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Google location tracking to forget you were ever at that medical clinic


Now to make this an option for all kinds of 'establishments'.

Liquor stores, marihuana 'clinics', border crossings, certain highway corridors, certain political offices, certain transit hubs, etc, etc.

And stop trying to tie my location history to my IMEI!!

Cisco compresses Catalyst switches to compact size


I suspect that

regardless of Cisco's cautionary availability statement, these new boxen are 'supply chain managed' products being cobbled together from what components Cisco can find.

Meteoroid hits main mirror on James Webb Space Telescope


probs ok

I once dropped a $600 cell phone on day three of ownership.........

Vivaldi email client released 7 years after first announcement


Time & Chaos / Intellect

is reasonable good for local 'PIM' email and calendaring client.

Decent backup save/restore/fix functionality as well.

Synopsys, Juniper Networks fuse to tackle silicon photonics


I remember not too far back the long-lamented ADC tried to do this on a really really big multi-year project.

After that failure, Tyco snapped the remnants of ADC at a massive discount around 2010

VMware customers have watched Broadcom's acquisitions and don't like what they see


is VMWare on the cusp of irrelevancy?

is it being kept alive by weight of numbers as well as sysadmins and management who are 'entrenched' with their skill sets?

There are plenty of bare metal alternatives from the new-fangled 'container' side of the tech world; many of them open source and well supported with well defined roadmaps.

Confirmed: Broadcom, VMware agree to $61b merger



will ARM emulation, nay, perchance even RISC-V emulation be available as a VM?

ServiceNow ordered a year's worth of hardware to avoid supply chain hassles


Doing the same thing

but not at this scale. We have supply chain baked into all of our IT and engineering environment planning, ordering kit a minimum of 2, preferably 3 quarters in advance of anticipated need.

Original killer PC spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 now runs on Linux natively



had the additional benefit in that is was first to 'market' with USGov and Military accounts on a very easy buy it now deal tied to standard laptop and desktop procurement contracts. The business flow (profits, commissions) from that little piece of business let a friend of mine retire to Costa Rica at the age of 40 (in 1995).

He's still there running his tourist dive charter business..........

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images


company fines are ineffective

Fines and enforcement actions need to be directed against executives, sized so as to be larger than any possible 'insurance' those individuals may have.

MIPS discloses first RISC-V chips coming in Q4 2022



MIPS architecture is at the core of a lot of Cisco gear. Wondering if C is looking RISC-V for new platforms.......

World needs multilateral chip tech export bans to hurt China – think tank


And 'China'.......

Is 300 million people living 'comfortable' lives on the back of another billion minimum wage slaves. Everyone stays in their lane, or caste, or ethnic group as approved by the party and enforced by party apparatus.

Just a difference of scale.

Could a leaky capacitor be at fault on ESA's Sentinel-1B?


check the supply chain...

see if the dodgy components came from the same source, factory, lot #......

Windows 11 usage stats within touching distance of... XP



'forced' Win11 updates can be blocked with a pair of easy registry entries......

Climate model code is so outdated, MIT starts from scratch


As long as the new models are fully open-sourced

and not kept under wraps as proprietary IP belonging somehow to the researchers or MIT.

2x on this for the complete data sets/

IBM highlights real-time fraud detection in z16 mainframe


Has Power10 broken cover

As the Telum CPU stack?

10x prices, year-long delays... Life as an electronics engineer in global chip shortage


One would think that the counterfeiters

could make more/equal money by going 'legit'.........

AMD unveils first CPU with 3D V-Cache tech, cheaper Ryzens



pin, socket, BIOS compatible with existing mobos?

Microsoft slides ads into Windows Insiders' File Explorer


The mistake was enabling the ads

The deliberate decision was to incorporate the code into File Explorer.

I'll bet that code will remain, just waiting for msft to one day 'accidentally' enable it again.

One wonders how invasive that code really is? Does it monitor my computer and file system usage? if it sees me with a large amount of fresh raw photo images, will I be pummeled with ads for Adobe products? Does it notice that I cache local copies of monthly security and bug fix distributions? will it them 'accidentally' turn on the local sharing of msft updates?

Can of worms here........

We have redundancy, we have batteries, what could possibly go wrong?



you know the one....

Who refused to invest in UPS protections because (his words) "electricity doesn't have an IP address"........

IT blamed after HR forgets to install sockets in new office


A 'digital expert'

......who somehow conned their way into the CIO-ship of an international agriculture company.

