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Soviet-era tech could change the geothermal industry

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Re: How deep?

I think the target is power plant operators.

You get an existing plant (already has all the infrastructure in place, like the grid connection, etc), drill a hole, and you don't need to buy fuel again.

Just do maintenance, etc which you have to do, regardless of the power plant type you are building.

It might even be worth it to do new builds if they don't have to pay ongoing fuel cost.

As a bonus they can claim it's all green energy.

Misguided call for a 7-Zip boycott brings attention to FOSS archiving tools

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Get back to me when the developer is known to support Russia in it's current stupidity or if the developer is known to put a back door for the Russian government to use.

Otherwise, this is just BS.

Samsung fined $14 million for misleading smartphone water resistance claims

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Used to have a Note 8

Used to have a Note 8 which joined me in swimming pools (didn't bring it in deep, maybe 1m depth while I was swimming / floating on the surface) and waterfalls (with water pelting you feeling like a brick, was surprised the phone handled it well, taking pics and videos while in the falls itself). I recall that the touch screen did not work well when it was wet / in the water, but was all good after dried.

Was tempted by the beach but decided not to risk it.

Worked fine after pools and waterfalls without issues. Did not notice any corrosion either.

If you tried to charge while the USB port was wet, I recall there was an error and you had to wait till it gets fully dry.

Malaysia-linked DragonForce hacktivists attack Indian targets

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I was wondering how long it will take before India's BJP government will get into trouble with the Muslim world.

Even an imbecile should know by now that Muhammad is a red line that will generate alot of issues after Charlie Hebdo.

Was expecting this since they got into power.

IBM ordered to hand over ex-CEO emails plotting cuts in older workers

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Re: I always wonder

Just have to remember that they are not the ones being asked to go, and possibly reminding themselves of the money they getting paid to spin stuff in public.

How one techie ended up paying the tab on an Apple Macintosh Plus

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Wow, e107. I used it many years ago for a relatively simple site.

You reminded me of it, and I just had a look. It's still around and being updated. Maybe I should have a closer look to see how it's doing nowadays.

Next major update of Windows 11 prepares for launch

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Re: I'm surprised that it's not appeared on more ordinary people's machines

The first time I touched a Windows 11 machine was when I was helping a neighbour setup a new laptop, just about 2 weeks ago.

At first glance, it doesn't seem that bad, and surprisingly it did not ask for an MS account (maybe it was with an older build of Windows 11). But after reading up on the data it sucks into the MS mothership, I will wait a while more before getting my own machines on Windows 11. Maybe after it has been defanged somewhat.

Another VPN quits India, as government proposes social media censorship powers

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Re: Call Centres

Interesting, if scam call centres have to keep logs.

Doubt they will have to, and even if they have to, they will probably not. Just pay off the right people in India.

Tough news for Apple as EU makes USB-C common charging port for most electronic devices

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I have not read the law / regulation on this.

But I hope there is a sunset clause, maybe 10 years or so, so at that time we can see if there are better form factors / standards that may be suitable.

It will be irritating if we are forced to use USB C if there are better options in the future.

Elon Musk orders Tesla execs back to the office

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Have you worked in a factory floor?

I have, during my younger days, during school holidays. For about 6 months.

Almost every couple of weeks there will be some reason or other for me to go to the office (which was basically in the factory itself), to interact with HR or some other staff.

All I had to do was just walk in, look for the appropriate person, speak to them / sign whatever, and am back on the factory floor in 5 minutes.

If I was expected to make a an appointment, and then try to use an assigned terminal at the appointed time to communicate with the appropriate office staff, it may end up wasting more time. Especially if there are internet or computing problems at either end. Oh, assume there will be problems with signing stuff as well. And as I recall last time, factory floor staff do not generally get official email IDs, etc assigned. So if you want to do digital signatures with your official ID, expect more infrastructure setup to support basically everyone.

Of course things may have changed in the pass few decades. But I do remember my first "real job".

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Re: Prediction

Am pro work from home, as much as possible. I have been working from home often, even before covid.

Tesla is not a software company. Their main products are physical products, made in a factory with production lines, etc.

If a substantial number of staff are already reporting to work daily, cos they work on the factory floor (and so need to be physically present), it doesn't seem fair to the floor staff if office staff seem to be getting the privilege of working from home or other sites.

