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UK gov to issue child boozing guidelines


This is not the title you are looking for... [hand wave]

"...it is legal for someone aged over five to consume alcohol ..."

So we have to be prepared for hordes of pissed up toddlers roaming the streets this evening then?

Spacewalking astronaut drops toolbag

Paris Hilton


If it had had Gucci embroided onto it, I bet she wouldn't have let go so easily!

Paris, cos... oh what the hell...

Catholic priests cane YouTube over blasphemous vids


How many....

biscuits do I have to collect to make a whole Jesus?

OMFG, what have you done?

Thumb Up


What a suprise... starting to like it though.

Keep up the good work!

Brits can't distinguish history from the TV listings


Who did they poll for this?

I certainly didn't get asked any questions like this. Although, I don't watch any of the dross that is broadcast by any of the TV stations, so I probably don't fit into their metric - having a brain being the biggest disadvatage.

The duffle coat with the books in the pocket please - no not the Daily Star, the books!

BOFH: Memory short circuit


Re: Pound notes

£5, £10, £20 & £50 notes are still called "pound notes".. made perfect sense to me. :)

Video games blamed for England Euro flop


The main problem

as already stated by a number of posters, is the bleedin money that goes into this "game".

Watching the Rugby World Cup recently, 95% plus of players there were there for their country - they even sang the national anthems - some even cried! When was the last time you saw those ignorant fucks in the Engerland Football Squad show that amount of pride?

The Rugby boys weren't there for the money, but by god they put on a good show... World Champions going in (when was the last time the football jerks could claim that - 66?), and regretably losing iin the final due to a very dodgy decision.

Cut the money, get more pride into the game and then we shall see results.

Nigerian keyboard firm sues One Laptop per Child


Will the papers start

"Dear Mr OLPC

I am xxxxxx and represent the late founder of the LAGOS keyboard company who recently passed away leaving £12 gazillion dollars...."


Fancy an invisible dog that dances on stilts?


According to the blurb

I can keep a squirel in my pocket!

I wants a squirel!