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University still living in the Nineties seeks help with move to SAP S/4HANA

Steve Medway

This is what happens when 'customisation' occurs. Why is it ever done...

It's done because some stupid bozos decided their way of working is better than everyone else's.

99.9% of the time the organisation needs to change their crappy processes which necessitated customisation in the first place.

As for the 11m, that would be my fee for touching such a god awful mess. However that doesn't leave a lot of wriggle room for the actual cost of the software.

If you want to connect GPUs direct to SSDs for a speed boost, this could be it

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Looks a hell of a lot like how the Radeon Pro SSG with it's onboard 2tb ssd works.

So it looks to me nvidia are almost six years behind AMD on this idea...

IKEA: Cameras were hidden in the ceiling above warehouse toilets for 'health and safety'

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I wonder if it were a big or a little jobs-worth that installed them. They were clearly taking the piss and didn't give a shit so it could be either ;)

Lithuania tells its citizens to throw Xiaomi mobile devices in the bin

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Re: CHaaS

Personally I call the CCP a totalitarian capitalist regime with a veneer of communism running a country called China.

More than three years after last release, X.Org Server 21.1.0 RC1 appears

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Am I an old over the hill Linux specialist because I hate Wayland & SystemD?

I still fail to see their benefits and to me it still feels like Alpha code trying to solve problems in the wrong way.

I also hate DevOps because it simply equals forcing your customers to beta test software without actually telling them.

Should I retire?

Revealed: Perfect timings for creation of exemplary full English breakfast

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Errr, where the hell is the black pudding???

Tis not an English without it so trust none of this content.

When free and open source actually means £6k-£8k per package: Atos's £136m contract with NHS England

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Re: Coincidence?

I'd be REAL careful if I were you.

Libel is a thing you know.

Steve Medway

Re: Coincidence?

No we're NOT evading TAX. Sure we avoid it where we can as any sane person would do.

We don't get any of the benefits of 'real' employees. Holidays, sick pay, maternity / paternity job pay, job security, etc etc etc.

You would you avoid tax if the PAYE system let you, but you're clearly just jealous due to a headline rate that seems steep but in reality isn't.

Still that's the ignorance of a standard employee for you.

Linus Torvalds banishes masters, slaves and blacklists from the Linux kernel, starting now

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Re: male/female

It's O.K. no need for the SJ warriors to get into a tizzy about male/female connectors.

We already have have 'gender changers' so it's inclusive language already ;)

Sir John Redwood backs IR35 campaign, notes review would have to start 'immediately' before new off-payroll working rules kick in

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You get all the lovely benefits, we don't so quit you're harping.

Your employer also pays things that you never actually see in your wage packet too so an increased cost per hour is perfectly reasonable for us contractors.

Remember the Dutch kid who stuck his finger in a dam to save the village? Here's the IT equivalent

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Mine was an 'rm -rf'

rm -rf in the wrong dir, during an application upgrade... It dawned on me when the delete took longer than expected.

Thank the lord I had multiple backups made after safely shutting down the app before the upgrade. So in actuality the customer got two upgrades for the price of one, they never knew but I fessed up to my boss immediately who's reply was got a backup? I replied yep and got a 'no problem then' in return :)

Larry Ellison tiers Amazon a new one: Oracle cloud gets 'always' free offer, plus something about Linux

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To Err is human; To really foul things up requires an Autonomous Operating System...

"It is the first and the only autonomous OS in the world," Ellison said. That means automated provisioning, scaling, tuning, patching, upgrading, security monitoring and remediation, he explained".

The above statement is patently untrue - Microsoft has been automatically breaking Windows 10 via updates for some time now - so much so the automatic 'feature' has been rolled back to a certain extent... Best of luck Larry - you'll need it.

Exodus: Tech top brass bail on £1bn UK courts reform amid concerns project is floundering

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Re: silly people

"Consequently whether I win the appeal or not [== October] I am still owed a considerable amount of money from DWP"

Sorry to disappoint but even with the ruling regarding stopping DLA during an appeal process they are still perfectly entitled to get that money back should you loose in court.

It's only if you win that you would be entitled to the back-dated sum, and even then you would have to take them to court again to get it.

