you'd think because of the deduplication. If you use an immutable distro that mainly uses Flatpak the sum total is not too different.

I take a mixed approach on opensuse Tumbleweed but I'm fortunate to have enough space that I don't care. I just enjoy that I don't have to grant root access to install 3rd party apps and they're kept separate from my "OS filsystem". But it's not everyone's cup of tea and that's fine.

Could immutability be a Leap too far for openSUSE users?


Re: re: A read-only root file system makes the OS much more resilient against disk corruption,

Not too different from Suse installing into a new snapshot and making it default, which I think is rather simple and lovely.

Asahi Linux team issues promising update on efforts to conquer Apple Silicon


I've worked with extremely talented developers for decades, from the UK, US and all over the world. I specialized in operating systems and have tremendous respect for the people I've worked with. The skill and experience of Marcan and his team is very impressive. And they're submitting fixes all over the Linux ecosystem for Aarch64 and sometimes AMD64. Anyone who has a care for Linux should celebrate the work of these incredible engineers.

Arm cooking up powerful Cortex-X CPU to beat iPhone performance, says industry watcher


Re: M

> Don’t bother.

Well, it’s just about the phones. But why not make an Mx competitor? Everyone talks about vertical integration but actually Asahi Linux goes like the clappers on Apple Mx, even ARM Windows in a VM is nippy proving that Apple Mx chips are great general purpose chips and someone else could do the same. In fact Qualcomm/Nuvia are trying to do just that, though it’s obvious that the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite is originally a server chip hastily re-moulded for PCs but it’s a start. ARM do have cores trying to compete closer to this space but they’re not quite “there”.

Well, actually I’m dreaming about RISC-V on the desktop but if it happens it’ll take a bit longer. Companies like Qualcomm and AMD (yes, they’re looking at it again) are working on Aarch64 at this time..

Apple sets new 16,000-foot iPhone drop test after 737 fuselage fail



My buddy stupidly dropped a Nokia 3110 out of his pocket while skydiving. Found it in many pieces in a field.

The Register's 2023 in gaming had one final boss: Baldur's Gate 3


Yes, not only is it very clearly a labor of love with so much stuff they didn't *have* to put in there but also they've released extra content that would normally be part of a paid DLC or a more pricey "definitive edition" later but we got it for free, now, as maintenance releases. And it's replayable, not only because it may just be the greatest game ever but also because there are so many paths one can take through the game.

Oh, and lets mention the music: Borislav Slavov is an absolute master and he can play our feelings like an instrument with his spectacular compositions.

Larian stands entirely above the industry at this point and I have nothing but love for them.

BG3 plays well on my laptop with proton. The two games I've been playing last year were BG3 and Valheim which is fun to play with friends.

Is it time for 6G already? Traffic analysis says yep


Re: Doh!

At least where I live 5G is being rolled out on 600MHz (in addition to higher bandwidth sub-6 frequencies), giving it better range, structure penetration and reliability than 4G - so fewer not-spots. 5G also have a number of technologies in the protocol making it more reliant and spectrum efficient. New shorter range higher frequencies will be for for more densely populated areas which makes sense anyway, the point of 5G is not really about the individual getting higher speeds but about more users per cell.

If it seems more flaky to you it'll be because of the gradual rollout where it has very few channels allocated to begin with whereas your local tower still have 3-4 channels on 4G, so better coverage but only for now.

Asahi's Fedora remix dazzles and baffles on Apple Silicon


I was never quite sure why people say KDE is complicated, I assume it's about the settings app which has a lot of stuff? Maybe it's subjective, I rarely need to change settings so perhaps that's why I don't mind. I hear they've tidied Settings a bit for KDE 6 but hopefully not removed too much.

In any case, the Asahi people have not made any commitments or predictions about the availability of M3, OGL 4.x, Vulkan or what will be in Fedora 40. That's entirely on the author.

Google Groups ditches links to Usenet, the OG social network



Google search have deteriorated though, their ranking system probably highly influenced by "commercial interests"...

