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Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story


I for one salue ...

... oh wait.

Superfast-charging batteries? Whoa there, MIT


It's an engineering problem

"The power level involved would be similar to an oven: even if it somehow could be made to work without melting the phone, special domestic wiring would probably be required and the charger would be large and expensive."

duh. You would likely only need to deliver about 10-20V DC. It is quite possible to make a charger that will do this at very high current, given that you have 240VAC at 13A available. Only heavy wiring would be charger output to the battery, which could be quite short - even 6 inches would do it. So voltage drop isn't such a problem as it might appear. Actually all you have to do is make sure the cable doesn't melt, the PSU can easily regulate away the voltage drop that occurs in the delivery wire by using a seperate sense wire back to the feedback network.

The problem is quite a bit tougher for the size of battery that a car would need. But in Europe, many houses do have 3-phase coming in, so supply is not such a problem. Of course, the overall load on the grid would increase significantly ...

I like the idea of switch in-out battery packs more, when you pull up at the filling station you just swap out a bunch of battery modules, pay, go. End of problem.

Suit seeks close of Craigslist's red-light district

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hypocritical ...

... coming from someone who is gets $$$ from the state for fucking people over, every day.

Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP

Gates Horns

see that foot there, Mr Derby ?

Here's your rifle, now, ready, take aim ... fire ...!

hurt much, did it?

they really might be dangerous if they had any effing brains at all.

Serial troll bitchslaps Reg hack

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mein kempf?

total fruitcake. seems like online anti-social behaviour is not a new thing, though ...


Copan plugs on with its creaky green revolution


not necessarily a loser

the idea of having something faster than tape but which draws very little power until you ask it is not so stupid. But it needs to get integrated into enterprise backup solutions first. That takes time. There is a heavy market for products that lighten the burden of storage costs.

How the fate of the US economy rests on a Dell workstation



read almost any book on chaotic systems. then you might see that gigamaflops has sweet FA to do with it.

Stob latest: It was a cunning trick, says Open University


a few points

1. In any educational institution, you are going to be dealing with people that teach rather than do. They are going to be a bit of a mixed bunch - some good, some not so.

2. I did a Diploma a few years back with OU, over 2 years. I was in the electronics game, had gotten into some embedded stuff, and wanted to up my software skills. I found the course materials, the content, and the tutorship to be absolutely A1. I did well, and I still use and build on what I learned in those 2 years (I now have a pretty good job with a Fortune 500 company as a software engineer, and I enjoy what I do). There were probably a few dodgy bits, but then not all my code is perfect either ...

You get out what you put in, people. The OU may screw up some stuff, but they do a hell of a lot of good stuff. A lot.

Tw*tdangler defends Benito Mussolini stunt


I read somewhere

that hanging people upside down for long periods can be used to turn ordinary humans into wanton, insatiable craven sex slaves.

Does that explain Sarah then?

Gay sheep romp turns Tyneside blue

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perfectly normal

you have your mates around for a few buckets of rainwater and a nice plate of grass on a Friday night, you start watching some pron, next thing you know you're all naked and horny and jerking each other off.

Doesn't mean you're *gay* at all ....

Oz pub slammed over 'No Undie Sundie'


No Undie Sundie?

the man's a marketing genius!

Boffinry bitchslap brouhaha: Higgs and Hawking head to head


God Particle Discovered ...

... and says "just bloody leave me alone, will you!"

Pub toilet todger tiff ends in bloodbath


was it about cock size ...

... or the fact that they got butt raped in the one day games in England?

I demand an Andrew Flintoff icon.

Revealed: How the Beano de-menaced Dennis

Jobs Horns

personally ...

... my fav episode was the one where Dennis gave Walter a right good seeing to over his Dad's wheelbarrow in the last frame.

Hurricane Ike snuffs out Galveston webcam

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check out the tourist blurb ...

... on the next cam down:

"Galveston's 32 miles of sun-drenched beaches are ideal places for numerous sports and leisure activities ... Stewart Beach is a family-oriented beach offering a children's playground, umbrella and chair rentals ..."

Ma! My umbrella is broke!

Today is not Hadron Collider Day


Queen Nefertiti Rock

would have been a great title to a Madness song.

cue bad saxophone playing!


dammit - now you tell me ...

(wonders how to retrieve the obnoxious emails sent to my boss/spouse/customers ...)

What I want to know is, if the thing cost so many gazillion euro-dollars to make, how come there are pics of service engineer/scientist bloke is riding round on a bike?

even if it's a shiny new mountain bike it hardly seems sensible. Should be a nice BMW town bike, or as its so near Italy, a Ducati or even a whiz bang new Lambretta?

come to think of it, how come he didn't just get stuck to the magnet? hmm must a be a carbon fibre one.

@ the Italian bloke :

the scientific answer to your q is "very ****ing fast indeed"

Google's Street View fleet - 100 spots and counting


Glad to see that ...

... the Offas Dyke spycar scrambling field has been doing it's work!

Google found out what the Romans did - imported technology is no match for daffodil power and Feeling Fowl beer!

Mine's the one with the words to Cwm Rhondda in the pocket.

Segway shock army to invade Department of Transport

Paris Hilton

what about

requiring lights and brakes for pedestrians?

Paris because she knows what to do with her legs.

NZ in 'Old Bo***ck Road' balls-up

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'course it was an accident, mate!

Now, about that repaint job for Cants Crossing ...

Academic wants to 'free up' English spelling


what utter tosh.

It's not that hard. The human brain is well adapted to recognising patterns of groups of letters. That's how the English language works.