IT meltdown bank TSB: It's as good a week as any to announce we're taking back control

Steve Medway

I was loving being a tsb customer with all that lovely compensation they were giving for their constant ****ups.

But in the end after phoning them to warn of a dodgy attempted transactions they still let my a/c get rinsed of 2k and then took 32 days to send me a new debit card... (after multiple phone calls and false promises) their time was up.

Sure the 450 quid+ compo I got was useful but I'd have forgone all of it to have an account which reported its figures correctly and provided a card so I could actually spend money from my current a/c .

Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage

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Improved West Coast Mainline coverage, you're having a laugh. When improved means from going from super shit to just shit it's still crap that isn't actually usable.

Just DON'T get me started on those tinted Virgin Train Windows that were deliberately designed to reflect mobile signals to force you to buy the pitiful (now free) WiFi (not even youtube-able at 240p) from 10 years ago either...

Hint to Virgin Trains, take that crap off your windows and you might actually have some happier customers (well apart from those annoyed by businessmen tossers who think how loud they can talk about their next 'Blue Sky' meeting is a measure of their dick size).

While everyone coos at the promise of 5G, UK network Three asks if it can tempt you with 4G+

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The only 'truthful' answer I've ever been able to come up with why the BT/EE merger was allowed and the O2/Three merger was rejected was the lining of pockets.

It certainly wasn't down to European 'competitive landscape' reasons, EE/BT + Vodafone + O2/Three with equal spectrum would have been great for competition because the playing field would have been level.

That is unless that is Ofcom were convinced they would collude to jack up prices in step with each other... which might be a second 'truthful' answer, but as you say we'll never know.

Steve Medway

Surprisingly yes, they did! Purely because they didn't own enough 4G spectrum.

They have more now but it takes time to roll out new frequency capacity - EE/BT ate most of it which really hurt all the other UK networks involved in the original 4G spectrum auction.

Steve Medway

There is no such thing as 4G+, The original UK LTE networks ≠ 4G. Only LTE-A = 4G

Later revisions of HSDPA were officially 3.75G, bog standard LTE was more like 3.85G - according to official 3GPP standards it never was 'real' 4G.

We missed the boat on real 3G network deployments in the UK and then jumped on LTE too early so got shafted the other way round because the kit & backhaul wasn't ready.

t's just a bloddy good job a lot of the LTE kit deployed could be upgraded to LTE-A instead of being thrown away, but it would still have been more economical for the networks (and better for consumers) to upgrade 3G to the max 3GPP release and skip of standard LTE altogether.

We should have gone straight to LTE-A/4G networks when the software for the radio hardware was actually ready (and the back-haul networks upgraded) which was about three years ago.

So in actuality we ended up being late to the 4G party in the same way as we were late to the 3G party. Those marketers are great at covering up crap like this.

GlobalFoundries scuttles 7nm chip plans claiming no demand

Steve Medway

Re: Not a complete surprise

Which begs the question why did intel develop Itanic when all it really needed to do was create a direct path to micro-op instructions and retire x86 'gracefully'?

Steve Medway

Re: Not great.......

and so has intel since 2013, but no one wanted a bite of the cherry (Xilinx doesn't count cos' intel bought them).

Self-driving cars will be safe, we're testing them in a massive AI Sim

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Lets have a bit of honesty when it comes to discussing level 5 automation.

Level 5 doesn't even come close to cutting it in the real world. It's not five or even ten years away but literally decades before any car can drive itself around Cairo or the arc de triomphe.

Who really gives two hoots about a leafy Oxfordshire simulator?

London fuzz to get 600 more mobile fingerprint scanners

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Re: Worrying

What is this software... Does it scan a fingerprint? No not technically, the API for that is from the finger print scanner attached to said device. Is it comparing the fingerprint? Probably not, its more likely to be transmitted to a server already running the matching comparison software.

Some bright spark in the met thought, we can do this better, cheaper and faster than the alternatives - the beancounters agreed.

The Met would never be allowed to employ a software company directly without great difficulty, a services company must be involved! It's good for you, we promise say the gov. of the time.

If you seriously want to outsource something as trivial as this to Crapita et al. you should hang your head in shame.

Crunch time: Maplin in talks to sell the business

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Has the author been smoking crack?

"the context of relatively low margins"...