Quickly realizing they were in over their head, critical internal functions were single-source out-sourced to Accenture/ATOS (lift and shift, upgrade in place, it's easy, etc), who then proceeded to muck it up including a transition/consolidation of SAP.

The CIOs response; it was to run through two complete sets of direct reports, fired on the basis of 'not doing their job' or 'hard to get along with' or 'unable to work with external consultants'.

After 18 months of this, the executive board finally caught on, had a heart-heart talk with the CEO, and the CIO (and Accenture) was history.

Those of us who were caught up in the madness get together once in a while to laugh over beers.

Volcano 'shredded' submarine cable, vastly complicating repair job


bandwidth and response time

Terrestrial fiber cable still and for the foreseeable future, 'beats' any satellite system for raw bandwidth and latency.

Charismatic technocrats are still tied to the laws of physics.

Dark-mode Task Manager unveiled by original's creator


netsetman is your friend, as is a little network monitor from itsamples.com


Slow news day?

How about just making all of the windows system-level utilities, sysinternals and powertoys included, skinnable and theme-able...........

NASA's InSight probe emerges from Mars dust storm


Will someone explain to me why

an irrational Earthly fear of all things plutonium let to the discontinuance of reliable RTGs for space exploration?

Arm rages against the insecure chip machine with new Morello architecture


Need more info

the 'pointer control and compartmentalization' sounds very much like a family of features that have been in Power since 2010 or so......

How can we recruit for the future if it takes an hour to send an email, asks Air Force AI bigwig in plea for better IT


Given the way the military works...

perhaps their best path is smart/thin terminals and some kind of remote desktop arrangement against central servers/mainframes.

Seriously, take the responsibility and authority for end-user 'computing' away from local officials and civil servants and get back to a centralized model that fits the way the 'system' is known to work. People can still have their PowerPoint and Teams. Or linux-based. Or whatever.

Plus, all of those GS 9-15 local idiots that currently hide behind their desks are made redundant in favor of local techs or contractors who do nothing but swap broken thin terminal out.

Yup, this is an issue I have strong and unpopular opinions on.

Saved by the Bill: What if... Microsoft had killed Windows 95?


at the time....

//greybeard recollection warning//

IBM was looking at OS/2 not only as a standalone OS, but to be the user exec for their other systems; AIX, MVS, and AS/400. Those systems we all know were (and continue to be) dominated by the classic green-screen. Having passed on an opportunity to buy Apple, IBM was looking to push their three dominate systems down-scale into small business and home user environments. NT and OS/2 were to be the gateway drugs in that effort. The MSFT interface was for home consumers while a similar but more 'focused' Workplace Shell was for business. Either UI would have been able to run on the same hosting OS and on multiple hardware architectures.

Even then there was early work in flight to condense the multi-chip implementation of the RS/6000 chipset into what became the Moto 68x influenced Power architecture. The roadmaps that eventually pulled in the then independent MVS and AS/400 CPU implementations into Power were largely in place in the mid-1990s.

IBM stumbled twice at that point. It was the unfortunate delay in getting viable PPC/Power cpus into the market (PPC 601 was a disaster for everyone but Apple) which in turn was a key factor in losing the desktop UI and developer base to Wintel.

OS/2 (Workplace Shell really) running on PPC 604e was pretty damned fast but the economies of scale for systems production just wasn't there. AFAIK, Workplace Shell never made it onto Power.

IBM tried to pick up the pieces with OS/2 partnerships on both Sun and Xerox. The Xerox hookup in particular was interesting as it was bringing the Most Excellent Xerox XDE and ViewPoint/GlobalView environments to a user exec that could in theory run on the three classic IBM hardware platforms plus the evolving 16/32 bit Intel platforms. Alas, the best that partnership could deliver was a Xerox Mesa emulator card (ISA FTW!!) that would run under Solaris/Sparc or Intel-OS/2.

First they came for Notepad. Now they're coming for Task Manager


Heaven help us....

If the MSFT UX 'managers' every get their fangs into sysinternals.........

TSMC allocates a third more on capital spending in 2022 – that's a fab-ulous $44bn on new plants and other things


Location, location, location......

Any official word how many of these new fabs will be located, er, at distance from the PRC?

Snap continues to make a spectacle of itself as it tries to trademark the word spectacles


it's clear to see that.......

they are gathering / consolidating IP and patents that will be part of their 'assets' for sale when snap inevitably collapses.