The truth about Dropbox opening up your files to AI – and the loss of trust in tech


I've been enjoying my free 12GB Dropbox for a long time. Everything is accessed through Cryptomator except Joplin Notes which has its own encryption. It doesn't matter who the cloud provider is, one should always consider an extra client side encryption on top.

Microsoft floats bringing a text editor back to the CLI


Re: There are some options...

Oh Micro has a Win version? It's my default terminal editor on Linux, it's convenient and supports global copy/cut/paste with ctrl-c/x/v through wl-clipboard.

In any case, I think MS would probably prefer to make their own.

The 15-inch MacBook Air just nails it


I don't mind macOS but I'm dreaming of one of these with Asahi Fedora. Marcan have just enabled the speakers on the M1 Air and they're just as good sounding as on macOS, I can't imagine it'll be long before they're enabled on the M2 Air. Then only missing bit for me is the microphone.

Wayland takes the wheel as Red Hat bids farewell to X.org


KDE on X

Plasma 6 dev version supports X and was stable with X first, but will default to Wayland.

Anyway 2025 seems like a good target in general. I've happily been using Wayland for a while but some folks are still awaiting a few features.

As for how long it has been in development I think it's worth mentioning that in the beginning there were almost no-one working on it, people working on compositors had other priorities and once work started it was a volunteer here and there. So it's not all those years of all-hands-on-deck. Development on more protocols (maybe at an overly careful pace) and compositors have accelerated super-linearly in the last few years. And then there's Nvidia who was at first unwilling to use standard Wayand protocols and then just took it very slowly (they do own a big chunk of the market).

It's not like a Microsoft project where the company would decide to do something and immediately assign complete teams of full time engineers in all impacted departments and coordinate their work.

Copilot coming to Windows 10 to help navigate the OS's twilight years



Haven't booted my laptop into Windows since February and at this point I'm afraid to. Maybe I'll set it up in a VM so I can keep it like some sort of caged rodent.

Ubuntu for Arm64 laptops (plus RISC kit)



The Asahi team have done an incredible job, even as far as the remarkedly stable AGx driver in Rust that currently passes OpenGL 3.3 tests and was written in a very short time span and proved the suitability and benefits of Rust for drivers. It also supports the Vulkan driver that's coming along nicely. Also Eileen Yoon's repositories on github got updates these last two weeks for decoding h.264 and vp9 with the Apple Silicon Video Decoders, 265 to come.

But importantly: The Asahi team have discovered many Aarch64 related issues all over the place - kernel, Firefox, Pipewire, QT JavaScript, etc. etc. And not only do they submit bug reports, they usually attach suggested fix. Some of these bugs are present in rare cases on AMD64 but was found while testing on Asahi. So this project is benefiting the entire community.

Sorry Pat, but it's looking like Arm PCs are inevitable



"We take all our competition seriously, except this quickly growing threat that's already made significant inroads into the server market with Graviton (Amazon) and Ampere (Google, Microsoft Azure, Tencent, Equinix Metal, and Oracle) , has been conclusively proven on the desktop by Apple and have several big companies working on desktop chips (one of which consists of former Apple chip designers who designed the M-series). Uhuh, no, nothing to see here but we take all competition seriously."

Intel stock stumbles on report Nvidia is building an Arm CPU for PC market


They wouldn't do that, it's too expensive and gnarly. It's been done before and was never worth it. Besides the amd64 emulation on Aarch64 can be "fast enough" for a lot of applications.

NASA's Mars Sample Return mission is in danger of never launching



The US military probably costs $2bn a day, if only humanity could put a dampener on our tribal nature and desire to kill each other. Or with missions like this, we could see more International funding and cooperation (there's a lot of sample containers lying around up there), 14 countries worked on James Webb, so we can if we want to, though it's probably a lot easier to justify inventing/building parts than sending money.