£50 for a HDMI cable, admittedly 10m but still five times over the going rate.

Or how about a £759.99 for an GTX1080 (not even a Ti)... That's piss take money even with GPU's being mia due to mining.

Crappy Christmas! Dixons Carphone dials back profit expectations

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Actually no, not true on the extended warranty. Replacement goods must be like-for-like or better from DSG or whatever they're called now.

My old CRT TV (which coped with NTSC as well as PAL) got replaced by a 720p LCD TV which was three times the price. Why you ask? Because NTSC was needed for my Jap Gamecube and the cheapest telly they had at replacement time which did NTSC was the 720p I got.

The same is true for items damaged on delivery - if no identical item is available they must give you an upgrade to something equivalent or better (they will obviously offer you your money back first though). This is why I have a Dell 4K monitor that was three times the price of the Acer 4K screen I actually bought.

PCW / Currys / Dixons additional warranties can be an absolute bargain - but only on 'End of Line' or hardware with unusual specs. Don't take what a shop grunt says, read the fine print and hold them to it (which isn't difficult, rules is rules in call centres ya know :) ).

Yes I did do a stint at PCServiceCall for my sins (many years ago), but once you know the policies on returns and warranty they really are damn good if bought on the right item.

Oh and one final thing, most people don't haggle in the UK, which is just bloddy stupid... If you sign up for additional warranty the sales person is FAR more flexible on a discount from the sticker price -

simply cancel after leaving the shop.

Zero accidents, all of your data – what The Reg learnt at Bosch's autonomous car bash

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Why would anyone trust what Bosch says?

They were the ones that programmed the ECU's in the VW scandal.... and got away with virtually zero bad publicity even though the dodgy code was their copyright, not VW's (complicit springs to mind to say the least)!

Virgin Media cuts 250 jobs amid £3bn Project Lightning cockup fallout

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Re: Oh Good grief!

This is a well known VM issue. I had their 70mb service, dropped to BT's 52mb and can now stream 4K youtube without buffering. On VM it was unuseable.

Plus my pings are sub 15ms instead of being 30ms+

VM's 'headline' speeds are BS. You do get the headline rate in some areas but the QOS is rubbish.

My freshly installed BT fibre line syncs at about 55mb, so no point in me getting a faster BT connection but the QOS is awesome in comparison to VM and at less than half the price I was paying.

Intel to Qualcomm and Microsoft: Nice x86 emulation you've got there, shame if it got sued into oblivion

Steve Medway

Re: Digital Equipment Corp did it once...

The FX!32 process is exactly how CEMU emulates the Wii U (GPU shader instructions instead of CPU instructions, the PPC > Intel bit is 'pure' emulation).

Nintendo are very, very into litigation, CEMU is big enough for the Big N to go after it should it decide to. It hasn't because it knows it would lose (not to CEMU dev's but to the IFF which would back it to the hilt).

Intel is just huffing and puffing, I don't think the PC manufacturers will listen this time, Intel's pockets aren't THAT deep. Intel Inside worked by throwing money at the problem (illegally), not a threat of litigation.

Ex-SpaceX avionics tech loses safety certificate-forging wrongful dismissal lawsuit

Steve Medway

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean to say they're not out to get you.

Perfect paranoia = perfect awareness.

Bankers to get 1Gbps free Wi-Fi in City of London deal

Steve Medway

Once upon a time in the square mile all the traders were all given blackberrys to make them work while out of the office as well as in, and at home, and on the train... but there was a slight issue....

The trouble was they could still use the 'no signal' excuse while in the pub (although they're trying to ban lunchtime drinkypoo's these days too).

After this 'wonderful' development they won't have beer (or more likely champagne) at lunch and have no connectivity excuses.

I would feel sorry for them but they're all bastards earning a squillion times more than most of us Reg. readers even in well paid I.T. jobs.

Did your in-flight entertainment widget suck? It's Panasonic's fault, claims software biz

Steve Medway

CoKinetic wanted to just write a replacement seatback GUI (hilariously called 'AirPlay') and sync it to Panasonic's FOSS based middleware layer. They were bloody stupid to enter into an exclusive licence with Panasonic to sell their 'Airplay' GUI. After this deal was done they couldn't go to any more airlines independently... BLOODY IDIOTS.

