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After six months of stonewalling by Apple, app dev goes public with macOS privacy protection bypass

Phones Sheridan

“he doesn't intend to participate in the future”

He’s just answered the question of why are Apple not responding. If bug reporters give up and go away, then there must be no bugs to report. Look at our highly secure program. No one is finding any bugs in it!

You wait ages for a mid-air collision spoofing attack and along come two at once: More boffins take a crack at hoodwinking TCAS

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So all a miscreant needs is a hacked DJI Phantom with a max flying height of 19000 feet, an FCPGA powered transponder on board or possibly one powered by a PI running a C++ app, and if they get it close enough to a jet they could con it into taking a dive to avoid a crash. Wonderful.

I wonder how eager the aeroplane manufacturers were to let these guys at the system, of if the security testers had to gain access via other means.

Detroit cops cuffed, threw a dad misidentified by facial recognition in jail. Now the ACLU's demanding action

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Re: The problem is not the AI, it's the police

Exactly the same thing kept happening to Hilton McRae after appearing in the The execution of Gary Glitter fake documentary. He kept facing attacks in the street from enraged lynch-mob TV viewers unable to distinguish his acting performance from reality.

One year ago, Apple promised breakthrough features to help iPhone, iPad, Mac owners with disabilities. It failed them

Phones Sheridan

I think the lack of progress can be down to disabled people not being the target demographic of Apple. Apple shiny’s are a lifestyle statement. “Look at me, everything is beautiful, and so am I and my Apple, were perfect!”.

To develop tools for the disabled is a passive admission that not everyone is perfect, and that some people need additional functionality to perform tasks. Apple on the other hand like to brag how they specialise in reducing tasks to a minimum compared to other platforms, they use it as a selling point.

If they start to offer additional functionality for disabled users, and it works, then you can bet that it will work just as well for the non-disabled and they will start to use it. Then suddenly apples minimalistuc UI is no longer it’s selling point. Better to do nothing and hope disabled customers go somewhere else and stop making the brand appear ugly.

Me cynical? I’ve found that with Apple I’ve never managed to run out of it. The cynicism just keeps flowing.

Apple says if developers are unhappy with its App Store decisions, it will entertain appeals against its rulings – and even its own rules

Phones Sheridan

My cousin Vinney.

“That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought out objection..... Overruled!”

The above will be the template all appeals will follow.


Ex-barrister reckons he has a privacy-preserving solution to Britain's smut ban plans

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Paris Hilton

Playground swapping

This would just force kids to go back to the playground disk-swapping of the 90s, or even a resurgence of the skin-mags. Kids that want porn will find a way even if it's searching through the bins of news-agents for the coverless throw-aways. I know I did!

NASA scientists mull sending a spacecraft on a 13-year mission to visit Neptune's 'bizarre' moon, Triton

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"How could an ancient moon six times farther from the Sun than Jupiter still be active?,"

The answer’s simple....

That’s no moon!


58 Starlinks scattered across sky, Rocket Lab aims for back-to-back launches, and Skyrora hops 6km above Shetland

Phones Sheridan

A quick google answers my question. They were using 301, which has less corrosion resistance than 304, a higher tensile strength, but less ductility. It's also a lot cheaper. So they've solved the problem by spending a bit more money :)

Phones Sheridan

It would be interesting to know what material they have made the switch from. If it was 316ti, then they have sacrificed corrosion resistance and a bit of tensile strength for increased ductility and weldability, i.e. it can be deformed more before failure and the welds are more likely to hold. Not to sure about making their own alloys though. We pretty much know how all the various grades of steel perform in pretty much all circumstances now and it's been a long time since anyone came up with a new steel alloys. We've had improvements in Armox, Hardox Strenx and the third party compatibles, but they tend to be incremental improvements after a 10 year development cycle, i.e. the last Armox improvement reduced the thickness of 9mm material down to 6mm over 10 years while maintaining the same ballistic resistance and relative weight. Then again some bright spark might have had the idea to solve a problem with a new material, and patent the results to block out all the other Thunderbird 3 wannabes.

You know Facebook has an image problem when major nonprofits start turning down donations over political lies

Phones Sheridan

"What to do if there's a second lockdown"

I was thinking create a library of photographs of beauty spots and beaches, then posting them every couple of days onto social media to give the impression that I'm in the middle of a world trip. The curtain twitching daily mail readers would be frothing at the mouth, spamming their report buttons and dialling 999 repeatedly if the current lockdown is anything to go by.

Microsoft tweaks its 'New Outlook' for Mac – but no support for Exchange on-premises yet

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Re: Is screen real estate really so unimportant to these UI designers?

Yes but these are Mac users. They don't do "actual" work. The boxes just sit there on or around a desk looking pretty while their owners drool over pictures of the next upcoming iphone.

What could possibly make a cranky crocodylomorph more terrifying? How about one that chases you on its hind legs?

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Re: "consistent with terrestrial or semi-terrestrial adaptation"

I for one welcome our new 140 million year old reptilian overlords!

Micros~1? ClippyZilla? BSOD Bob? There can be only one winner. Or maybe two

Phones Sheridan

Missed "Crash Gordon" in the original comments

Might be showing my age, but maybe Crash Corrigan!

Phones Sheridan

Micros~1 for some reason reminds me of when Lindows renamed itself Lin---s (pronounced Lindash) after being sued by MS, and MS sued again anyway because Lin was 66% similar to Win, or some other such stupidity.

You can't have it both ways: Anti-coronavirus masks may thwart our creepy face-recog cameras, London cops admit

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Lookie likey

This co-incides with a thought I had yesterday about a business selling facemasks that had a picture of a celebrity from the top of the nose down printed on it. If you had a similar hairstyle, or wore sunglasses and a cap then at first glance you would appear like the celebrity of your choice to passersby as they passed you at 2 meters whilst exercising. A few hundred Ariana Grande's and David Beckhams walking round town during the day would really screw up their database.

That icon cos it looks like a facemask. Hmm I might just print one out!

Surge in Zoom support requests was 'unexpected', says tool team as it turns taps down

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Re: Modify your audio settings when not in a meeting...

Up on the top right, click on the little grey cog, then "Audio" then you can select your microphone.

If you say "click on settings" when dealing with non-technical types, 99.9% of the time the person you are trying to help, is looking for the word "settings".

Go on, hit Reply All. We dare you. We double dare you. Because Office 365 will defeat your server-slamming ways

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Re: One company I worked at found a different solution

You must have worked at the same place as me, cos I removed the button from everyone's Outlooks the day an email that should never have left the 4 walls of the company I worked for, ended up in the inbox of a supplier. Luckily the sender of the email belonged to the C department, so it really was his fault he didn't look who had ended up included into this email-storm that had been brewing over the best part of a day.

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

Phones Sheridan

Almost 365

I'd call it Almost 365. Because it's never quite achieved it!


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