Linux on the Arm-based Thinkpad X13S: It's getting there


Re: Still lots to do

Agreed, if you specifically buy to own it should not be online only. Though let's not mix it up: streaming services like Netflix is more like video rental and one doesn't have to watch much in a month for it to be quite a good deal compared to old fashioned rental, for those who prefer that over buy-to-own.

Fedora and Asahi Linux pals revamp installation process


I really want to buy a used/refurb Macbook Air M1 now, the Asahi folks have come far. I've enjoyed watching Asahi Lina write the GPU driver in Rust, which turned out to be a complete triumph for Rust drivers.

Linus Torvalds couldn't find an excuse to hold back Linux 6.5, so here it is



Normally I don't pay attention to kernel releases but I'm looking forward to the 6.6 or 6.7 kernel, provided the EEVDF scheduler lands. I've hitherto had to fix stutter/jitter in my games by reducing timeslices, and related parameters (similar to zen but on the standard kernel), which is a somewhat brutal way.

I know it's not the first time someone have claimed to have a better scheduler but one can hope and it does look good so far.

Charging your iPhone literally costs Apple millions as Batterygate saga slams shut



Well, they didn't exactly throttle to slow battery drain as the article claims. They throttled to prevent the sudden reboot when the CPU got busy and a sudden voltage drop occurred from an ageing battery.

I had a LG phone, I knew it was time to replace the battery when it started rebooting seemingly randomly. I've know people who replaced then phone at that point because they didn't know the cause.

As numerous others have said: a notification would have been nice.

Intel adds fresh x86 and vector instructions for future chips


Re: Stripping out 32-Bit arch.

They’ve published a whitepaper proposing to remove the support for 32bit kernels, not 32bit apps.

Apple on the other hand dropped support for 32bit apps with the M1.

Framework starts taking orders for 16-inch repairable, upgradeable laptop


Re: Way to Go

I wonder if they’re supported by TLP for Linux, then you could set battery charge thresholds from the command line or permanently in /etc/tlp.conf

Slackware wasn't the first Linux distro, but it's the oldest still alive and kicking



I also tried out Slackware and Redhat next to my OS/2, so many floppies, does other readers still wake up in a cold sweat hearing bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz “CRC Error”?… but didn’t really do much with Linux until later with Suse, OS/2 was my jam.

These days I enjoy the super quick no-faff install of EndeavourOS, btrfs with snapper, Wayland and as one of the very few (maybe only) here I really enjoy systemd despite my grey/white beard.

Three signs that Wayland is becoming the favored way to get a GUI on Linux



My beard is more white now which is a disappointing development. However I am one of the very few old ones here who enjoys Systemd (bring out torches and pitchforks) and now also Wayland. The KDE compositor had the last bug that was bothering me fixed just recently.

Wayland progress may have been glacial in the past but development have accelerated a lot now, not just the Wayland protocols but also the different compositors using it as well as GFx drivers.

The new Thunderbird is also great, btw.

Why you might want an email client in the era of webmail


It's good!

I changed back to TBird when it started supporting Google Contacts and Calendar natively, instead of through plugins that broke with every update. It has always been a bit clunky but using the beta they've polished it a lot and there is a whole lot of customizeability in the new UI.

I know it's against Forum rules here, but I sometimes enjoy change, even though I'm approaching old age, though in this case it's mostly configurable (the TBird changes).

Asahi Linux developer warns the one true way is Wayland


They have found related to ARM builds in all kinds of places: QT5 JS Engine, GCC miscompiling things, libebrtc PipeWire, Linux core atomic ops were broken on ARM64 including breaking the workqueue code, etc. I've also seen them submitting many other bugfix patches to projects not specifically related to ARM but found because of their work - when they raise a bug it is often with a suggested fix included or even a patch which is fantastic.

In addition they're doing a lot of work with Rust for Linux because of Asahi Lina's AGx GPU driver that has really tested the upcoming Rust support in Linux.

So the project is finding a lot of issues, and fixing them. They're very productive.


