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Wii propels Nintendo sales to record heights

Costa Mihalidis
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@So what next ?

i dont think Nintendo needs anyone

sofar they've done a terrific job ignoring all the other players (and socalled trend setters) and created various kick-ass products.

the profit they made off of them is amazing, and i'm sure they have enough cash to design the next gen product. And if they don't then their current success will have investors lined up to create the next killer app.

have you seem them strike out?? -cause i havent

And i love how humble they have remained, how they keep listening to the small guys, as oppose to some other brands who think they own the world and can do whatever they want (Apple being one of them)

They really don't need anyone - keep it up Nintendo

Nasty PDF exploit runs wild

Costa Mihalidis

no longer executable attachments are dangerous

what i'm worried about is that the conventional notion of only _executable_ attachments being dangerous no longer applies

we've already seen MS-Word documents (using macros) and other types of non-executable (now including pdf) documents become dangerous

non-informed, or casual informed users will not expect dangers from such attachments and happily open them not expecting anything bad to happen.

i dont really have a point here, except to say that it's impossible for all users to get streetwise to every possible threat.

kudos to Adobe for fixing this thing quickly

First RIAA file-sharing trial begins

Costa Mihalidis

@ 3. That plaintiff holds the copyright to the copyrighted work.

yes - have a look here


it says this "The RIAA submitted screenshots of the shared folder SafeNet discovered on KaZaA, stipulating that the plaintiffs owned the copyright to the songs. One problem: the documentation provided by the RIAA doesn't appear to support the claim."

and then there is a list of songs - who is the copyright holder according to the RIAA and who is the copyright holder according to the certificate of registration

"Appetite for Destruction" - UMG Recordings - The David Geffen Company

"The Comfort Zone" - UMG Recordings - Polygram Records

"Control" - UMG Recordings - A&M Records, Inc.

"Frontiers" - Sony BMG - CBS, Inc.

"Let it Loose" - Sony BMG - CBS, Inc.

"Get a Grip" - UMG Recordings - Geffen Records

"Hysteria" - UMG Recordings - Mercury Records

"If You See Him" - UMG Recordings - MCA Records Nashville

So it seems that the RIAA says that the song is theirs while this is not the case.

this will be an interesting trial

Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates

Costa Mihalidis

about the backdoor

if i was a hacker, i would be delighted to learn that microsoft has a build-in backdoor

if i was a hacker i would set out to find how it works and make my own "patch" - just imagine, an undetectable rootkit (just ask Sony how to do it)

- complete access - and the user wouldn't even have to click on anything, email OR funny links

i wonder if antivirus programs would be able to detect something like this

Mystery radio bursts from the depths of the universe

Costa Mihalidis


i'm a loyal seti fan for many years now

and the seti@home project has been running on my system for an equal amount of years

i was just wondering why it is that they never picked up on this with all that donated cpu power..

or maybe they have and haven't told us about it..

just curious

Halo 3 packaging in disk-scratch rumpus

Costa Mihalidis

Just done well

True - Halo3 is nothing revolutionary in terms of game play,

its just a plain FPS shooter, but its rather well done.

Nice graphics, nice sound, storyline isn't bad

the editor is cool

And about the hype - who's to blame, honestly, your average gamer drooling all over this title or MS trying to make a buck??

If i was MS i'd hype it, and as has become apparent they indeed managed to make a nice mountain of cash on the first day

PS, can somebody tell me why games for consoles are so freakin' expensive compared to PC?? i mean come on.. 60 bucks for a game.. gimme a break..

PC games rarely exceed 40 bucks and they're usually on par with console games

Adobe captures ebook standard. What now?

Costa Mihalidis

the future

i sincerely believe eBooks & ebook readers are the way forward especially in the world of education.

I've seen (and briefly used) a sony reader and i'm very very impressed by it - you actually forget that you're holding something electronic and think you're reading a paper book - something that is simply not possible on a clunky notebook or a small-screen PDA

I'd like to give my kid an eBook and have him go to school with that instead of him lugging 20 books / day - thats just nasty

BUT its still early - sony sells for 300+ and Amazon for 400+ (when it eventually is released) and books are expensive too.

Once it gets going and becomes mainstream prices should go down a bit

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

Costa Mihalidis

RE Thank god we still got pints

i'm at the other side of the pond

we don't have pints here - we just have "normal" beers and a "large" beers

if somebody tries to order 0,5 liters of beer, i'm pretty sure that'll make headline news in the pub :D