In addition CoKinetic are seriously pissed about back-handers and 'gifts' paid/given to airline techs to advise dumping CoKinetic's 'GUI'. My god they must be green to believe this wouldn't happen!

Panasonic were pissed about a little upstart taking a slice of their software pie. They obviously thought 'fuck you we've done all the hard work (OS / Middleware / Seatback GUI) and making 'Airplay' work with our middle-ware really ain't our problem' (damn little pest muscling in on 'our' hard work).

I kinda see their point, it's only a GUI they were selling. The trouble is Panasonic's 'middle-ware' is FOSS based with undocumented changes and no access to it's source code.

Panasonic appear completely guilty but I can't help feel CoKinetic are guilty of complete and utter ineptitude in business.

More brilliant Internet of Things gadgetry: A £1,300 mousetrap

Steve Medway

I can't wait for the iFixit teardown. We can really laugh at the cost then :)

Samsung is on fire, overtakes Apple as world's #1 chip-shifter

Steve Medway

Re: Apple

"Apple bought in an existing expert ARM licence SoC design company"

Being a bit of a pedant they actually bought an expert PowerPC SoC design company. A change in instruction set didn't faze them at all though, Apple's ARM designs are probably the best in the industry.

Apple licenced Samsung's ARM design until the iPhone4 was released with their bespoke 'A4' chip.

The rest of the post is spot on. The numbers make no sense at all. Especially when adding in Samsung processors in old iPhones.

Don't laugh: Ofcom's a model for post-Brexit Europe

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"Praising Ofcom may seem incongruous. Wasn’t the UK one of Europe’s 4G laggards because of regulatory dithering?"

Well you could easily argue that the delay to UK 4G was an improvement over the race to 3G.

When 3G networks were first introduced to the UK it was 1st Gen equipment with no upgrade path apart from rip and replace. Compare that to the UK's 4G networks which were 2nd/3rd Gen and easily upgraded via firmware updates to LTE-Adanced.

That's the reason 3G was always pants in this country regardless of what network you were using compared to the 3G 'laggard' countries of the world which were almost as fast as bog standard LTE.

Three UK cloudy firms promise CMA they'll be 'fairer' to customers

Steve Medway

Shitty contract vs Act of Parliament...

These practices are illegal in the UK and have been for some time.

Any provider would epically fail in court due to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008.

The beauty for customers taking this route is that you get to claim compensation as well a refund. You can also charge interest at up to an APR of 8%

Essentially they tried to **ck people over, but people can easily **ck em' back several times over. It's cheap, pretty quick and easy to do.

Don't panic, says Blue Coat, we're not using CA cert to snoop on you

Steve Medway

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off on holiday we go.

I was almost 99% sure it would an article about a Pontin's Holiday Camp security breech.

Shame on you reg. for getting my hopes up, sigh :(

British cops to film you with 59k body-worn cameras by end of year

Steve Medway

"That has the potential to make us more efficient – rather than arresting a vulnerable person and having to take them into the station. It's not about taking away anyone's liberty, all their rights and entitlements would be exactly the same."

No change in rights? On Street questioning? How many people walk around with their solicitor 24x7?

Intel's XPoint emperor has no clothes, only soiled diapers

Steve Medway

Not convinced by the article, Not convinced by intel either. 2nd Gen X-Point in a DIMM slot format would be around x1000 faster than current storage.

Does the author not realise that X-Point on all current storage busses don't have the bandwidth or low enough latency for it to perform to it's promise? Attach it directly to the memory bus and things could be golden.

That's marketing BS for you. Intel engineers no doubt hate the Marketers, they're probably using numbers for a product still under NDA.

Why we should learn to stop worrying and love legacy – Fujitsu's UK head

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Re: Working on legacy systems is a career dead-end

heheh, you're not doing it right then.... :p

Tell that to all old school Dev's who came out of retirement to work on Y2K. The clever ones earned more in three years than Young Padowans earn in twenty.

If I'm still alive ~2038 I know how I'll be topping up my pension.

SpaceX aborts Falcon 9 launch again

Steve Medway

"The main job, actually getting the satellite into orbit, is on its way to completion, about 38,000 kilometres up."