Re: Nope

You'll have to keep an eye on things yourself but Waypipe shows that it's possible for the SSH -X crowd. Personally I just use RDP because lazy.

Spain gets EU cash to test next gen network, and US 'scrum for 6G' already under way


Re: " How much better do mobile networks really have to be by 2030-ish?"

It may not matter where you are but in densely populated areas around the world 5G is already mitigating congestion mostly using sub-6 bands, much more rarely mmWave. In some cities where 5G "seems no better" what this really means is that 4G alone by now would have been much slower due to congestion. In other places maybe only one channel on towers run 5G while 2-4 others remain on 4G for the time being (each tower usually have 3-4 frequencies/bands), so 4G simply have better coverage even in 5G areas - something that will change over time.

And network utilization is only increasing so we need 5G to mitigate that congestion that's increasing in many places.

In Canada one of the channels being rolled out for 5G is 600MHz. It doesn't have a lot of bandwidth but very good range and penetration of buildings. So there will be better coverage, which is important here. 3.5GHz and higher is on the way for bandwidth and I believe Telus is testing mmWave which will only be relevant in very dense areas.

So, think of 5G as a more solid network, with more ability to handle load demands, better spectrum management and provisioning, and in some cases more bandwidth for the individual.

US watchdog grounds SpaceX Starship after that explosion



Well, as for the car it was intentionally placed inside the evacuation zone and cameras were placed filming it to document what would happen...

SpaceX's second attempt at orbital Starship launch ends in fireball


Re: Starship hasn't had the most successful history?

I thought so too. That colossal thing climbed 39km away from the surface in less than 3 minutes, with 4-6 engines out or failing. The view from below of the lit engines as the rocket itself was obscured by clouds was stunning.

Ubuntu 23.04 'Lunar Lobster' beta is here in all its glitchy glory



Having started life with HP-UX, TWM and FVWM I’ll comfortably use almost any Linux distrib and DE that’s fit for purpose and I’m the sole grumpy old man here who enjoys SystemD and use it a lot. I default to distributions with APT though for my own machines, usually KUbuntu for the desktop. It works well and almost anything has a package, I have experienced the same can’t be said of Pacman, and Arch distribs also often break stuff in corner cases nobody notices, until you need it.

Am tempted by Pop!_OS though, might spin it up in a VM one of these days. I see it has flatpack instead of Snap as well.

Europol warns ChatGPT already helping folks commit crimes


I understand these were just examples made by journalists to test the filters. As the article and Europol alludes to - the usage of these systems are really only limited to the imagination of the criminals and some of them are in fact very imaginative. And yes it is based on info that can be searched up but these machine models can gather the threads together in ways that are difficult or laborious for humans, so at least in some cases they make it much easier to achieve a goal, nefarious or otherwise.

How Arm aims to squeeze device makers for cash rather than pocket pennies for cores


Re: This is what Qualcomm does (or at least did)

Yeah, QC still charges a percentage of each device but only up to a certain ceiling. However, if you buy QC modems you ALSO have to buy a QC patent license. It is this double dipping many customers have been unhappy about.


I don't think any regret as they can do what they want because of their architectural license. Apple have already dropped some of the older ARM features/cruft from their own designs and simplified few things - so it's quite possible their ARM designs will remain on par with those future high end RISC-V chips for performance/power.

Having said that, they did have a job posting up a year or two ago for hiring a RISC-V guy, so they're probably doing the wise thing and keeping a close watch on it.


Re: RISC-V, here we come!

> In the short term, they make a pile of cash with this new licensing model. In the long-term, they let the rot set in, and sell it while they get behind RISC-V.

It's just the typical short-term profit focus with no regard for the future you always see when the bean counters take charge.

99 year old man says cryptocurrency is for idiots


Re: Quality of life?

Yes, it's not just about life expectancy. I see all these people in poor health, having acid reflux, migraines, constantly being tired, aches everywhere, various "lifestyle maladies" setting in, whereas relatively fit people seem to have a much more comfortable life in general both physically and mentally. Life starts to suck somewhere around 50 onwards and being fit makes a big difference.

