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Long after Linux, Windows Server Containers finally arrive on Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service


Re: Only a Matter of Time

one thing I agree, they lost mobile and search.. Companies make mistakes and you don't have to hate em for that.. To answer your points,

a) Microsoft focus on security started with windows XP update 2. [this was in 2005]. I personally know that windows thread security labs is one of the best. [Just look at the vulnerability DB here:

Proof: https://www.cvedetails.com/top-50-products.php?year=2019

b) I agree Apple is the pioneer in smartphones. Google just copied them. No credit to Google here.

c) Embedded side, what do you mean by "take over"? Even linux is everywhere in embedded. Is that not take over?

You are a hater..and it does bad things to your Blood Pressure :)


Re: Only a Matter of Time

I will :) Thanks! Don't forget to drink your favorite Kool Aid.. btw, did you switch to Visual Studio Code yet? :))


Re: Only a Matter of Time

My Brother works @ Microsoft. As do around 8 of my friends. 4 of them contribute to Linux kernel on a daily basis and make life great for Linux users. For lack of a better term, you clinging onto "embrace, extend...." even after 20 years means that you've not grown up on an individual. Make peace and move on..

PS: This is a personal tirade against Microsoft and it's employees and I am surprised "register" has not banned you yet.


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