Err no it's no, it didn't take off.... Me thinks you doctored a pre written story for a successful launch ;)

OnePlus X: Dinky little Android smartie with one or two minuses

Steve Medway

I got one to replace my day 1 white iPhone 4 (yes I hold onto usable tech for a long time).

After installing and uninstalling a lot of apps and receiving a few OTA updates my Oneplus X battery life was totally miserable (~14 hrs normal usage). Reset to stock, did the latest OTA, let Google Play do it's thing and only install the apps I wanted = battery life is triple what it was at purchase date. I can now get a day and half's normal usage out of it.

Awesome phone for the price, the 1080p screen is truly beautiful, nothing else near 200 quid renders virtually Stock Android so nicely. Oxygen OS is so vanilla it's refreshing, I've never turned on the 'shelf feature' I like close to stock. Much nicer than any others manufacturer skins / custom launchers.

Buy a case with the phone though, it slips off of anything that isn't dead level, I really mean absolutely anything, think butter in a hot pan, thats how slippery it is. The free cover is ok but the kevlar one is an excellent design (especially at the corners where it grips the phone and also where you need the most protection).

The camera quality was terrible before the latest OTA now its a lot better + battery life is miles better. Roll on the marshmallow update for even better battery life and proper SD card storage merging.

IT's Holy Grail, but is DevOps a Poisoned Chalice for sysadmins?

Steve Medway

Re: DevOps = Fire lots of needed people....

Totally agree that its the perception of availability (or lack of) that really cheeses off clients.

A one off indicates a problem where things are not standard, where as frequent downtime indicates stability issues, that is what annoys clients far more than big one-off's.

Constant small amounts of downtime usually result in a different supplier being found at the end of the contract, one (or ever a few over a long period) generally have much less impact when it comes to contract renewals.

That's just from my experience in Telecoms, but YMMV dependant upon your field of work.

Steve Medway

DevOps = Fire lots of needed people....

DevOps is corporate bullsh*t for layoffs.

It's main use is to lower staff headcount and err reduce the headcount some more.

A developer will never see things the way operations do. Good Op's are the customers voice (Oy! Dev's sort ya crap out, this issue will piss off my customer, and hence me cos' I'll get it in the neck).

Put a dev in front of a customer and they'll more than likely tell them to f*ck off 'My codes great, you're the one doing it wrong'. It may well be true but that's not the point, 'the customer is always right' sigh.

What Op's do is throw away the crap customer 'issues' and forward on the real issues. Op's staff are basically the bs filter, without them most Dev's I've worked with would no doubt turn into gun toting mass customer murderers.

As for the uptime bit of this article, I call BS. One big downtime per year is much preferred to many small outages. Just look at SLA's, most companies are hit with punitive damages based on the total number of outages not their length.

Metel malware pops bank, triggers 15 percent swing in Russian Ruble

Steve Medway

Re: Seems like banks are going to have to beef up at last

Yeah sure Pascal because no Linux machines have ever suffered from something called heartbleed.

Linux isn't any more or less secure than Windows, it's the numptys that badly configure both OS's that are to blame for 99% of attack vectors.

You can on the other hand say Linux is more secure by default than Windows, but that still doesn't stop numptys configuring it badly from a security point of view.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. That's how much Netflix uses its own data centres now

Steve Medway

'Only real businesses have Data Centres'

It was once famously said "Only real men have fabs"...

Surely it won't be long before someone says "Only real businesses have Data Centres"

Shame that neither saying is true, 'Cloud' my arse it's just shiny wording for old idea, we'll get back to the real world when one of the Clouds goes REALLY tits up, but not until then.

Government hails superfast broadband deal for new homes

Steve Medway

Re: Still building mud and sticks.

"A kitchen so small I needed to pay double to get a table top D/W because there's no slot for a floor standing one, even a half-width. I'd rather look out of the window when doing prep or eating my cereal, instead of having a breakfast bar facing the wall and a sink facing the window. I also have a fridge in the hall because the flipping kitchen is too small. And the sensible place for the fridge has got a bloody washing machine in it."

So your too lazy to wash up manually and your kitchen is super small too. Here's some ideas for ya:-

1. Swap the fridge and the washing machine locations, you can buy long washing hoses no problem.

2. Stop being lazy, wasting 'leccy and do your own washing up, dishwashers ruin decent kitchen wear, plates, glasses etc, you've got one so you know it's true!