There's also the thing that we have the potential to change. When first starting to exercise it was awful, the first 4-5 months of jogging was painful and every step was hateful, the following six months were easier but sometimes it wasn't easy to get motivated. After less than a year I started loving it and looking forward to it.

Thunderbird email client is Go for new plumage in July


I've used it for a number of decades and although I'm used to it the interface is definitely a clunky mess. The videos are very promising, especially with how they intend to make sure the interface is still customizable to some degree and he seems to address some of the concerns people might have.

Will it be a good improvement? We'll see, I'm not going to take out my pitchfork and torch already, I'm hoping for something good and I'll decide what I think when I try it.

Mozilla, like Google, is looking ahead to the end of Apple's WebKit rule


Re: Will I then be able to disable the sponsored search engines?

I don't think it's a problem. I have set search to DDG which seems to work fine and I have in fact turned off evil google/amazon/ebay/etc in search settings. That's good enough for me.

The homepage can also be customized in settings, I've removed Recommended by Pocket and Sponsored Shortcuts, only thing I have is recently visited which I like.

It all seems very reasonable to me.

Google works on Blink-based iOS browser contrary to Apple's WebKit rule


Yes, I'm personally looking forward to Apple being forced to opening up for other browsers, like a full Firefox. However, the downside is that it would get rid of one of the last barriers to full dominance of Google's Blink.

Apple releases Lisa source code on landmark machine's 40th birthday


People keep hinting that Apple stole it from Xerox. However, Xerox had invented these things but didn't quite know how to market it effectively, so they made a deal with Apple that Apple would see demonstrations of it all and in return Xerox would be allowed to buy a big juicy stake in Apple before the upcoming Apple IPO and make a lot of money.

During the demos Steve Jobs raved to both Apple and Xerox people about how great it was and what could be done with it and made it clear he would do so. There was no covert theft, just an open business deal that Xerox got somewhat less out of, especially because they gave it away (well, sold it for the right to buy cheap shares) rather that make a license deal and because they didn't keep the Apple shares.

Next-gen Qi2 wireless charging spec seeded by Apple


Re: 15W charging is "too slow"?

The iPhone have several options, one being "5G Auto: Enables Smart Data mode. When 5G speeds don’t provide a noticeably better experience, your iPhone automatically switches to LTE, saving battery life." and another one: "5G On: Always uses 5G network when it’s available. This might reduce battery life.". Android probably got something similar in phone Settings.

I'm not exactly sure how "5G Auto" works though, haven't tried comparing it to "5G On". We don't have mmWave where I live only up to 3.5GHz and the phone battery seem to last for days.

Intel: Please buy these new 13th-Gen CPUs, now with 24 cores


Re: Confusing or what?

I think generally the consumer buys a lightweight laptop, a gaming laptop, an office light or developer laptop, etc. People who buys CPUs for home builds will know what they want and appreciate more options, like no GPU, etc.

San Francisco investigates Hotel Twitter, Musk might pack up and leave


Re: No, way, they beat us?

He had a great deal to do with getting Space X for idea to the point where they had their first successful Falcon 9 landing. From deciding that affordable rockets were possible and hiring the right people, to insisting on pushing all the way to re-use risking it all,- read their history. That he is being "managed"now at SpaceX doesn't change that he has a lot of credit for where the company is today. He also pushed Tesla to the bring of bankruptcy but came out on the other side with mass production up and running.

He's better at getting things going. He will insist on pushing crazy ideas to either breaking it all or success, like rocket re-use. He's best with tech and doesn't understand Twitter is about people, not tech. He shouldn't run established companies and shouldn't be on social media. His success has also gone to his head. Power corrupts everyone, very few people can avoid it and he was not an empathic person even to begin with. He's an ass and getting worse.

I'm reminded of Shrek: He's like an onion, he has layers. Also he stinks.