Starlink's success in Ukraine amplifies interest in anti-satellite weapons

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I think Russia is already on it at least for pass 3 months, so presumably Starlink sats are reasonably hardened against such cyber attacks.

Not saying China can't find something new.

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Re: Catch me if you can

Don't forget that treaty did not forsee sats owned privately.

There are 1000s of private sats up there now, and not all are Starlink sats.

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Re: Keep it simple

"Satellite winter" might be a prefered option if one party is not capable of much space activities in the first place. They may just deny to the world what they themselves are not capable of using.

Russia may fit the description as a nation which may not mind a satellite winter. Of course they will piss off alot of people, including their big southern neighbour, China if they did something to create that.

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Re: Physical destruction not practical

Don't forget next gen Starlink sats are supposed to have laser links to communicate with each other.

So presumably as long as one ground station is present somewhere on the world, they can still provide a service. No doubt it may be degraded service due to a lack of ground stations, but it should be better then nothing.

When management went nuclear on an innocent software engineer

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Next time

More bigger explicit signs so even idiots know better then to think they know better.

Unfortunately Einstien did say "“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ..... so it may not be enough unless you have a few nasty guard dogs as well which will bite anyone who comes anywhere close.

Version 251 of systemd coming soon to a Linux distro near you

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Re: Software Junk

I know someone who had an Acer Chromebook passed to her as a gift.

I think it's support is ending in another 2 months or so. The hardware seems to be still working fine, and hopefully it can be repurposed or unlocked when the support ends.

She recently got a laptop from me, so she is planning to pass that Chromebook over to someone else. Hopefully it will still have some use until the hardware itself fails.

SAP attracts further criticism for Russia presence, despite promise to leave

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Don't forget John McCain and some other dead people are currently on the new Russian sanction list.

It shows how carefully they considered who they are going to sanction.

Or maybe they are afraid John's ghost will visit Putin in and trouble him, and so they are sanctioning his ghost.

Safari is crippling the mobile market, and we never even noticed

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Re: Meh

Yeah I rather have firefox for the more technically inclined while the great unwashed mass can stick to a prettied up chrome if they wish.

That way firefox will always have a niche, at the very least.

Typing this on my firefox browser with about 40 tabs open currently.

Linus Torvalds debuts 'boring old plain' Linux kernel 5.18

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Re: Turing test

Nah it's just the other bots voting up their fellow bots :p

Don't you know it's bots all the way down?

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Re: boring old plain 5.18

Am of two minds about this.

It's a known fact that CPU manufacturers will artificially hobble a good CPU to fit a particular higher demand, lesser specs SKU.

And once they do that, it's unlikely you can unlock the disabled core / functionality, etc(although during the days of the AMD Duron series it was possible to unlock some speed with a pencil. Look up AMD pencil trick for more info. Not so easy nowadays).

So now, there is a chance that the disabled bits can be reactivated again, if you pay extra. On one hand, I don't like this trend, on the other hand, at least there is some hope that eventually it may be possible to use the CPU to it's fullest potential.

Beware the fury of a database developer torn from tables and SQL

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Re: Just a quick question.

I had a client, during my website days who wanted a mandarin version of their English site. Although they were mandarin speakers, they were not all that great with the formal variety.

So we had to get an external translator, who claimed to be able to translate the site. After a week we got back a response and supposedly looked like a google translate job (according to the client). We had to get a second translator who seemed to have done a better job, as the client accepted that.

Luckily I was not anywhere near the translation bit of the job.

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Seems to have ended well in this case

They got the sale and the developer got his joke, still survived the joke and presumably will not be called upon to do things which do not have anything to do with a database.

AMD reveals 5nm Ryzen 7000 powered by Zen 4 cores

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More info on laptop chips would have been better

But I guess they need some info to slowly release over the next few months to keep the public and media's interest.

As someone who has been using laptops primarily in the pass decade or so, and with my current and previous laptops with AMD CPUs, am pretty interested on what AMD is offering in terms of laptop CPUs (and GPUs).

Typing this from a Lenovo Legion 7 powered by a Ryzen 9 5900HX.

Boeing's Starliner CST-100 on its way to the ISS 2 years late

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Re: Halfway there

Boeing has to eat the cost of the retest, cos this is not a cost plus traditional mission. This is a fixed price mission(commercial crew program).

So regardless it takes them 1 year or a decade to fly a mission, they still get paid the same amount. And regardless they only did one flawless flight or needed to test in 10 different flights, it is still the same amount. So any time they delay or need to retest, it's all on them.

