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Flying cars and bikes


I remember the time when mobile phones hit the market. My father was using BPL mobile phone, such a heavy one. But I never thought that piece of the device would redefine our daily life.

The same could be expected in the automobile industry. In recent times the automobile industry has worked for hand in hand with IoT and artificial intelligence tech giants to deliver the smartest safest vehicle. Cars/trucks are becoming large smart devices with smart braking ability, more fuel-efficient, and mapping technology for autonomous driving.

The complete autonomous vehicles will hit the road pretty soon. I do not doubt that. Hopefully, it can bring down the mortality rate by accidents. For me, the much anticipated or expected change in the modern tech sector is flying cars and bikes. Many may say that it's a distant dream. But I don't believe that.

We have seen that many companies have come up with flying taxi concepts. Pretty soon the expos will host models that can fly high above the human expectations.

Big data is playing a quintessential part in the customization of vehicles as well, notifying car owners of when their vehicles need maintenance. The flying car models could be a boost to the Car as a Service.


I believe these kind of discovery/innovation will transform the commute.

In near future we surely can lay our hands on flying bikes and cars for sure. Hurray