My daughters are bilingual - Dutch first, English second. Once the eldest was reading Dutch successfully (you can also get 90% Dutch pronounciation from letter sounds), I sat down with her to have a go at "Town Mouse and Country Mouse". Consider the spelling of the first sentence ... :

"Once upon a time there two mice ..."

First run, she didn't get it at all. Confusion. A week later she came back for a second go. Was reading it successfully 3 days later, and has never looked back. It just took a little while for the different rule set to sink in.

Come and tell me I'm wrong, if you think you're hard enough, Prof. Apologists for ignorance do well around here.

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros


so what the ad says is ..

... "Vista. An irrelevant waste of space."

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole


There was a doctor in a hosiptal in Herts ..

... in the 80's called Dr. De'Ath. No joke ...

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Sir Conn Medic

tells me that that's not very funny at all.

Ubuntu documentation in shreds


you mean ...

... that documentation-after-the-fact is usually crap and can't be fixed by putting a wiki and pointing the hive-mind at it? say it's not so!

Homeland Security backs deportation with Wikipedia

Paris Hilton

can't think of anything useful to say, but ...

... Paris, because a wikipedia entry is the only sort she hasn't taken part in.

Ex-BT boss off to Alcatel-Lucent

Paris Hilton

@ Alex

you're a little late. I think she of the immovable hair already had the job of can carrier. "Announce disastrous profits, fire a bunch, repeat, rince ... OK, off you, here's a big wad of cash".

Doesn't mean the future will be any better of course.

Paris cos she likes to blow her job too.

Carpetbomb bug tarnishes Google Chrome

Paris Hilton

Never mind carpetbombing ...

... it's certainly going to make it faster to watch online carpet *munching*.

And that, after all, is what the interwebs are really for.

Paris. Do I really need to explain?

Clever, clever Adaptec


so when ...

... do we get computers that actually stop the clock when no processes are doing anything?

apart from the RTC that is.

Google's Austro-Hungarian ambitions laid bare

Jobs Horns

hey Sarah

any time you want to visit my "loving space", just pop round. Just don't forget the jacH^H^Hthighboots.

Google cedes Belgium to Germany

Dead Vulture

its a cartoon ...

... a bit like El Reg some days.

Jeez, I actually live in Belgium, and I'm not offended.

Women turn on to a throbbing Maserati


I guess the Vauxhall Astra ...

... will do the trick, as long as I have a big sound system and a few motor sport recordings?

Scientific minds want to know.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: Further poster outrage


we can only guess ...

... at the range of objects that Playmobile make to fit in their tiny hands.

Hijacking huge chunks of the internet - a new How To



why the hell encrypt everything? the internet is fundamentally insecure. That doesn't mean that I want my email to Aunty Irene encrypted, because, guess what, I don't care.

You know? They have bent postmen too.

Street View spycars need some TLC



I feel like a bloke wondering how a thing like that drove through NE London without ending up on bricks.


bah, socks

how quick do you have to be in this place to get a comment like that in?

@Solomon : yes.

Nuns face off in online beauty contest

Gates Horns

now i can't concentrate at all ...

... for thoughts of landing a job as resident handyman in a convent full of Brazilian and African nuns.

hail mary. I'm gonna sin, I know it ...

E-voting outfit confesses vote-dropping software bug


I call ...

... "cover up".

Amazon sending Kindle to college


it's about the screen, stupid

laptop screen sitting under a tree in the park? In a train with sun pouring through the windows? Forget it.

I would really like an e-paper device, the thing that has stopped me until now is the slow page turn speed. When they get that fixed (hope they do) I'll pay $300.

Reg server and chip hack molested by Gray Lady

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tobe honest

I never much read who wrote what. Were you one of the funny ones? Did you master in playmobile sculpture? If so, we'll miss you. If not, well, tough.

No doubt you will make lots and lots of wonga in the apple, but don't forget that the dollar ranks slightly lower than the lira now, so you'll never be able to return to blighty. I hope they deck the times out with a whole page full of swanky icons for your arrival.

And BTW if you are the 4th ladyboy from the left, U R hottt.

Winehouse jibe wins Fringe's funniest gag



is pretty interesting in being one of the few for many years that actually *can* sing and also write a song, although she sounds nothing at all like Billie. Shades of Dinah Washington sometimes maybe. Sharon Jones would leave her for dead though.

shame she's hell bent on effing her life up, but hey, that's her business. The joke would have been a lot funnier without the "she's so irritating " bit, it is about as subtle as a bricklayer the way it stands.

Personally, I found #9 ("I like Jesus, but he loves me so it's awkward") a lot funnier, most of them were crap.

(music nerd alert)

Google maps Russian assault on Savannah

Gates Horns


u make I larf!

Bill Gates exposed as closet Yorkshireman


Re: re: we demand ...

My mother could've put an icon on this page quicker than them! and she's ninety-fowah!


we demand

a Geoffrey Boycott icon!

Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions



Please, no. They just make matters worst by letting idiots sink hat because it passes whatever piss of junk MS have put on their PC, awl is OK.

Wünderbra! German policewomen take 'Action Brassiere'

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well, speaking as a ...

... gay, jewish half gypsy with only one leg, that made me larf so much I almost fell over.

Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa

Paris Hilton

in the interests of security ...

... I am reverting to keeping a box of used tenners under the bed.

Paris, because her box has been on a few beds.

Black hats attack gaping DNS hole


Telenet in Belgium vulnerable

Your name server, at, appears vulnerable to DNS Cache Poisoning.

All requests came from the following source port: 32777

Click here to save Bletchley Park


@Sam and Jon

maybe you two should consider a Bletchley Park wedding.

phwoaaar, look at the bidirectional rotary encoding wheels on that ...

Home Office minister gets tough, then gets stuck