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Apple moves to patent mobile color

Mago Mgi

Carbon is beautiful - let it be Apple!

I agree with Kanhef, the way the carbon composites change in different light is pleasing to the eye. Colouring it makes it look plain and boring it might as well be PVC or aluminum. Personally I wouldn't mind a "raw" carbon laptop.

Right! I'm off to stare lovingly at my bike frame again...

Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment

Mago Mgi

It would help me...

I can 'get by' in 5 languages and honestly feel that English is pretty irrational compared to the other European/Semitic languages I see. I reckon only French is more confusing but then, when you look at English, it's almost always the French loan-words that cause problems. The Germanic core of Ænglish is, like German itself, pretty straightforward when it comes to spelling.

Most people I know & work with are not native English speakers, it is usually their second to fourth tongue - they certainly do not speak or write better English than natives but they generally try harder, are not overconfident and have a wider, more flexible view of language.

It is pretty daft that Americans are worse than Brits at spelling because many American-English words are simpler and more logically spelt (colour - color, defence - defense etc.).

Personally I think the language is long-overdue for an overhaul and I think the growth of 'txt' spelling will probably speed-up the rationalisation of English. Sadly it would also probably hasten the process of making the world a less rich, narrow-minded and monoglot place.

PS I didn't check my spelling/grammar so I apologise for any errors.

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

Mago Mgi

Difficult system

Imperial measurements are awkward to use. I'm forty-five but find Metric units easier to use and more logical. I never used imperial measurements at work or my personal life (OK miles in the car- but the speedo on my bike was in Km/h), there is no need for Roman standards. it's not like anything gets produced specifically for the UK any more.

The UK has really lost the plot- the longer it is left the more painful it will be and it is disruptive to kids learning. Fortunately I managed to leave to live on the Eurasian Peninsula, since moving here I have also found the joys of the Euro.

I guess that this whole thing shows why America's largest aircraft carrier is going down the pan.


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