Boeing vastly overestimated what they can do and and expected to steamroll over spacex. After all they were expected to perform the first manned flights, before spacex. But the first test was when the wheels came off and they rolled off the road.

As I understand, they are already in the hole for over 500million bucks, cos of this retest. And they are not expected to profit at all, even if the rest of the booked flights are all flawless.

US won’t prosecute ‘good faith’ security researchers under CFAA

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Re: If it's not in the Act then don't don't trust them.

In other words, this "won't prosecute" thing can change whenever the administration changes.

Lonestar plans to put datacenters in the Moon's lava tubes

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Re: It will be running Ubuntu?

Something long term archive storage, like the M Disc (1000 years!!) might be better.


Send the data, get it written and stored in a stacker or something, and when needed, have it retrieved into a reader and beamed back.

And in 1000 years time, we may already be extinct, so any warranty claims will not happen.

US fears China may have ten exascale systems by 2025

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Isn't the list of Top 500 supercomputers showing only those that are publicly known?

As I understood last time, there were always rumours that US government had faster systems that were not listed due to security issues (for all we know CIA and company already have exascale or multi exascale systems running).

Assuming that is still true, US may already have exascale computers, but are not known publicly. And you can't exactly request China make public all the supercomputers and specs, since they too presumably don't want to publicise too many things due to security.

China-linked Twisted Panda caught spying on Russian defense R&D

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Honour among thieves

There is no honour among thieves I think.

Mysterious firm seeks to buy majority stake in Arm China

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Re: Arm China is an independent company

If Arm International was smart, they would not be providing any new IP to Arm China, so that whatever they managed to grab is what they ended up with.

Maybe Softbank can consider writing off it's ownership of Arm China (just like some western companies have written off whatever they owned in Russia) and state that Arm China is not permitted to conduct any business on Arm Internationals' behalf.

That may get Huawei and other China's Arm using companies abit concerned, since at least some of them are already under sanctions, and these may escalate to more sanctions or other legal problems outside China for using "unlicenced IP" or something similar.

Banks talk big cloud game but few have migrated over 30% of apps

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What do they mean by "apply advanced analytics" in the cloud?

Can't you do that no matter how you host your data or web apps?

It's just a matter of logging whatever info you need and doing whatever analytics you want, from my understanding. Be it just web access logs, or some other more advanced forms of logging. After all you can log pretty much anything and everything you want, if you are self hosted. I will imagine there will be less access to logs in a cloud provider - you being pretty much dependant on whatever they give you access to. And dependant on whatever analytics they provide you.

Tech pros warn EU 'data adequacy' at risk if Brexit Britain goes its own way

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Re: Inadequate approach to data adequacy

It may be impossible to comply with two sets of requirements if they contradict each other.

Hopefully they don't but the devil is in the details (which noone seems to knows of yet).

Intel shareholders revolt against Pat Gelsinger's pay package

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Re: "We take feedback very seriously..."

I like your idea of shares being awarded with an obligation to hold it long term. They may also do it with options.

It will force the senior execs to think of where the company is heading years after they have left, before they actually get any benefit.

Infusion of $3.5bn not enough to revive Terra's 'stablecoin'

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There were some large amounts of this "stable coin" being shorted, as I understand.

I assume they/he/she made a bundle off this crash.

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Do Kwon is better off, probably

I understand Do Kwon had another algo stablecoin prior to Terra. Which also didnt' work.


And now he wants to restart again.


Sounds like he isn't doing all that badly out of this crash. And will not be surprised if he gets another bunch of investors jumping in for his 3rd attempt.

Venezuelan cardiologist charged with 'designing and selling ransomware'

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Interesting sideline

Considering this is a self taught malware author, it's pretty impressive that his malware has at least some defensive capabilities to try and make sure it's not easily detectable.

Of course it looks like his op sec was pretty bad.

Presumably a fully qualified cardiologist will have a decent income in most parts of the world. Wonder if the economy situation in Venezuela is what made him go down this route.

China reveals its top five sources of online fraud

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Re: Way to go China...

Whatever made you think it will have to be a sexless existance?

If you are going to be single, you will not really have much in the way of family obligations, eventually (parents pass away due to old age, etc). And most of them will be single child of their parents. That probably means they will have more disposable income then the average family with a kid.

