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US prosecutors: Hey, you know how we said 'net gambling was OK? LMAO, we were wrong

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Problem is, that if you can't pool accrued stakes across State lines, there's not enough liquidity to operate a viable online gambling business (see Powerball, etc).

Core players provide most of the liquidity and the cohort of core online gamblers is pretty small - circa <20% of total players provide circa >80% of revenue.

It's not like the State Lotto, where a large player base spend a couple of dollars a week; although Scratchcards similarly rely on a core player base as above.

Drug cops stopped techie's upgrade to question him for hours. About everything

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Went on a perfectly legitimate business trip taking in Istanbul and Kiev. Coming back through B'ham Airport got stopped by Border Security - for the umpteenth time. They took me to a secluded area and proceeded to ask me string of questions: Why did I go? Who did I work for? Why do I travel so frequently? Etc, etc, etc.

Questioning went on for about 20 minutes. I was tired and just wanted to get home. Finally, one guy asked me, in a conversational tone, "Have you been to China?" Unfortunately, at that point I lost it. "Why, have you got some holiday snaps?" I retorted. There was a long silence and no hint of a smile. 'Oh sh*t', I thought here come the cavity searches. Finally one of them said "Now, now sir" and that was that. I was allowed to go. I took care to maintain my equilibrium for subsequent trips/stoppings.

'It's back to the drawing board...' Innocent axions found not guilty of dark matter crimes

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If the Universe is infinite, Star Trek exists.

Tech contractors begin mass UK.gov exodus in wake of HMRC's IR35 income tax clampdown

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Hang on... a lot of the contractors who are responsible for massive cost overruns are doing one? RESULT!

Boffins build R2-WEE-2: The urine-powered robot with a human-like heart

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Oh Yes....

....it's all laughs and titters until they start ripping meat bags apart to get at their bladders.

Assange™ in court to fight extradition order

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Paris Hilton

How bad.....

...can a 'Swedish' interrogation be?

I bet Paris knows how to do one..

Brit outfit rolls own virtual server appliances

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I have no idea....

.....what you just said, but....YAY!

Blunkett: 'The dog howls when I whip out my ID card!'

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That's a funny pet name....

....to call yer cock.

Coat... I'l get it.

Are West Bromwich Borg pliers actually side cutters?

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Paris Hilton

For goodness sakes El Reg....

Your Tools look filthy.

Gotts keep your tools clean lads.. you might need 'em.

Paris, 'cos she knows how to clean a tool properly.

12 of the best... travel gadgets

Al Pha

Good Luck...

trying to get that knife on the plane...

Hope you like cavity searches administered by a big customs guy with no medical training.

Lost jungle tribe research: Nice guys can get the girls

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Sounds Like.....

Wolverhampton on a Saturday night (I should know I live there).

Mine's the Kevlar waistcoat.

Shuttle astronauts: Aliens are definitely out there

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They're already here and taking over.

Boris Johnson.

Mine's the Cocoon with the zip up the back. Rectum? They d*mn near.....

Newcomer punts miniature 'pub phone'

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Er, £130? I think Not

It's called the Haier Elegance Black Pearl on Ebay. You can pick one up for around £60-£70.

Iiiiiit's Rip-off time!!!

iPod Nano in airport trouser conflagration horror

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Your mission Jim....

MI updated for the ipod generation?

Serena banks on Microsoft workplace challenge

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I just read this article, and do you know what? I have no idea what it's about. Not a clue. Some girl called Serena is doing a 'mashup' or something.

All I read was blah...blah..mashup(?)...blah...blah...roadmap...etc.etc.

I want my 3 minutes back.