3. If you live in a terraced house whilst doing the washing up try waving at your neighbour and maybe open your kitchen window and have a chat whilst getting on with it, does wonders for neighbourly friendships :)

Steve Medway

Re: Still building mud and sticks.

I'm guessing your a Yank, they still allow plug points in bathrooms. Tis bloddy stupid mixing leccy & water in bathroom, but since your probably a Yank you'll never believe that.

Err sinks under Windows are a good idea. You get to look out the window whilst doing the washing up. I mean seriously, have you seen how small a two bedroomed terraced house's kitchen is? Plenty can't even fit a fridge in theirs (that's circa 1900's housing stock for you, small kitchens and no original bathroom).

It's embarrassing that many new builds are actually smaller in footage than tiny old terraced houses. Barrat type development houses are nick-named 'rabbit hutches' for a reason!

As for no UK house needing central heating... my god you've obviously never lived by the sea or in Scotland (or the UK for that matter)!

Next you'll be telling us how banning guns in UK has caused a major uplift in shootings.

To sum up..... Muppet!

Steve Medway

Meh who cares?


Don't buy a new house with no decent broadband available (pre or post purchase). Builders would soon add Broadband to Gas, Electric and Water.

While we're about it force builders to NOT build on floodplains.... They're called floodplains for a reason! Mass flooding isn't a global warming thing, it's fuckwit planning thing.

Or put another way.... force builders to lay more than one of their usual cables (the Portaloo kind).

Juniper 'fesses up to TWO attacks from 'unauthorised code'

Steve Medway

I sense a worm hole... Enron is a prime example of collusive fraud, Maybe the Juniper does proper internal code audits.... but who audits the auditors before the brown stuff hits the spinny thing?

Sarbanes-Oxley didn't really change anything, just create one massive clusterf*uk of paperwork and use it to place blame after the fact. It would be highly amusing if it wasn't such a pain in the ass.

It's a critical to have a test strategy that has a solid methodology and every potential input into the system is tested.

However off-piste testing is fun, it really pisses of Dev's off because it can expose laziness or incompetence (e.g. playing the game of doing just enough to pass the Company QA 'suite of tests' despite what the company mantra is on product security).

Off-piste pen testing is the job of a hacker who wants to do it for fun. The reality is that a company 'friendly' towards these people can save a lot of money. That is where the independence bit of bug bounties pays off. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper than keeping them on the pay roll 'full-time' but there's nothing the matter with a retainer for a good 'bug hunter'.

Steve Medway

I think everybody commenting so far has missed an important point regarding QA.

QA's purpose is to ensure that a product's features works as intended. If some rogue employee puts in a hidden backdoor that allows additional 'functionality' it's not the QA's Dept's job to spot it. FFS They don't even get to see the code usually.

It was up to his line manager or teammates to ask the question of why something so nefarious (or boneheaded) was inserted into the code. This is a 'Pre-QA' issue and points to dev team not performing 2nd person code validation (or the second person was not as clever as the backdoor writer).

'Negative Testing' is a valid test methodology but it's virtually impossible to say it has EVER been completed because the reality is that it NEVER will be (there's always someone more cunning than you out there folks)!

Deep 'Negative Testing' would have caught this kind of stuff-up but how far do you go with it? For someone like Juniper I'd have an army of independent penetration testers + bug / hack bounties. Seems likely that they have neither.....

We're not killing Chrome OS ... not until 2020, anyway – says Google

Steve Medway

It's damn obvious what the intent is....

Google killing Chrome OS? Nope, Google killing Android? Nope.

Google replacing the underpinnings of Android with Chrome OS so they share a common OS platform and kernel, yup highly likely (lets face it both already run a linux kernel and GNU code so its not that big a change).

Technically Android isn't an OS, It's a runtime environment on top of an OS. It's more akin to Flash running on Windows except it's really ripped off Java running on Linux (simplistically put, but close enough to get the point across).

The story should have read as Android is being merged into ChromeOS.... Hasn't anyone commenting on this story heard of ARC (Android Runtime for Chrome)?

In essence this is Google play at a converged OS in the same way as Windows 10 & Ubuntu Mobile imho