There are ladies and gentlemen who are available for short term relationship, for suitable payment of course. Am sure they may have an uptick in business. Or, friends with benefits with other likeminded people.

There are many options to having intercourse which does not require one to be in a long term relationship.

Oracle really does owe HPE $3b after Supreme Court snub

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Ops, that's one less yacht or island for Larry.

Lawyers say changes to UK data law will make life harder for international businesses

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Re: Additional and unnecessary costs

I have visited EU before, but not UK.

If I was creating a business, my first priority will be GDPR, followed by whatever UK wants.

Simply cos the size of the population at both locations, and so the number of potential users / clients / etc.

Elon Musk puts Twitter deal on hold over bot numbers claim

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Re: Taking bets on the real number

Thats me, signed up years ago without a single twit or retwit.

Just to follow some people / organisations on twitter.

Judge agrees damages model in Oracle cloud class-action

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Re: Threats a business model ?

In that case, best option is never let anything from Oracle in, so you don't have to worry about expensive migrations in the future.

India's ongoing outrage over Pegasus malware tells a bigger story about privacy law problems

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Yeah, the supreme court in India seems impressive, when it comes to forward looking rulings. The lower courts, not so much.

They are the ones who also enabled legal homosexual intercourse, etc.

Only problem is India's court system moves at the speed of a snail.

Arm China CEO refuses to go despite SoftBank taking control

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Re: "kept physical possession of the Arm China's official seal and registration documents"

And the fact that this issue has dragged on for years, at a high profile company, shows the whole world how such China subsidiaries can work.

Even if they make an example of that ex boss, it still took so long to get anything done.

In the future, even if I run a company, and am tempted to open something in China, I will have to think twice or thrice. And if forced to (due to shareholders, etc), I will give it very limited resources, access to IP and authority. So any similar screw up, I can dump that operation and tell whoever pushed me into it "told you so".

Starlink's Portability mode lets you take your sat broadband dish anywhere*

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Re: "If Starlink detects a dish isn't at its home address, there's no guarantee of service"

I think they already have this solved cos they have started Starlink for aircraft.


And since aircraft tend to fly alot faster compared to road vehicles, I doubt even a car racing at 200kmh will be a problem.

Not to mention according to the article, they currently restrict you from using it in a moving vehicle, so it's not an issue anyway.

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Re: "If Starlink detects a dish isn't at its home address, there's no guarantee of service"

Unless they are parked in a trailer park with another 100 trailers, most of them having starlink dishes.

Or a campsite with most campers having their own dishes.

I guess it will work better when you go to places which are out of the way and not well known.

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Re: Why

I was thinking about the middle of the ocean use of starlink when there was an article about some US domestic airlines signing up for Starlink.

I think Starlink may not be able to be used in the middle of the ocean currently. I understand current Starlink sats can't communicate with each other, and they need to communicate with ground stations.

Once they have the sats which can communicate with each other (via laser as I understand), then lack of ground stations in the middle of the ocean will not be an issue.

Legacy IT to blame for UK's inflexible benefits system

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Article says significant number of people are still in the older system, implying that the new system is up and running and it's just a matter of transfering the data to the new system.

Would have expected a DB dump from the old system to the new system, and both running concurrently for a while to make sure the new system works as expected before the old one gets retired.

What are they doing if it's a multi year process to switch over? Manually entering DB records for every single person?

Beijing-backed gang looted IP around the world for years, claims Cybereason

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Re: If only ...

They are presumably following the playbook used by Japan and Taiwan, etc. Didn't the US also start out that way, ignoring European IP protection for books, music, etc early on before they started to produce their own IP as well which needed protection?

Copy / emulate earlier on, then start creating your own once you got your industry moving.

Give them a few more years, and they will need IP protection for their own stuff, at which point they will also protect other's IP as well.

Intel acquires graphics tech biz founded by ex-AMD, Qualcomm engineers

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Re: With remastered sound

I remember playing Future Crew's (and other demo group's) creations in the mid 1990s.

Was super impressive.

Still am impressed at the skills they have.

A discounting disaster averted at the expense of one's own employment

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Re: Ability results in punishment

For many companies, the only reward they know is a promotion to management.

Those companies dont usually have a parallel technical career ladder, where the person gets promoted to a more senior development/technical role with increase in pay and benefits.

And eventually Peter principle will strike since that person will be promoted to a job for which neither the skills nor aptitude is present.



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