Car makers lock in long-term deals with chip giants for future autonomous vehicles


It's always going to come down to

who owns the fabs, how redundant/dispersed they are, and how close to full capacity they are running. Running a high-speed supply chain that has no elasticity is, well, just stupid.

Multiply that by the discredited but not yet abandoned 'just in time' supply chain mess, and you have a recipe for "we aint' learned nothin this time either" repeat of recent events.......

Time to party like it's 2002: Acura and Honda car clocks knocked back 20 years by bug


The GWRO 'problem'....

has been documented for years. There was at least one article on it right here at El Reg.......

AMD claims up to 24 hours of laptop battery life with its latest Ryzen 6000 silicon


the big question will be

will catalyst/whatevernameAMDusesnextmonth drivers for the new cpu/chipset/gpu be useable on Windows 10?

Europe completes first phase of silicon independence project


The kiss of death here is.........

"partnered with Atos"

China's road to homegrown chip glory looks to be going for a RISC-V future


The melding of RICS-V and MIPS is 'interesting'

As MIPS-based CPUs are still at the core of most Cisco network gear.

Meg Whitman – former HP and eBay CEO – nominated as US ambassador to Kenya


Re: Give Biden some credit

Forget not one April Glaspie and her early, little known, contribution to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait......

Meg has big shoes to fill, and she is just industrious enough to do it!


not unlike some of her other 'gigs'...

"The company raised, and burned through, $1.75 billion. And flopped after attracting just 72,000 subscribers."

Was that HP/HPE or Quibi?

Aircraft can't land safely due to interference with upcoming 5G C-band broadband service



no C Band 5G within 15 miles of an airport for the next 5 years?


The Ministry of Silly Printing: But I don't want my golf club correspondence to say 'UNCLASSIFIED' at the bottom


I note with no small amount of wonder......

That Uniplex appears to be 'alive'.


Samsung reveals buzzword-compliant DRAM ready for 5G, AI, edge, and metaverses


lifetime r.w cycles?

system ram at that kind of density really needs to publish it's life-expectancy and median failure rates.

Could be cheap-as-chips but if it's only good for 18 months, then your shiny new $1000 device (or $2500 premium notebook) becomes a shiny new brick.

Remember when you thought fax machines were dead-matter teleporters? Ah, just me, then


And yet....

The plain-paper encrypted G4 fax machine, most notably those economy models mass produced by Xerox in Ireland in the mid-late 1980s, were arguably the single most effective 'weapon' supporting the Solidarity trade union and the Catholic Church in Poland and Czechoslovakia. which in turn led directly to the collapse of East Germany and the Warsaw Pact.

The Velvet Revolution was enabled by information exchange, not MBTs and IRBMs.......

Tesla slams into reverse, pulls latest beta of Full Self-Driving software from participating car owners


This statement needs soem clarification...

"It is impossible to test all hardware configs in all conditions"

How many variations of Teslas cars are there? And how limited are their 'lab' and test track facilities?

LAN traffic can be wirelessly sniffed from cables with $30 setup, says researcher


so-called security researcher...

recycles all too common security and EE knowledge from 40 years ago, claims originality, convinces ill-educated media and press to run his research, gains profit.

Next week, the re-discovery of the wheel and fire.

Infosys admits it still hasn't fully fixed Indian tax portal


population of India @ 1,396,531,521 divided by a claimed 30,000,000 transactions yields an 'engagement' rate of what, 2 percent (assuming my own aged vision hasn't crossed up the decimal point)

Need US mobile data? Cellular data plan launches on the Helium Blockchain



one buzzword from column a, one from column b, and another from column c.......

South Korea fines Google ₩207 billion for forking up attempts at creating Android variants


Behind every "behemoth"...

Is a collection of human beings that can be 'stung' by punitive fines......

Patch now? Why enterprise exploits are still partying like it's 1999


"Technical Debt"

working a project right now whose sole reason for being is to clear a few years of accumulated tech debt (doc'd via Jira) including a massive backlog of security and reliability patches.

As you might understand, we are pushing this project as rapidly as possible to stop the REMFs from diverting us into things like GUI look-pretty cruft (ooh, Dark Mode!), double-byte language support for the lower-slobovian market and so on.

It's not an easy slog.

Power users of Microsoft OneDrive suffer massive inconvenience: Read-only files


at least it wasn't

expired certificates again, that problem took what, 3-4 years to 'fix' in the 365 and Azure world......



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